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Your weekly podcast on parenting and marriage from a Christian perspective

Your weekly podcast on parenting and marriage from a Christian perspective
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Your weekly podcast on parenting and marriage from a Christian perspective








143 Teach Your Children To Love Special Needs Kids

Today we're going to have a unique conversation with Tim Price, who is the father of a Down Syndrome child. We’re going to better learn how to train our children to love others with special needs. I really think you will be encouraged as you listen to this interview. If you find this podcast helpful, [...]


142 Anthony ONeal: Debt Free Degree

Do you have a plan for getting your children through college debt free? Today’s conversation is incredibly helpful to that end. Anthony ONeal, author of the new book Debt Free Degree and speaker with Dave Ramsey’s team talks with me today about how we can get our children through college without going into debt, so that [...]


141 Raising Teens in a Hyper Sexualized World with Eliza Huie

Do you ever feel awkward or overwhelmed with the thought of talking to your teenagers about sex? Author and Christian counselor, Eliza Huie, joins me today as we talk through this immensely practical book that she wrote called Raising Teenagers in a Hyper-Sexualized World. I found this book so helpful and insightful that I asked [...]


140 Chick-Fil-A Can Teach Us A Lot About Parenting

Nathan Buchanan is an operator of two Chick-Fil-A franchises in Martin County, Florida. He's also a husband and the father of five children as well as a pastor's kid and a follower of Jesus. He manages to get exceptional quality service out of a group of rotating teenagers. Join me as I interview Nathan and [...]


139 Marriage on Mission with Jenny Price

Today we are talking with my friend, Jenny Price, and an incredible, practical tool for couples to strengthen their marriage called Marriage on Mission. Jenny is a Pastor's wife, mother of five, and coach who is passionate about building healthy marriages. The Marriage on Mission tool is one that will help you and your spouse [...]


138 Spiritual Warfare in the Home

Spiritual warfare is all around us. It exists in our everyday lives. However, we often overlook aspects of it because we are looking for the big moments of fighting instead of the small daily instances. So, today I want to look at a certain aspect of spiritual warfare that I believe can derail our families [...]


137 The Power of Addiction, The Freedom of Recovery

Today I am joined by my good friend, Melissa Weimer. Melissa is a wife, mother, and the ministry leader of Celebrate Recovery at Covenant Fellowship Baptist Church. During this episode, Melissa shares her encouraging redemption story, starting with how she began spiraling into addiction at a young age and how that carried into her early [...]


136 Picking Your Battles

Today, we’ll be talking about discerning which battles are worth fighting with our children, teenagers, and our spouses. How do we know which battles to pick and when to let go? Together, we’ll look at some really helpful questions to ask as we seek to navigate these challenges with wisdom. SHOW HIGHLIGHTS When do I [...]


135 You Are Not In Control

We're going to change things up today. We're going to do a little devotion about a big truth. Walk with me through my favorite Psalm, 127, and learn how we can apply it to our lives. Show Highlights This was a song they would sing as they were marching up the temple steps in Jerusalem [...]


134 Starting Off the School Year Well

Today’s big question: How do you, as a parent, emotionally and spiritually set yourself up for starting the school year off well? I want to propose four truths to consider, and what we might do in response to these truths. Audible credits have allowed me to enjoy books such as Free to Focus, Atomic Habits, [...]


133 Overwhelming Stress: Unstacking the Stack

We've all been there. Life gets to be so overwhelming that we start using words like "stress" and "anxiety" to describe the way it makes us feel. What can be done about it? How do we unpack, rearrange, or maybe eliminate the heavy boxes in our lives? My friend and Christian Counselor, Brian Neal, joins [...]


132 Helping Husbands with Communication and Empathy

Today, I’m talking to the guys. But ladies, I think you will be blessed by the conversation today, too. I hope you’ll join me as I talk about ways husbands can help their wives when they’re overwhelmed. I’m going to provide tools and solutions that you can implement right away, and I encourage you to [...]


131 What If We Have Different Love Languages?

What if my primary love language is not physical touch and my spouse's is? Spouses can each experience love differently, but to have a healthy marriage, it's vital to learn how to love your spouse in the ways they receive love. Listen to this episode to grow in your understanding of the importance of [...]


130 Messy Houses and Grace Filled Gaps

We each have different bents; what's important to us many times looks different for each spouse - a clean house, an organized garage, etc. There will be plenty of trials in life that you have no control over so why not just strengthen the areas you DO have control over? Join me today as I [...]


129 Making A Blended Family Work

One out of every three families in the United States is some form of blended family. Many have asked for wisdom on how to make their blended families work. Today I bring in the two wisest people I know on the subject: my dad and mom! Dan and Pat Holland are 45 years into their [...]


128 Your Family Can Travel the World

What if you could figure out how to take your family around the world to experience people and culture beyond the basic tourist experience? My new friend Susan Whitehead has spent the last several years traveling the world, even living in foreign countries, with her family of 8. All of this started with a one way [...]


127 How to Influence Your Children More Than Social Media

Whether your children have phones and iPads or not, they are massively influenced by social media because of the culture we live in. It can be scary. But you're still the parent, and you get to have the biggest influence in your child's life. Youth Pastor and podcast host Aaron Mamuyac, student pastor and host [...]


126 Falling in Love With The Process

Goals are great, but goals alone don't change much. Until you have a process or a system, goals are just opportunities for disappointment. Today I am going to share why it's much more important to define and love your process than it is to live and die by goal setting. Click Here if you'd like [...]


125 How to Start or Stop Any Habit

As my friend always says, "your habits are perfectly suited to give you the life you are living." If you want to change your life, change your habits. In this week's podcast, I share steps for starting, starting, or replacing any habit. Learn to master this in your own life and you will be primed [...]


124 The Surprising Power of Small Changes

Tiny changes can work like compound interest over long periods of time. This week we begin a three part series on change, habits, and transformation. Rather than focus on radical change, we're going to learn the atomic power of getting just one percent better. If you catch the vision and apply them, these concepts can [...]