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2016 - 12 - 22 - Frequently Asked Questions

On today’s show, I asked diverse members of the local Muslim community to share with us the most frequently asked questions they are asked about Islam and Muslims from the non-Muslim community and how they respond to them. Muslim women were frequently asked about the “hijab”, or the headscarf many Muslim wear. Muslim men faced different questions. As we read the questions and answers, we noticed a theme evolving, that of the "Violent Man and the Oppressed Woman". We share how many in our...


Reflections on Linda Sarsour's "Standing for Justice: Black Lives Matter"

On today's show, we feature Linda Sarsour’s entire lecture, "Standing for Justice: Black Lives Matter" recorded at the 15th MAS-ICNA Convention. Our guests this hour are Bilal The Halal Chef and Terri Martin, a beloved couple by many in the New Orleans Muslim community. We share our reflections and thoughts on Linda Sarsour’s lecture. As many people stand by our side in solidarity in these times, we have to educate ourselves as to our history and as Sister Linda states "choose courage over...