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Weekly Bible teaching from Pastor Jim Thomas at Holly Springs Bible Fellowship in Hornick, Iowa.

Weekly Bible teaching from Pastor Jim Thomas at Holly Springs Bible Fellowship in Hornick, Iowa.
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Weekly Bible teaching from Pastor Jim Thomas at Holly Springs Bible Fellowship in Hornick, Iowa.






Fruit of the Spirit 07- Faithfulness

Matthew 24:25-48 - We live in a world that makes faith self focused. Real faith is sourced in a God is who He says he is and that he will do everything that He has said He has promised to do. a life of faithfulness is driven by commitment and selfless living.


Fruit of the Spirit 06 - Goodness

Genesis 3 - God is a good God. Everything about His creation was good and goodness is a characteristic of His actions toward His creation. We need to focus on the goodness of God to us so that we can reflect that goodness in our actions every day. God is good, so we need to be "good" people who reflect His character every day.


Fruit of the Spirit 05 - Kindness

Hosea 6 - God desires kindness from his children. Because God has shown us great kindness, we must show kindness to a lost world. The world must know they are valued and that we desire a relationship with them.


Fruit of the Spirit 04 - Patience

James 5:7-11 - God is a God of patience. He designed most of creation to have a long term perspective, not a short term view. God has eternity in view, not just your time on this planet, so trust Him that He is doing what is best for you and His glory. Don't quit, stay faithful until the end.


Fruit of the Spirit 03 - Peace

Philippians 4:11-13 - A life of peace is not a life without difficulty and hardship. A life of peace is focused on a life of surrender and contentment with God. It is a life that realizes God is on the throne and at work in my life. While it may not be the life I planned, it is a life that can show the glory of God to a lost world.


Fruit of the Spirit 02 - Joy

Philippians 4:4 - A life of joy is not dependent upon our situation or circumstances. A Life of joy is centered in Christ and not on problems, people, past or things. It is centered on Christ and allows for a life of contentment regardless of our circumstances. Live a life of joy this week.


2019 Woodbury County Fair Service

Luke 19 - Zacchaeus wanted to see Christ and Christ wanted a relationship with Him. Jesus did not care what people thought, His focus was on someone who wanted to follow Him and He accepted him as he was and God changed his life. Christ will do the same for you if you are willing to follow him. Trust and Follow Him today.


Fruit of the Spirit 01 - Love

Galatians 5:22,23 - Satan tries to get each of us to live our lives driven by fear or hatred. God gives us the ability to live our lives driven by love. It is an action which we can demonstrate. It is sourced in very character and nature of God and that ability is grafted into our lives. As Christians we do not have to live driven by fear, but by love.


Fruit of the Spirit 00 - Introduction

Galatians 5:22,23 - How we see ourselves and how we respond determines our growth. It is important that we understand that God wants what is best for His children. He desires for us to grow into a trophy of His grace so a world can see Christ in us. We must choose to be the person God has designed us to be. It is the best way to live life in this place we call earth. Ultimately, only eternity will reveal how God used us in the lives of the people around us.



Matthew 18: 21-35 - There is no healthy reason to carry the weight of an unforgiving heart.


The New America

Unfortunately the America that many of you grew up in , no longer exists. There are new challenges, but they are also opportunities. It is our job to show the world what a "Christian" really looks like. We need to ne witnesses and Ambassadors for the Christ that we represent in this foreign land we call America, because our eternal citizenship is in Heaven with Christ. Phil 3:20, 1 Peter 2:11 , 2 Cor 5:20


Jonah 4b - Plants or People?

Jonah 4:5-11 - We must learn to allow God to use us. Just as everything in this book obeys God, so must we obey God in our lives. God is God and we are not. We must trust that His ways are best and are designed for His glory, not our comfort.


5 Things Jesus Refused to Do

Pastor Fred Gums (Currently Pastor of Congregational Care at Lemars Bible Church) where he previously served at Senior Pastor for 29 years


Jonah 4a - Angry at God

Jonah 4:1-5 - A great test of our heart is to look at what angers us. Jonah reminds us that it is easy to have the right theology and never allow it to reach your heart and life. Since God allowed us to experience His love, mercy, kindness, patience, and grace, we need to extend that to others as well.


Jonah 3 - Do the Right Thing

Jonah 3 - God is a God of grace. He often gives second chances, but they are never guaranteed. They are a gift from a patient and loving God and should not be assumed. God wants us to obey completely and will forgive those who genuinely and sincerely repent.


Jonah 2 - Running to God

Jonah 2 - One of the most encouraging chapters in Jonah as he runs to God. God showed him mercy and delivered him in spite of his actions. Although he runs from God, he finds that God is still present in his life. When he cries out, God responds and God will do the same for each of us as well. We just need to turn back to God.


Jonah 1b - Guidelines for Helping People in Crisis

Jonah 1 - Helping someone in crisis is not for the faint of heart. It will require brutal honesty and some very tough decisions. In the end God can use any situation for His glory. Often people in crisis must hit a bottom line in order for them to move past the crisis. Our job is to provide the tough love that is sometimes necessary for them to see what they cannot see clearly.


Jonah 1a - The Jonah in All of Us

Jonah 1 - There is some Jonah in all of us. Sometimes God will ask difficult things of His people. Our life story is a result of our choices. We can obey or disobey God, but God will pursue us because of His love, mercy, and grace. If we disobey, we impact the world of those who are closest to us. This week, try to be less like the Jonah who runs from God.


Mothers Day 2019

1 Kings 17:8-16 - A nameless widow in Zaraphath reminds us of some important principles. God honors humble and obedient people. God is always aware of our circumstances and situations. Sometimes God asks the impossible from us because He has more trust and confidence in us than we have in ourselves. He can take our "little" and make much come from it if we are willing servants.


Missions - Keeping the focus clear

Matthew 28 / Acts 1 - Missions is at the heart of God. The story of the "good news" is the focus of the ministry of Jesus Christ. A focus on missions honors the things that are near to the heart of God. When we focus on others who need Christ, it reminds us that life is not about us, but about those who need Christ.