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A podcast about all the ways we use and experience the magic of the universe in our everyday lives

A podcast about all the ways we use and experience the magic of the universe in our everyday lives
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A podcast about all the ways we use and experience the magic of the universe in our everyday lives




Episode 18 - Magical Beauty, Past Lives & Trusting Your Imagination

Your knowledgeable and funny hosts, Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger, hit the new age beat hard this week, covering such diverse topics as past lives, magical beauty routines, trusting your imagination, learning lessons from painful experiences, staying in the moment while creating the future, and magic rituals to create order. Thanks to all of you who have left us such wonderful reviews on Apple Podcasts. If you haven't already, we'd sure appreciate your taking a moment to do it. Find us...


Episode 17 - Grounding Cords, Moon Peaches & Naming Your Inner Critic

Full moon salutations, dear listeners! This week hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger serve up a true smorgasbord of magical musings. Join them as they discuss fighting invalidation, giving a voice and a name to your inner critic, feng shui for that extra space in your home, practices to help ADHD, utilizing your grounding cord, the full moon in Aquarius and getting in touch with your deepest truth. Also, wanna know how to eat a peach suffused with the power of sunbeams and moonlight?...


Episode 16 - Justin Theroux, You Need to Decide!

This week, your funny and fantastical hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger mine Natasha's dreamscape (and other sources) for insights. Listen as they discuss Manifesting 101, their dual citizenship in self-love & self-criticism, the restrictiveness of gender roles, bringing attention to your fears, applauding yourself to celebrate Lughnasadh, connecting the cosmic and the earthly and ever so much more. Plus, Natasha finds various and sundry ways to test Producer Brett's lack of...


Episode 15 - Yeah, You're a Fairy. So Is That Cat.

Great news! Magic Monday is now available in all the places! Well, maybe not all the places, but the places people usually get podcasts. We're now on Spotify, Google Play Podcasts, TuneIn and, of course, still on iTunes/Apple Podcasts. Feel free to leave a review on your favorite platform! This week, your magical hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst cover another wide array of topics: compassion for even your ugly feelings, the human/nature disconnect, helping someone help themselves,...


Episode 14 - Telling people to f**k off...spiritually

This week, your whimsical but powerful hosts Tess & Natasha share a whole mess of truly useful and hard-won insights. They'll discuss getting your power back, how emotions have to go somewhere, setting boundaries doesn't make you a jerk, the magic of showers, getting back to basics and even doing something that terrifies you. Oh, and maybe get some sunshine on your parts. You know which ones. Finally, look for this podcast very soon on all your favorite podcast platforms! Details to follow.


Episode 13 - Show Up, Don't Push and Say Yes!

It's a very active time astrologically and this week your hosts Natasha Levnger & Tess Whitehurst cover not only the events but also their energetic and magical implications and solutions. They'll cover connecting to source, showing up for yourself, self-care triage, using the lunar eclipse to challenge beliefs and align goals and saying yes to what already is. Also, it turns out we're trending (sort of) on Apple podcasts! Thanks for the reviews, downloads & subscriptions. It all helps get...


Episode 12 - Don't Panic! Everything's a Lesson and Your Are Not a Victim

In large, friendly letters: DON'T PANIC! This week your hosts Tess Whitehurst & Natasha Levinger uncover a theme of disengaging from victimhood and finding the lesson in all of life's experiences. Along the way they discuss defense without defensiveness, caution with the use of ouija boards, self-compassion, Mercury in retrograde and eclipse season. Oh, and maybe don't ask ghosts to run errands for you. Finally, we're very happy announce the winner of the iTunes review giveaway is...


Episode 11 - Self-Compassion, Clearing Other's Energy Out & Making the Impossible Possible

Another week, another Magic Monday! Join hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst as they answer a listener question about staying positive, and also discuss learning about crystals, fearing rejection and staying open to the new, clearing other people's energy from your space, ancestral healing, plus a new moon this week. Plus, omg seriously: so many book recs in this episode! Finally, we'll be choosing the winner for our giveaway this week. Just leave a review on iTunes no later than...


