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Special Episode – The Ritual of Gestures Experiment

Summary: This is one of our “Tales from the Witching Hour” practical episodes in which we discuss spells or rituals we’ve tried and our experiences with them. This time, we talk about a joint effort to do Cunningham’s “Ritual of Gestures,” the ways it worked for us, and the ways it didn’t. Cory also breaks […]


Special Episode – Sound Sigils

Summary: This is a (highly experimental) episode that features three audio charms (or “sound sigils” as Cory calls them). They incorporate traditional materials but also some fairly out-there stuff, too. If you have audio sensory issues, we won’t blame you for skipping this one. Otherwise, we hope you enjoy this practical dive into “sensory witchcraft!” […]


Episode 127 – Witchcraft and the Senses

Summary: Laine and Cory discuss the role of the standard “five senses” within their witchraft, as well as how impairment or differences in those senses can inform or change our magical practice. We talk about incense, rune cookies, sensory deprivation, BDSM (this one may not be one for the youngsters!), and audio spellcasting. Please […]


Episode 126 – Magic and the Great Lakes

Summary: In our continuing quest to explore the North American magical landscape, we turn to a massive section of the continent chock-full of magic: the Great Lakes Region. Special guests Scarlet from Lakefront Pagan Voice and Witchdoctor Uto from Dragon Ritual Drummers help us get a toe in some very big, mythically deep waters! […]


Episode 125 – Elements

Summary: This time we’re looking at an aspect of magic that we’ve (surprisingly) not gotten into before: the elements. We discuss the Classical elements, other elemental systems (there may be a mention of Einsteinium involved), and what underlies the use of elements in magic. Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support […]


Episode 124 – Tatterdemalion and the Magic of Northern California

Summary: We invite the lovely, myth-making Sylvia Lindsteadt onto our show to discuss her folktale-novel Tatterdemalion. We discuss the role the landscape has played in shaping her work, how the mythic word intrudes into the everyday in Northern California, and share a couple of tales that come from that region as well. Please check […]


Episode 122 – Divining the New Year

Summary: We launch our eighth year of podcasting with an episode that looks forward to the coming months through divination. Lots and lots of divination! Laine and Cory try out several different divinatory methods (some they’ve used before, and some they haven’t), then break down what they see in the cards, beans, bones, or stones […]


Episode 121 – Yuletide Fear! 2017 (The Statue)

Summary: We return to a place you should already have forgotten (and we know if you haven’t) in our eerie, time-twisting tale for the 2017 holiday season. Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support the show for as little as a dollar a month, and get some awesome rewards at the […]


Episode 118 – The Satanic Panic

Summary: TRIGGER WARNING: This episode deals with some sensitive and difficult concepts including child abuse. Please take care of yourself and do not listen if that will cause you harm. In this episode, we are tackling the historical and cultural phenomenon of the Satanic Panic that occurred during the last half of the twentieth century. […]


Episode 116 – Spooky Stories Live! 2017

Summary: For our recent live broadcast/group chat, we brought on two of our supporters—AthenaBeth and Heather—to share their spookiest encounters. Then we all discussed other spooky stories sent in by listeners, and the eerie #DearDavid phenomenon. Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support the show for as little as a dollar […]


Episode 99 – Checking Our Owls

Summary: We tackle listener feedback this episode, addressing topics like discovering magical heritage, mojo bags, seasonal festivals, and adapting spells for others. Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support the show for as little as a dollar a month, and get some awesome rewards at the same time. Even if you […]

Episode 95 – The Audio Spellbook Volume Two

Summary: We bring you (or actually, YOU bring you) the second edition of our Audio Spellbook. This one is focused on the idea of “Everyday Magic,” which you can do using simple, common ingredients or tools. We have a nice set of spells for you covering everything from protecting you while you drive to helping […]

Episode 92 – Sabbats and Esbats

Summary: In this episode, we look at witch gatherings under full moons and around bonfires, from tales in folklore to what we do when we get together with other witches. Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support the show for as little as a dollar a month, and get some awesome […]

Episode 89 – New England Witchery

Summary: This episode is all about witchcraft in New England. We speak to folklorist Peter Muise and review the new folk horror film, The Witch, which is set in Colonial New England. Lots of spooky, witchy goings-on this time around! We hope you enjoy! Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support the […]

Episode 85 – Yuletide Cheer! 2015

Episode 85 – Yuletide Cheer! 2015 Summary: Our annual holiday music show is light on the talk (due to Cory’s recent illness) and heavy on the, well, wassailing. So pour a warm cup of something delicious and enjoy! Please check out our Patreon page! You can help support the show for as little as […]

Episode 81 – Magical Occupations Revisited

Episode 81 – Magical Occupations Revisited Summary: We launch our super-exciting and fun Patreon campaign! Come support us and help us grow (and get cool stuff at the same time)! We also revisit one of the topics we enjoyed most in our early days, Magical Occupations, and add some ‘new’ jobs to the list, as […]

Episode 79 – Pow-wow with Rob Phoenix

Episode 79 – Pow-wow with Rob Phoenix Summary: This episode focuses on the Pennsylvania Dutch system of folk healing and magic known as Pow-wow (among many other names). We look at the cultural history, the religious contexts, and the actual practice of the system itself. Author and Pow-wow practitioner Rob Phoenix brings his extensive knowledge […]

Episode 77 – What Do Witches Do

Episode 77 – What Do Witches Do We mine the depths of history and folklore to try to discover where witches might have come from and just what they actually do. (complete shownotes at

Episode 76 – Spring Symbols

Episode 76 – Spring Symbols Today we’re tackling a hodgepodge of springtime symbols, including rabbits, eggs, maypoles, and flowers. (complete shownotes at

Episode 75 – Moon Magic

Episode 75 – Moon Magic Laine returns and we discuss the lore and magical uses of the moon. (complete shownotes at