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Common Ground -- Aspiring to Meet American Values

Doug Hattaway is a communications expert and the president of Hattaway Communications in Washington, D.C. He served as senior communications adviser to Hillary Clinton during her 2008 presidential bid and works with clients in government, advocacy, philanthropy and business on research, strategy and branding. With the Ford Foundation, he has headed a team that talks to people across the country from different walks of life, exploring their aspirations for their lives, communities and...


Dr. Whistleblower: An Immigrant’s Story

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is a hero to many in Flint, Michigan and around the world for her medical research that helped uncover the alarming spike in blood lead levels of children during the Flint Water Crisis. At first Michigan authorities derided her work as “unfortunate”, but she stood by it and subsequently her research was validated. Dr. Mona, as she is often called, has written a memoir about the water crisis during which she stood up to state authorities and her immigrant story titled,...


Renaissance Dreamer – A Holiday Special

PhD candidate, jazz pianist, entrepreneur, Dreamer activist, TedX speaker: DACA recipient Saba Nafees’ resume is chock full of accomplishments for a graduate student at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. This week, Ali chats with Saba about her contribution to the Grammy-nominated jazz ensemble album, “American Dreamers: Voices Of Hope, Music Of Freedom,” featuring the John Daversa Big Band and 53 DACA artists, which recently received three Grammy nominations. Saba, who was born in...


From Undocumented to Vice President: An Immigrant's Journey

This week, how Julissa Arce arrived from Mexico at 11 years old and rose to become a Vice President of Goldman Sachs. The best-selling author of "My (underground) American Dream," she tells Ali about her journey, and her leading role in the campaign for immigration rights. Her second book, "Someone Like Me," was published last September. Plus, Ali looks at the opportunity for positive U.S. immigration reform in the coming year.


Inclusion - The Key to Success

Happy Birthday to Only in America - we're one-year old this week! In today's episode, under Dr. Michael Crow's leadership, Arizona State University has become one of the leading academic research institutions in the world. In his conversation with Ali, he talks about the importance of inclusion, the lack of empathy in contemporary life, and what he learned being roughed-up as a child who moved from city to city.


The Courage to Lead on Immigration

This week, Ali's conversation with two U.S. Senators on the cutting edge of the immigration debate - Republican James Lankford of Oklahoma, and Democrat Michael Bennet from Colorado. On November 15, they were honored with the "Courage to Lead Award" at our annual convening in Washington D.C., for their work across the aisle to advance bipartisan immigration solutions.


"Welcoming the Stranger" - A Thanksgiving Special

In our 2018 Thanksgiving Special, Ali travels from Indiana, to Idaho, to the southern border, with three guests with different experiences of "welcoming the stranger". Rafed Alsaad helped the US forces in Iraq, and had to flee his homeland to be welcomed in South Bend, Indiana. Priscilla Salant, a Professor Emeritus at the University of Idaho, tells Ali how immigrants have become vital to the state's farming communities. And Father Dan Groody, a University of Notre Dame Professor, finds...


"An opportunity to relive history" - The Cubs' Joe Maddon

This week Joe Maddon, Manager of the World Series-winning Chicago Cubs, tells Ali about his hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania, and the project he established there to help the immigrant populations gain a foothold in American society. And he praises the contribution of foreign-born players to Major League Baseball.


An Identity Election

On the eve of the mid-term elections, Ali meets León Krauze, a prominent Mexican-born broadcaster and journalist. León is hopeful for American democracy and the future of immigrants here, despite the demonizing of them before and during this election campaign. And later, in Ali's weekly commentary - why neither Republicans nor Democrats have proposed the sensible solutions on immigration that most Americans want.


After Pittsburgh, Faith Leaders Express Hope

This week, Ali talks with Shirley Hoogstra, President of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities. She spoke of the diversity of her college populations, how they're working to become international citizens, and how people with different views can hear each other, civility.


Leading the Way on Immigration: American Industry

This week, Ali chats with two business executives who are leading the way on immigration reform. Pete Wiersma, a dairy farm owner, is the President of the Idaho Dairyman's Association. His grandparents came to the U.S. from the Netherlands, where they owned a farm which dated back to the 16th century. Jeff Wasden is President of the Colorado Business Round Table, and talks about how immigrant contributions help grow Colorado's state economy. Both are participating in our annual...


Out of Many, One

Americans want to move on from the polarized and rancorous political debate about immigration, full of misplaced fear and disinformation, to solutions based on what the Founding Fathers wanted: the results of our "Living Room Conversations" held throughout the country in 2018. Listen to the findings from those sessions. And Ali meets the leader of the Anti-Defamation League, which has just re-released President Kennedy's book, "A Nation of Immigrants." Jonathan Greenblatt talks about...


Sidewalks and Social Justice in San Antonio, Texas

This time, Ali meets the Texas Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran, who represents District 3 in San Antonio, where she was born and raised. She tells Ali about her family roots all the way back to The Alamo; the importance of social justice in her politics, the influence of "radical nuns", and how fixing the sidewalks is at the core of her mission.


When Storm Lake Met the Mekong Delta - the Rebirth of an Iowa Town

This week, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author Art Cullen talks to Ali in his home town, Storm Lake, IA, which has welcomed immigrants for generations from Vietnam to Guatemala. Storm Lake's population and economy continue to grow, bucking the trend of other Iowa cities and serving as a model for integration and diversity.


Diane Guerrero and the Forgotten Children of Immigrants

This week, actor Diane Guerrero, from "Orange is the New Black" and "Jane the Virgin", talks with Ali about her latest book, and the story of her immigrant parents' deportation when she was just 14. Diane has already experienced the pain and the challenges facing separated children, and draws parallels with the migrant children who've been separated at the southern border by the Trump Administration. Her book highlights the long-term mental damage the experience inflicted on her, and now on...


Turning Away from Fear

This week, Ali chats with Sarah Quezada, immigration rights advocate and author of "Love Undocumented - Risking Trust in a Fearful World". And Ali examines the long-term folly of America turning it's back on the world refugee crisis.


Striving for a More Perfect Union

Only in America could a small boy from South Korea, who fled the war in Vietnam, grow up to be elected to a position that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington once held. Ali chats with Mark Keam, who represents Virginia's 35th District in the House of Delegates, about bringing his immigrant experience to modern-day American democracy.


Learning from the California Experience

This week, Ali meets leading sociologist Dr. Manuel Pastor of the University of Southern California. His latest book is "State of Resistance - What California’s Dizzying Descent and Remarkable Resurgence Mean for America’s Future". He tells Ali that the future of American success can be found in the way California has transformed it's politics, work, environment and immigration policies since the turbulent 1980's.


"We're From Everywhere, We're All God's Children"

This week, Ali mourns the passing of Senator John McCain, a strong advocate of "American Exceptionalism." And he chats with another Vietnam veteran - Former Idaho Chief Justice Jim Jones, who is championing the rights of American immigrants and migrants.


Walking the Talk - Fostering an Immigrant Child

This week, Ali meets author Gena Thomas, who with her husband fostered a 4-year-old undocumented girl from Honduras. Gena talks about putting Christianity into action - starting with tortillas, and ending with "Shalom".