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Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

“Better to create your own future than to live one set by default.” ~ Kitty Waters. New year is such a wonderful time to reset ourselves after the excesses of Christmas though not only for this reason; the Christmas period also gives us time to reflect on life. Maybe you feel you are plodding along, or on the hamster-wheel of life going 100 miles an hour but getting nowhere. Are you perhaps thinking that there must be more to life? Maybe life is good for you, but you want to level-up so...


The Discovering of Elements That Bring Together Your Purpose - George Lizos

“Whether you are aware or not, we are all following our life’s purpose.” - George Lizos The excitement and joy emanating from Kitty today is not only palpable but it’s also infectious! By listening in, you’ll understand why! So we welcome to the show, George Lizos. George is a Spiritual Life Coach and the author of Be The Guru: A Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming Your Own Spiritual Teacher. George’s work draws from a variety of spiritual modalities to help people free themselves from...


Find the Trust In The Universe - Jody Shield

“Surrender, let go, and fall into the experience. Trust that the universe WILL support you.” ~ Jody Shield We welcome to the show Jody Shield, our bright and bubbly guest who is full of inspirational wisdom, profound knowledge and savvy advice. Jody is a self-help author, accredited success coach, motivational speaker, and meditation ambassador for Lululemon. She is trained in disciplines including: EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques or Tapping), Advanced Life-Coaching, LightGrids(TM) and...


Bring Light and Strength to Your Purpose - Monica Berg

“It’s the process itself that is our purpose.” - Monica Berg Today we are excited to be sharing time with the remarkable Monica Berg - a self-confessed change junkie, a Kabbalist, a wife, and a mother to highlight just a few of her talents and skills. Monica is also a spiritual teacher, writer and guide who specialises in assisting people as they identify, and overcome life’s challenges so they can reach their greatest potential. Based in New York, she teaches classes globally on topics...


If You Do One Thing Next Year; Do This!

“Take steps to create the life you want and you WILL be supported.” ~ Kitty Waters. CHRISTMAS! Love it or not, it’s here! Welcome to our Christmas edition of Kitty Talks where Kitty shares her excitement, joy and love of Christmas and all that it brings. Not a fan? Does Christmas magnify the negatives for you: loneliness, lack, loss? Kitty has also been there, and understands these feelings. Listen in and hear how she turned herself around to become a Christmas enthusiast, and took control...


Find The Time To Get Uncomfortable And Grow - Sunniva Holt

“There is no growth in your comfort zone... get uncomfortable and grow!” - Sunniva Holt We are delighted to have the lovely Sunniva Holt joining us from New Zealand today. Sunniva is a self-made multi millionaire, author of Two No.1 best selling Self Help books, speaker, and Mindset Coach. She is known as Queen Fire, because of her unique gift to ignite people’s inner flame and help them truly remember who they are! She provides focused insights and customised strategies that address...


Find Your Dharma Through Numerology - Estel Ehvass

Estel Ehvass has joined us from Denmark today and she will be sharing with us her expertise on the fascinating topic of numerology. Estel is the founder of Numerologist PRO, the worlds first online software system for professional numerologists, this was created with her husband, Johannes Ehvass. She has also studied the esoteric science of numerology since 2000, where she changed her name in accordance with the Chaldean numerology system. Estel is the leader of ‘Numerologist Pro Certificate...


New To Kitty Talks? Listen to This!

“Clarity comes through engagement not thought ~ take action!” Kitty Waters We are so happy and grateful that you have joined us today for another of Kitty’s insightful solo-casts. Without doubt, listening to today’s talk will automatically make you want to tune into any ~ if not all ~ of Kitty’s podcasts and interviews! Listen in and you’ll learn Kitty’s reason for beginning these interviews and where it has lead her. Not only this, but you’ll hear evidence of how, when living your highest...


Passion Will Take You Where You Want To Go - Lewis Crathern

“The most important thing is to remain passionate-it will take you where you want to go.” - Lewis Crathern We are super-excited to be sharing a first for Kitty Talks today, and are very pleased to welcome Lewis Crathern - our first kitesurfer, and our first professional athlete! As well being the first to kite surf over the piers of Worthing and Brighton, Lewis has won many kitesurfing championships here in UK and worldwide; he has also been appointed as overseas ambassador for UK...


Live a Life of Ease - Shaman Durek

“Everything your heart desires is already created, life’s just waiting for you to align to it!” - Shaman Durek If you’re wearing socks, be prepared to have them blown off during today’s talk! We are excited, blessed and privileged to be sharing time with amazing Shaman Durek. Durek is a 3rd generation shaman who has devoted decades to study and practice in becoming a thought leader and spiritual enthusiast for people all over the world. He is an author, activist and a women’s empowerment...


