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How To Make Sure Young People Never Leave Your Church [Gen Z]

Young people are leaving church at an alarming rate. So what can your church do about it? How can you make sure that young people never leave *your* church? Simply stated, there’s one thing you should be focusing on more than anything else. It isn’t more extravagant lighting or stage design. And it isn’t a haze-filled auditorium. In fact, this one thing couldn’t be more different from those types of aims. The best part? We’ve actually got real data from churches on how this one thing makes a...


Churchome Global Review [YAY or NAY?]

Churchome, the popular Seattle-based church founded by Judah Smith, has launched a brand new campus. Not in Nashville, not in Toronto, and not in Boston - so where? The palm of your hand. That’s right. Instead of launching a physical campus, Churchome launched a digital campus. And to put it lightly, a lot of people think it’s a bad idea. So in this podcast, we’ll explain exactly what Churchome Global is, its flaws & triumphs, and what it all means for the future of how we do...


How To Turn Around A Dying Church

We’re living through the biggest communication shift in 500 years. Church attendance is declining - especially amongst younger people - so what can we do? Especially if you’re a church that's trending in the wrong direction - what can be done? In this podcast, I’ll share my experience of consulting with churches that have turned it around (and churches that haven’t) and present you with a 3-step framework for making real and lasting change. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...



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5 Social Media Tools I Use Every Day

There are a series of social media tools that I use every single day to schedule, collaborate, and evaluate my activities on social. Many of these tools are free to use. And frankly, I couldn’t do what I do on social without them. And by the end of this podcast, you’ll know what these tools are and why I love them so much. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources...


7 Ways Churches Make Visitors Feel Uncomfortable

When a person thinks about attending your church for the first time, there's no shortage of questions and concerns that can run through their head. What about kids? What about parking? What should I wear!? Sadly, many churches actually make this worse by not considering what it’s like to be a visitor in their services. So in this podcast, you’ll learn what tends to make church visitors uncomfortable and how to avoid those pitfalls. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


7 Fixable Mistakes Churches Make On Social Media

In this podcast, you're going to learn three advanced tips for prepping your church's services. I'll show you how my church prepares for Sunday each and every week, and by the end of this episode you'll know exactly how to implement these tips in your church as well. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Featured Resource: The New Social Media Checklist For...


Daily, Done-For-You Social Media - Focused On Results, Not Just Looking Pretty

Learn more about my new social media program for churches here:


The Ultimate Church Camera Setup For 2019

There’s a new camera that has just been released and it's completely disrupting the video production world. Not only that, but I think this camera is one of the best options for churches in 2019. It’s affordable, it’s versatile, and it’s extremely high quality. And so in this podcast, I’ll reveal what camera I’m talking about, along with my preferred configuration for it when it comes to lenses, stabilizers, and more. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


5 NEW & INNOVATIVE Social Media Templates For Churches In 2019

Social media has completely changed in the last couple of years. And traditional tactics like consistent branding and promotional posts don't work like they used to. might be wondering: what DOES work on social media? In this podcast, I’ll be revealing five social media templates that are completely new & innovative - and unlike anything you’ve probably seen churches post on social media before. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


5 Ways To “Stop The Scroll” On Social Media

Here’s the deal: every smart social media strategy begins with three simple words: stop the scroll. Because if you can’t get your audience to stop scrolling on their social feeds, it doesn’t matter how amazing your message is - because no one will ever hear it. But you might be wondering…how do you actually get people to stop scrolling in the first place? So in this podcast, I’ll share with you five strategies to earn attention on social media - five simple ways to stop the...


7 NEED-TO-KNOW Social Media Statistics About Video

In this podcast, I’ll share with you 7 need-to-know social media statistics about video. For example, did you know that Facebook videos receive 135% more organic reach on average than a Facebook photo? It’s true. What else do you need to know about video on social media? You’ll learn it all - coming up. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE: What's In This Session? Show Notes & Resources Mentioned: Featured...


It's LIVE...

The New Rules For Churches And Social Media is LIVE. Get free access here:


How Smaller Churches Can DOMINATE Social Media

Today, you’re going to learn a 3-step social media strategy that is specifically tailored for smaller churches - and proven to get results. For example, a church reached out to me just yesterday and told me that after implementing this strategy, they saw a 220% increase in likes and clicks on their most recent post. And by the end of this podcast, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to accomplish the same thing. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


7 Social Media Metrics You Should Care About (FOR CHURCHES)

Here’s the deal: Social media platforms freely offer you and I metrics based on the content that we post. And these metrics are invaluable! Why? Because they give us real insight and feedback into what's working and what's not. Bottom line: Social media doesn't need to be a guessing game. Knowing this, you might be wondering…which metrics matter most and which ones can I ignore? And by the end of this podcast, you’ll have your answer. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


How To Write AMAZING Social Media Captions For Your Church

There’s an element to social media that I see most churches neglecting. What is it? Your post’s caption! And if you overlook this, you could actually be harming your organic reach on social. So in this podcast I’m going to share with you five tips for writing amazing social media captions - and, you’ll learn why captions are so crucial to your church’s overall social strategy. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


Church Marketing: Digital Vs. Traditional Media [ULTIMATE COMPARISON]

Your church has a message it wants to share with the world. But which platforms will help you do that best? Maybe social media? But what about billboards, radio, TV, or direct mail? Today, we’ll compare digital media versus traditional media using five different help your church choose the most affordable and efficient platforms to use in marketing. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


The Beginner's Guide To Using Facebook Messenger In Your Church

In this podcast, you’re going to learn how to use Facebook Messenger to communicate with your church online. We’ve just recently begun using Messenger marketing and what’s amazing is that we’re seeing open rates of greater than 80% on the messages we send out. So today, you’ll learn why Messenger marketing is so powerful - and, I’ll share specific Messenger tools and strategies that you can begin using in your church right away. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...


The “1-In-5 Rule” For Churches On Social Media [NEW CASE STUDY]

For the last month, my team and I have been tracking six churches and pastors that are absolutely crushing it on social media. Why did we do this? Simply stated, we wanted to learn from the best. And so for 21 days we recorded every single thing these churches published on social media. I then worked my way through the 1,000+ social posts we documented looking for trends and patterns. What is it that makes these churches so excellent on social? So in this podcast, I’ll answer that question -...


The New Social Platform For Gen Z (And Church Youth Groups)

There’s an emerging social platform that Gen Z has surprisingly latched on to. And when you understand how to use this social tool properly, you’ll notice how easy it is to communicate with the young people and teenagers in your church. And in this podcast, I’ll reveal what this social platform is (hint: it’s not probably not what you’re thinking) and how to properly use it to reach the first generation to truly grow up on the internet. ***VISIT THE FULL POST HERE:...