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Talks on spiritual topics, mostly related to the path of knowledge.

Talks on spiritual topics, mostly related to the path of knowledge.
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Talks on spiritual topics, mostly related to the path of knowledge.






Exploring the universal mind: Part-2

In the second part on the topic of the universal mind, some ways and methods to explore the universal mind are discussed in brief. There are three broad ways to approach the Universal Mind: 1. Logic 2. Ordinary experiences 3. Extraordinary experiences 3.1 Everyday extraordinary experiences 3.2 Rare extraordinary experiences 3.3 Brute force methods 3.4 Elegant methods 3.5 Permanent experiences


Exploring the universal mind: Part-1

In this meeting the concept of universal mind is presented in brief. Universal mind is all that which can be experienced, all that which is manifested. There are various theories and models of its structure and organization or ontology. Some of them are presented here. This is the part one of two on this topic.


Kundalini for Gyanis: Self evaluation and aware evolution

Continuing the talk on Kundalini and the path of knowledge. In this part an easy way to evaluate your level of evolution is suggested and some solutions are offered in order to clear the blockages and speed up the evolution of the mind without actually getting involved in any energetic practices whatsoever.


Kundalini for Gyanis: The easy and natural way

Continuing the talk on Kundalini and the path of knowledge. In this part we see that the evolution of the mind is a necessity, it happens independently of the path one is on. Any spiritual path will result in acceleration of evolution. We see that we cannot simply avoid it, and we cannot remain inactive. Evolution is speeded up on the path of knowledge too and we can assist in a few ways as going backwards is not desirable, we can consciously prevent going backwords. Moreover we can adopt a...


Teachings of Gurdjieff

In this meeting some of the key teachings of the great philosopher Gurdjieff were discussed, like, the psychology of Man's possible evolution. Is a Man conscious? Can a Man achieve consciousness? And, what are the hallmarks of a Man who is conscious.


Kundalini and path of knowledge

Kundalini is mostly mysterious and magical, and therefore, the logical and rational mind of a seeker on the path of knowledge does not find this concept very useful. We tend to discard it, but it is possible to understand Kundalini as a model of the evolutionary processes of the mind and benefit from it. In this meeting we will speculate on such possibility.


Qualities of the Self

Although the Self has no qualities, good or bad, it is pure emptiness, we can still assign or project some qualities on it, just to communicate about it. A human mind cannot conceive of anything without assigning a quality to it. It is also a limitation of the language, we need some description to talk about it, even if it cannot be described. In this meeting we will discuss some of those so called qualities and their meaning.


Names and Forms

The world is names and forms. This is the famous teaching. Hows that even possible? How to gain a direct experience of it? How to verify it and get solid evidence for it? We will dig into this teaching in this discussion and try to get a direct experience of the essential nature of the world. This is also a demonstration of gaining knowledge via enquiry, as is customary in the path of knowledge.


Fear of Death

Fear of death is a universal fear. Almost everyone is afflicted with it, including many seekers. In this talk, we analyze it. We find that this fear has more complicated reasons other than simply a fear of disappearance of the body. We can classify them as pre-death and post-death fears. Once we know what they are, we can try out some solutions for them. We do not want to get rid of the fear of death completely, we only ensure that it is seen for what it is, as an illusion, and ensure that...


Laws of mind: 12 - Interconnectedness Part 2

There are interesting effects of interconnectedness, such as unexplainable phenomena or so called extraordinary abilities of the mind. When seen from the point of view of the law of interconnectedness, these events appear normal and most natural. When this knowledge is crystallized in a mind, the mind drops its illusory boundaries and experience of oneness is gained in various forms. An evolved mind is the one where no separation is perceived. That mind sees itself as one with everything....


