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Inner Work 048: How You Can Do More Soul-Aligned Work

Episode 48 of Inner Work features a discussion of soul-aligned work: what it is, how we can define it, how you know when you're doing it, and how can you start doing more of it right now. (No matter where you are in terms of your profession or job -- you can begin anywhere!) I also talk about the characteristics of soul-deadening work, which is the opposite of soul-aligned work, and how it drains you and keeps you unfulfilled. Ready to take the plunge and shift from an old paradigm of...


Inner Work 047: On Healing & Belonging with Shamanic Practitioner Mari Abraham

*Please be advised: episode contains mature content.* Mari Abraham is a Sangoma, a traditional Zulu shamanic practitioner. In this interview, I ask her about her spiritual journey of healing and transformation. Mari shares her insights about the state of spirituality today, how we must become responsible for healing ourselves before we extend our healing out into the world, and how we must help each other achieve a greater sense of belonging just being who we are. We also briefly discuss...


Inner Work 046: Practical Spirituality, or Walking the Talk

Episode 46 of Inner Work is a candid discussion of practical spirituality: how can you actually apply your spiritual values in daily living? Why is sending "love & light" to everyone simply not enough? What does it mean to have "cognitive dissonance" about what you say you believe from a spiritual perspective versus what you actually do out in the world? I offer 6 concrete suggestions for living and applying your spirituality in daily life. Thank you for listening, and keep doing your...


Inner Work 045: Reclaiming Your Purpose and Inner Light with Robin Hallett

Episode 45 of Inner Work features an uplifting discussion with intuitive healer Robin Hallett about life purpose, healing, getting into alignment with your dreams, following your intuitive nudges, and reclaiming your inner light. Through her compassionate truth-telling, Robin helps people let go of limitations and finally rock their lives like they really mean it. You can visit Robin and learn more about her work here. Thank you for joining us and keep doing your inner work! To dive...


Inner Work 044: Sensitivity, Sobriety, and the Tarot with Sarangelica of Deep Sea Mercury

In episode 44 of Inner Work, I interview gifted Tarot reader and intuitive healer Sarangelica. She offers readings and healings through her spiritual business, Deep Sea Mercury. Sarangelica and I talk about our experiences growing up as highly sensitive children and how we use our intuitive gifts today. We also delve into Sarangelica's journey to sobriety and how the Tarot and other spiritual modalities helped her develop into the person and reader she is today. Join us! You can learn...


Inner Work 043: Overcoming Perfectionism

In this episode of Inner Work, I share my own story and struggles as a recovering perfectionist. I also define what perfectionism actually is, the different ways in which we use it to protect ourselves, and how we can begin to overcome our stress-inducing perfectionist tendencies. I share some wisdom from author and teacher Brene Brown and from my favorite spiritual text, A Course in Miracles. Join me for this discussion on how to become beautifully imperfect! Thank you for listening...


Inner Work 042: Law of Attraction with Brandaleen Johnson

In this episode, I sit down for an insightful conversation with spiritual teacher, medium, author, and entrepreneur Brandaleen Johnson to talk about the law of attraction. What is it? How do we define it? How can we use the law of attraction in our lives to manifest what we want? And what can we do when we use the law of attraction unintentionally to materialize something we don't want? Join us for this invigorating discussion. To learn more about Brandaleen and her work, you can visit...


Inner Work 041: Trauma, Family Legacy, and Healing with Irit Schaffer

Inner Work 041 features guest Irit Schaffer, a physical therapist, healer, and author based in California. Irit is the daughter of Holocaust survivors and author of the memoir, Good Blood: A Journey of Healing. In this episode, Irit and I talk about her book and this concept of "good blood" that allowed her parents to survive and overcome horrific circumstances. We explore the role "good blood" has played in her own life, the new things she discovered about herself and her background...


Inner Work 040: Activating the Sacred Feminine

Join me for episode 40 of Inner Work, where I delve into the significance and importance of the sacred feminine. What happens when we suppress, deny, or devalue the sacred feminine within ourselves and in our societies? How can we get back in touch with this energy on both individual and collective levels? How can the divine feminine within all of us -- male and female -- be activated? We'll explore these questions and more. To delve deeper: - visit me online at Purefield - book a...


Inner Work 039: The Akashic Records as a Guide to Your Soul's Journey

Join me for an informative discussion on the Akashic Records, featuring the following topics: - what are the Akashic Records? - how can we access them? - what light and energy beings work within the Akashic Records? - how can we use the Records to heal ourselves? - what type of information comes through, and how does it appear? - what does a typical Akashic Record reading look like? To explore the work of Linda Howe on the Records, check out her books: How to Read the Akashic...