When You Follow Your Joy Miracles Do Happen - John Harold Moore

“It may not make logical sense, but when you follow your joy miracles do happen!” - John Harold Moore The warmest welcome to John Harold Moore, who’s own warm soul shines through during today’s talk. John is a Family Constellations Facilitator, a teacher of A Course in Miracles and a Life Coach. For those unfamiliar with Family Constellations; it is a powerful healing tool that reveals the unconscious, and often surprising sources, of recurring patterns that keep you from the happy life you...


Leap And The Net Will Find You - Persia Lawson

“Leap and the net will appear.” - Persia Lawson We are so happy and grateful that we have the lovely Persia Lawson joining us for a chat today. Persia is an author, speaker, millennial dating expert and The Times magazine calls her ‘one of the UK’s most successful love coaches’. A former actress, Persia is best known for co-founding positive lifestyle movement Addictive Daughter and co-authoring the book and app ‘The Inner Fix’ (Hodder & Stoughton, 2016) which has been dubbed “THE self-help...


What are the signs the universe is speaking to you? - Niyc Pidgeon

“The more you bring your style and flair to what you do, the more people will align with you.” - Niyc Pidgeon Our lovely guest today calls herself, “Just a girl from Newcastle” but she’s so much more than this! Niyc Pidgeon is a successful HayHouse author and has had many entrepreneurial adventures: from health and fitness, to motivational speaker and coach. She now specialises in supporting and empowering women not only in themselves, but also in business. Niyc is on a worthy mission to...


How To Create The Most Epic Life Possible - Amber Sears

“Your path may be made up of things you don’t even know exist - have faith!” - Amber Sears It is with utmost delight that we welcome to the show our wonderful guest, Amber Sears. Amber is an international Pilates and yoga teacher, holistic nutritionist, former professional dancer and a business coach. She’s a self proclaimed sun-worshipping environmentalist and a planet-romping entrepreneur, who is here on a BIG mission to help empower and support you on our journey of creating the most...


Do Your Dharma Testimonial

Do Your Dharma - testimonials. With pretty much anything that’s advertised nowadays, our natural instinct is to look at reviews or read testimonials before deciding whether to book or buy. You may be on the fence; concerned about costs or even suspicious! So there’s nothing more reassuring than hearing other people’s experiences of what you’re interested in before committing. Today we chat with 3 past participants of our Do Your Dharma course who not only offer insights of what the course...


Why You Should Lead With your Perceived Weakness - Sahara Rose

“Lead with your perceived weakness - that’s what will make you relatable” - Sahara Rose Today we welcome with open arms our truly amazing guest, Sahara Rose who joins to share her in-depth knowledge of dharma and all things Ayurvedic. Sahara is the best-selling author of the Idiot's Guide to Ayurveda, and the upcoming Eat Feel Fresh: A Plant-Based Ayurvedic Cookbook. She has been called “a leading voice for the millennial generation into the new paradigm shift” by Deepak Chopra, who wrote...


Do Your Dharma

Demystifying Dharma with Kitty Waters Are you low or depressed? Feeling disconnected, stuck or lost? Are you experiencing emptiness, with a feeling there’s more to life, or there’s just something missing? Do you hate your job, your circumstances, your life? If you answer, “Yes” to any of this, then your are NOT doing your dharma! Today, our lovely host shares with us her knowledge and experience of dharma, and the story of how she not only found hers, but how you can find yours, too! With...


How to Push Past Pain To Create Your Dream Life - Naturally Sassy

“Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect - just start, and keep learning!” ~ Sassy Welcome to today’s inspirational talk with the vivacious, lovely and fearless Sassy. Sassy is a ballerina, cookery writer, author and the creator of Ballet Blast - an online studio that fuses strength, conditioning and interval training using classical dance principles. Her life has taken her from the tough, disciplined and competitive world of ballet dancing, to where she is now - educating, inspiring and...


Living With Abundance and Joy - Patty Oliver

“The more you live for yourself, the more the path of abundance unfolds...” - Patty Oliver Today we welcome to the show a wonderfully insightful and mind-expanding guest, Patty Oliver. Patty is an Energy Healer who specialises in Akashic Records. She works with clients around the world to assist them in releasing the energetic hold of their karmic past-life choices through in-depth readings. Patty has been an Energy Healer for 10 years; she is trained and certified in Akashic Record...