Laws of mind: 12 - Interconnectedness Part 1

Law of interconnectedness arises out of the oneness of all that is. The unity of all is seen as a connection, among everything and everyone. The mind divides the oneness into many, and also creates an illusion of separation between itself and everything else. When we take a closer look, these illusions are destroyed. Oneness is beyond mind, therefore the mind can only find a hint of it in unexplainable interconnectedness among the illusory parts. This is the part one of two of the talk on...


Laws of mind: 11 - Perfection

The law of perfection points to the necessity that everything is perfect as it is. In other words, nothing can be added or taken away from the way things are. That may sound counter to our own experience, but that is because we have biases and preferences. In itself the universe is pure perfection, including our ignorance and biases, they are the way they must be. This law is very powerful, it has the potential to liberate a mind from Samsaric wheel in a few minutes.


Laws of mind: 10 - Self Similarity

The law of self similarity derives from the fractal nature of the reality. Everything is arranged in layers and each one is a low resolution copy of the one above it. When we study this law and experience it directly, we open up to the possibility of there being more layers on top of that which we think is "me". The law makes us tiny and humble. This law shows that there is no end to seeking, when you explore all that which can be experienced. Your search must take you inwards not...


Laws of mind: 9 - Relativity

Law of relativity overrides our subjective and biased notions of absolute. It arises out of necessity, as there are no absolutes in this existence, everything stands in relation and comparison to something. This law also renders our ideas of getting, being or achieving something, meaningless. This law is the key to understanding of the true meaning of the word liberation. Knowledge of the law of relativity shows us that which is absolute. Although it appears simple and obvious, it is very...


Laws of mind: 8 - Evolution

The multi-layered structure of the mind is ever changing. The change is in the direction of more adaptation, more harmony with its surroundings. The mind changes as per the constrains on it, and as per the necessity. This is the law of evolution of the mind. Evolution is an exploration of variety. When seen from a human perspective, we find that it is both constructive and destructive. Naturally, we would like to bias it in our favour, and fortunately, we can leverage the law of evolution to...


States of the mind: Introduction - Part 3 of 3

States of the mind are numerous, they are fascinating, but are all illusory. However, this knowledge prevents the mind from identifying with a particular state, or from confusing a state with one's true nature. Knowledge of the states of the mind leads to detachment, and preferences for one state or the other are dropped. This frees the mind from the ever changing states. All states happen on the background of peace and awareness.


States of the mind: Introduction - Part 2 of 3

Some of the states of the mind are ordinary day to day experiences, while some other are extraordinary and exotic. Some are afflicted, distorted and unhealthy, some are clear, enlightening and healthy. Some are only available to evolved minds, while some are necessary part of everyone's life. Some are natural and some are forced. Anyhow, the states of the mind show the enormity of the mind, it is awesome, mysterious and versatile. This is the part 2 of 3, of introductory talk on the states...


States of the mind: Introduction - Part 1 of 3

Mind is a multi-layered structure. It is continuously flowing and changing, at every layer. It goes through various states as it changes. These states are numerous. In this meeting, some of the major states of the mind are revealed in short. Knowledge of these states, helps us to identify them and to detach from them. It also helps to know other minds and their behaviour. This is part 1 of 3, of this introductory talk.


Layers of Ignorance

As the mind evolves, it accumulates. Layers upon layers of structures form on top of each other. They get refined and appear as very refined and sophisticated structures. There appears knowledge, understanding and awareness. But all these layers do is, mask that which is. The reality is distorted and filtered through these evolutionary layers of the mind. Hence they are actually layers of ignorance. We will discuss nine such essential layers with some sub layers. When we know our place in...


Laws of mind: 7 - Perception equals Manifestation

Law of identity of perception and manifestation, states that whatever is being perceived, is being manifested simultaneously. It is the very nature of the mind, it is happening autonomously and transparently. We can manifest only that which senses can offer, and hence our abilities and experiences are very limited. There is a possibility for the mind to change and evolve, which shifts it into a new reality where new senses and new abilities appear, where it can leverage this law to fulfil...