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How To Get Any Idea Approved By Your Pastor [3 Steps]

Many churches I know struggle with quantifying “success” when it comes to their digital efforts. Maybe a pastor asks, “Hey, why do we have a podcast?” Or, “What’s the point of a YouTube channel anyway?” So if you hear a question like that and struggle with the thought of how to answer it - you’re not alone. But by the end of this video, you will know how to answer those questions and you’ll have a three-part framework to measure every digital decision you make. ***VISIT THE FULL POST...


Abnormal Social Media Ideas For Your Church

If you’ve ever been involved with your church’s social media accounts, you probably know how easy it is to be repetitive. It can feel like you’re just posting the same stuff over and over again. So we want to help you with that. By the end of this video, you’ll learn five social media ideas for posts that are anything but ordinary - and we’ll show you real examples of what this can look like. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


Harmful Christian Narratives We Need To Stop Telling

Storytelling is the most powerful form of human communication. And it has the ability to shape the way we think about God and ourselves. Unfortunately, this power can be used to do harm. And so in this episode of Pro Church Tools, we’ll examine three prominent narratives persisting within the Christian faith that - while perhaps are rooted in good intentions - are doing more harm than good. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


5 Leadership Lessons You Need To Know Before You're 30

Today, I want to share with you five leadership lessons that I think every leader should grasp before they turn 30. These lessons are applicable in both personal and professional life - and each lesson is condensed into a quote to make it easy to remember and apply as you serve the world and the people around you. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources...


13 Exciting New Instagram Features For Churches in 2019

There are a ton of new Instagram features that are coming later this year - along with many that have already been released. Do you know all of them? Do you know how to use them to help your church? By the end of this episode of Pro Church Tools you will - as we’ll cover thirteen of the newest and most exciting changes to Instagram in 2019. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes...


How To Get HIRED By A Church (7 Skills You Need)

The way churches hire has drastically changed with the rise of digital platforms and the Internet. Positions in ministry now exist that never did before - and the process for filling these positions is different as well! So what does this mean for you if you want to work at a church? In this video, I’ll share seven skills that contributed to me getting hired at a church when I was 21 years old - and how these skills can help you as well. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


How The Internet Is Provoking The Next Christian REFORMATION

In this podcast, you're going to learn three advanced tips for prepping your church's services. I'll show you how my church prepares for Sunday each and every week, and by the end of this episode, you'll know exactly how to implement these tips in your church as well. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Jason Robinson on TwitterPro Church...


The 'Church Invitation' Social Media Template (11 Examples)

For the last few months, I’ve been experimenting with a new type of social media template for churches. And amazingly, this type of post has quickly become one of the most popular within our social program - and hundreds of churches are seeing great engagement numbers with this kind of post. And so in this video, you’ll learn all about what I like to call the ‘Church Invitation’ template - and I’ll share with you 11 real examples of what it can look like. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


Simple & Cheap Church Stage Design Ideas (Real Examples)

Church stage design can feel intimidating - especially if you’re a smaller church. But here’s the good news: you *can* design a stunning church stage on a budget. And by the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how - and I’ll share with you five churches that are implementing these cost-saving stage designs as inspiring examples. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes &...


Why Churches Must Stop Caring So Much About CONVERSIONS

“Is the church’s primary goal to convert people to Christianity?” This is a question I recently asked more than 500 church leaders. And the responses I got? Frankly, they surprised me. And so in this video, we’ll breakdown how churches understand conversion - and why we need to stop caring so much about it. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources...


How to Design a Better Church Bulletin

Most churches still use bulletins. But with that being said, when was the last time you examined the true purpose of your church bulletin - and whether or not it was accomplishing its goal? In this video, we’ll lay out a series of principles that we believe a church bulletin should abide by and I'll even give you a free bulletin Photoshop template to help you create your own. BULLETIN TEMPLATE: ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


How To Get MORE Likes & Followers On Social Media With Contests

A simple and easy way to get more followers and likes on social media is to run a contest or giveaway. But beware! Because these types of promotions can turn sideways if you don’t follow best practices. So by the end of this video, you’ll know the tools, the strategies, and the frameworks needed to run a successful contest on social media. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Livestock on...


BIG Changes Coming To Instagram And Facebook This Year

Social media is constantly changing and it can sometimes feel like an impossible task trying to keep up. But that’s why this channel exists! And so by the end of this episode, you’ll know all about the big changes coming to Facebook and Instagram right now and what it means for your church online. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Instagram Will Test Hiding Public Like Counts World Happiness...


Destructive Church Trends In North American Christianity

Christian churches in North America are facing a crisis. Attendance is down, giving is down, young people are leaving churches at alarming rates - but that’s not the worse part. The worse part is that our Christian churches are exacerbating this crisis thanks to a handful of shoddy beliefs. And by the end of this video, you’ll know what those beliefs are - and how to resist the pull of them. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This...


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Church Testimony Video

Today, I want to share with you my step-by-step system for creating gripping church testimony videos. This is the type of video that shares the real story of someone in your church - their story of life change in Christ. So follow along, and by the end of this video, you’ll know what questions to ask during your interviews, the best way to light your setup, and I’ll share with you a pair of real examples I’ve produced as well. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


The Best 11 CHURCH LOGOS Of 2019

Your church’s logo is the foundation of your visual identity. And with the prominence of digital platforms, your church logo is now more visible than ever before. So to get you inspired, I want to share with you eleven of my favorite church logos - along with seven rules for logo design to help put you on the right path toward better church branding. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources...


The New Rules For Church Buildings (With Futuristic Examples)

As church attendance continues to decline, ministries are beginning to confront a glaring problem with how we do church today. The problem? Our buildings are extremely expensive, they only get used once or twice per week, and they’re often removed from the everyday life of our communities. Thankfully, there are churches working to solve this problem in innovative ways. And by the end of this video, you’ll learn the new rules for church buildings and how your church can begin applying these...


How We Lost A Teacher In The Burning of Notre Dame

One of the most iconic houses of worship in human history recently burned, leaving the world stunned and shocked at the loss of such a precious artifact. Most American churches look nothing like the Notre Dame Cathedral, but what if there’s something about that specific building that we could learn from? Today, we’ll talk about being intentional with your church building and creating something to last. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


How To FINALLY Ditch Paper Signups For Digital At Church

Churches all around the world are beginning to embrace digital signups and are saying goodbye to papers and clipboards. But why? If we’ve done something for so long and our church is familiar with it - is it worth changing? Today, you’ll get the ultimate comparison between paper and digital signups. And you’ll learn how to smoothly make the transition. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's...


The Best YouTube Strategy For Churches in 2019 (And Beyond!)

YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. And it’s far and away the most popular platform amongst Gen Z. And yet, most churches are completely absent from this platform. Thankfully, there’s a solution. Frankly, it’s been right in front of my face this whole time and I’ve been missing it. So in this video, I’ll reveal to you the absolute best YouTube strategy for churches that you can start implementing right away. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...