Episode 10 - Energy Change for Growth, Centering & Harmonizing and Looking For Signs

You still have time to enter the Magic Monday giveaway! Just leave a review on iTunes and you'll be entered to win some pretty amazing stuff. Listen to the episode for more details. (If you've already left a review, you're already entered!) This week, Tess & Natasha once again gambol through a variety of topics like growth through grief, varied responses to anxiety, changing your energy level to spur emotional growth, looking for signs from the universe, and avoiding self-sabotage. Plus:...


Episode 9 - Expansion through grief, not repeating mistakes and the summer solstice

Hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst take you through another light- and laughter-filled episode, covering everything from using grief to expand, dealing with an unchallenging job, avoiding your past mistakes in the present and the summer solstice Don't forget, everyone who leaves a review for us on iTunes (and those who have already left one--thank you!) will be entered into a raffle to win a truly fantastic bundle of prizes. Listen to the episode for more details!


Episode 8 - Healing father relationships, your body as an altar and The Eel & The Bee

Just in time for Father's Day, this week Natasha & Tess discuss ways to approach healing a father relationship. Also covered this week, your body as a perfect divine altar, what happens when you don't match your sign, Eastern & Western astrology, shadow work and more. Stay tuned for details on a giveaway for listeners who leave (or have already left) a review on iTunes. Thanks for all the support!


Episode 7 - Spirit Animals, The Void, and Self-Care Altars

In this week's episode, Tess & Natasha discuss creating a self-care altar, identity transition and going through "the void". Plus, they tackle listener questions: where to start your new age learning, balance for the imbalanced and learning from spirit animals. Send your questions to Natasha & Tess at And, of course, we'd never turn down a glowing review on iTunes! Thanks for those who have already reviewed, we appreciate it!


Episode 6 - Being Your Own Loving Parent, Clearing Clutter & Taking the Leap

This week, listen as Natasha & Tess discuss how Aquarians are actually cats, staying in present time with your relationship, using current feelings to diagnose past wounds, creating your own loving inner parent, and clearing clutter. Also: Jesus vs Unicorns!?!? Don't forget to email us your questions at and leave us a positive review on iTunes


Episode 5 - Names, Comfort Zones, Goals & Forgiveness

Tess & Natasha cover a wide range of topics from the power of your own name, diet culture, pushing your comfort zone to facilitate spiritual breakthroughs, defining the next steps toward your goal and the power of forgiving yourself and others. All that in one episode!? Wow. Don't forget to help get the word out by leaving us a review on iTunes!


Episode 4 - Chakra Healing, Boundaries & Blessing Chaos!

Thanks to everyone who has left us a review on iTunes! It really helps get the word out. In this week's episode, Tess & Natasha talk chakra healing, drawing healthy boundaries with alcoholics, body positivity, non-action and more. Plus, listen for some unexpected appearances from Natasha's menagerie.


Episode 3 - We're on iTunes Now!

Magic Monday is now on iTunes! If you're enjoying this podcast, please write a review, it helps other people to find us. This week, Tess & Natasha discuss operating from the present, drawing boundaries with guides and angels, aligning with your life path, summoning your power and more! So much more. You can always reach us with questions and comments at


Episode 2 - It's All An Illusion!

In the second episode, Tess & Natasha discuss the illusory nature of existence, recharging in the mountains, Beltane, the importance of giving yourself credit and more! Email us your questions or comments at Have a magical week!


Episode 1: Intro, Healing Your Inner Child & Communing with Flowers

In this episode, hosts Natasha Levinger & Tess Whitehurst talk about healing your inner child in unexpected ways, learning to communicate with flowers, energy healing, one-card oracle deck readings and more. New episodes every Monday. Have a magical week!