Inner Work 038: Food, Addictions, and Self-Acceptance

Welcome to another Q&A segment of Inner Work. In Episode 38, I answer a client question about struggling with compulsive behavior around food, which becomes a broader exploration of addiction, spirituality, and self-acceptance. During the episode, I mention the book The Self-Acceptance Project. To delve deeper: - visit me at Purefield online + join the tribe to get my Sovereignty Worksheet to release your limitations. - book a complimentary discovery session to get guidance +...


Inner Work 037: Psychosynthesis with Garrett Demers

My lovely, talented husband Garrett returned to the podcast to talk about a transpersonal psychology called "psychosynthesis." Garrett has completed an intensive training program in psychosynthesis and shares how this modality can help us integrate our different parts, or "subpersonalities." Psychosynthesis can help you with self-sabotage, limiting patterns of behavior, compulsions, addictions, procrastination, and many other issues. Join us for this illuminating conversation! Ways to...


Inner Work 036: Radical Healing & Transformation Through A Course in Miracles

When I first started this podcast with my husband (back when it was called Purefield Radio!), we dedicated 3 episodes to the foundational spiritual text A Course in Miracles. In this episode, I return to delve even deeper into the Course and to explore some of its most powerful, resonant, and transformative concepts and ideas. Join me for an exploration of the radical healing potential contained within the Course, how you can activate it, and how the Course's words can forever shift your...


Inner Work 035: Q&A - Soul Contracts and Intuition

Episode 35 features Inner Work's inaugural Question & Answer Segment. In this episode, I answer listeners' questions about soul contracts and intuition. Specifically, I cover the two types of soul contracts, why and how we make them, how they interfere with our growth and healing in the present moment, and how we can begin to release them. I also offer tips for sharpening and developing your intuition and intuitive senses. Join me! If you'd like to have your own questions answered in a...


Inner Work 034: Tarot for Healing, Part 2

Join me for the second episode on this two-part series of Tarot for Healing. In this second installment, we explore cards 12-21 of the Major Arcana, The Hanged Man through The World. I also discuss some possibilities for working with powerful combinations of cards for the specific issues, situations, or questions you're dealing with. Thank you so much for listening, and keep doing your inner work! Ways to delve deeper: - visit Purefield and join the tribe of intuitive, empathic, highly...


Inner Work 033: Tarot for Healing, Part 1

The Tarot is a psychospiritual tool we can use to access higher guidance, to uncover what's really going on in our lives, and to heal ourselves and others. In this two-part series on "Tarot for Healing," learn how to unlock the specific healing energies and potential of each card in the Major Arcana. Part 1 covers The Fool through Justice (cards 0-11). I also outline 4 powerful techniques to work with your cards individually to heal specific issues and aspects of yourself. Follow along with...


Inner Work 032: Relationships, Ego, and Spirituality

Join me for episode 32 of Inner Work on relationships, ego, and spirituality. I examine the ego-based relationship (fueled by egoic emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment, fear, insecurity, and impatience) versus the spiritual partnership (where both partners use the relationship as a vehicle for their soul growth and expansion). We'll also take a look at Gary Zukav and Linda Francis' 4 guidelines for spiritual partnership, including Courage, Compassion, Commitment, and Conscious...


Inner Work 031: Female Competition, Insecurity, and Self-Worth

Ever feel like you're not good enough or you're not *doing* enough? That other women are more successful, smarter, more creative, more beautiful, more accomplished, more effortless? Yes, me too! We've all been there, either in our personal or professional lives (or both). This episode delves deeply into this delicate subject of female competition, insecurity, and self-worth. I address what's really happening when your feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, insecurity, and not-good-enoughness...


Inner Work 030: Healing Your Wounded Inner Child

Join me for a conversation on how to access, acknowledge, and heal your wounded or neglected inner child. We'll also explore how to harness your inner child's positive qualities -- such as creativity, spontaneity, whimsy, wonder, awe, and excitement -- to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Episode highlights: - psychological and spiritual definitions of "inner child" - how your inner child became wounded or neglected - signs & symptoms that your inner child is running your life -...


Inner Work 029: Living with chronic illness

Living with a "chronic" illness (using Western medicine's term) is challenging and difficult. It can radically alter our lives and throw us into unknown, uncertain, and lonely terrain. In this episode, I discuss how we can use illness -- or any other life-altering event -- as an initiation into authenticity, into becoming more of who you really are and asserting what you really need. Episode highlights: - my own story with chronic illness - the concept of "initiation by exile" from the...