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Inner Work 033: Tarot for Healing, Part 1

The Tarot is a psychospiritual tool we can use to access higher guidance, to uncover what's really going on in our lives, and to heal ourselves and others. In this two-part series on "Tarot for Healing," learn how to unlock the specific healing energies and potential of each card in the Major Arcana. Part 1 covers The Fool through Justice (cards 0-11). I also outline 4 powerful techniques to work with your cards individually to heal specific issues and aspects of yourself. Follow along...


Inner Work 032: Relationships, Ego, and Spirituality

Join me for episode 32 of Inner Work on relationships, ego, and spirituality. I examine the ego-based relationship (fueled by egoic emotions such as anger, jealousy, resentment, fear, insecurity, and impatience) versus the spiritual partnership (where both partners use the relationship as a vehicle for their soul growth and expansion). We'll also take a look at Gary Zukav and Linda Francis' 4 guidelines for spiritual partnership, including Courage, Compassion, Commitment, and Conscious...


Inner Work 031: Female Competition, Insecurity, and Self-Worth

Ever feel like you're not good enough or you're not *doing* enough? That other women are more successful, smarter, more creative, more beautiful, more accomplished, more effortless? Yes, me too! We've all been there, either in our personal or professional lives (or both). This episode delves deeply into this delicate subject of female competition, insecurity, and self-worth. I address what's really happening when your feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, insecurity, and...


Inner Work 030: Healing Your Wounded Inner Child

Join me for a conversation on how to access, acknowledge, and heal your wounded or neglected inner child. We'll also explore how to harness your inner child's positive qualities -- such as creativity, spontaneity, whimsy, wonder, awe, and excitement -- to live a happier and more fulfilling life. Episode highlights: - psychological and spiritual definitions of "inner child" - how your inner child became wounded or neglected - signs & symptoms that your inner child is running your...


Inner Work 029: Living with chronic illness

Living with a "chronic" illness (using Western medicine's term) is challenging and difficult. It can radically alter our lives and throw us into unknown, uncertain, and lonely terrain. In this episode, I discuss how we can use illness -- or any other life-altering event -- as an initiation into authenticity, into becoming more of who you really are and asserting what you really need. Episode highlights: - my own story with chronic illness - the concept of "initiation by exile" from...


Inner Work 028: What is inner work and how does it benefit you?

Inner work can be defined in many different ways, but it generally refers to a category of personal work that takes into account our inner landscape, emotions, thoughts, psychology, and beliefs. Inner work requires a certain level of self-awareness and must be practiced persistently to yield transformative results. In this episode (the first under the podcast's new name!), I explore the role of inner work in personal and spiritual development. Thank you for joining me for this...


Purefield Radio 027: Finding Your Life Purpose

What is your life purpose? How do you identify it, and how do you live it? What does it mean to lead a "purpose-driven life"? Join me for an exploratory conversation about the role of purpose in our lives. I also recommend an experiential activity to help you begin identifying what your purpose really is -- and what it isn't. (This exercise was inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estes' classic book Women Who Run With the Wolves, which I also highly recommend!) *Dear listeners: please note that...


Purefield Radio 026: Energy Vampires

Do you ever feel drained, exhausted, ill, angry, or depressed after interacting with a particular person? You might be dealing with an energy vampire, or a person who is psychically infiltrating and draining your energy field and life force. Join me for this illuminating conversation on energy vampirism! We'll cover: - What is an energy vampire? - Signs & symptoms of being drained by an energy vampire - The 4 most common kinds of energy vampires - Psychic self-defense & protection...


Purefield Radio 025: The Highly Sensitive Empath

Empaths are "emotional sponges who absorb both the joy and stress of the world," according to psychologist Dr. Judith Orloff. Growing up as an empath, you may have frequently heard that you needed to "grow a thicker skin," "not take things so personally," and "not be so sensitive." In this episode, I explore life as an empath and how we can nurture our sensitivity to overcome challenges and use our gifts to heal ourselves and others. I also investigate the difference between a highly...


Purefield Radio 024: Epigenetics and the Work of Dr. Joe Dispenza

Epigenetics is the "study of changes in organisms caused by modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself." To put it in simpler terms, the field of epigenetics is helping us understand that our genes are affected by the external environment, including what we eat, drink, think, feel, and do. We are not destined to a certain genetic fate due to our family history or whatever happened to our parents or grandparents. In this episode of Purefield Radio, I...


Purefield Radio 023: Self-Care Techniques for Rest and Regeneration

Intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and original founder of Purefield Pat Hardman joined me for a conversation on self-care, rest, and the importance of taking a break from our busy lives and schedules. We discuss the cultural, social, and family programs that have taught so many of us to be busy 24/7 and to put others before ourselves, as well as how to dismantle those programs and move beyond guilt. We also share specific self-care techniques and practices we both use in our daily...


Purefield Radio 022: The Human Energy System and Your Health

Join me for a discussion of the 8 major energy centers (or "chakras") in your human energy field. I discuss each center's role, associated body parts and organs, and potential dysfunctions. I also offer specific healing techniques and affirmations to bring each chakra back into balance and health. During the episode, I refer to Barbara Brennan's book Hands of Light. Get your own copy here. *Note: following Brennan's understanding of the human energy system, I associate the pituitary gland...


Purefield Radio 021: How to Spot a False Guru

As we navigate this journey of awakening, we often reach out to spiritual teachers, mentors, and healers to help us. But how do we make sure the person we're working with is the real deal? Join me as I explore how to spot a false guru or teacher through a number of potential red flags. I also investigate what makes a good, aligned, and helpful spiritual teacher. To learn more about me and my services, visit Purefield or email me at purefield.mass@gmail.com. Be sure to drop me a line with...


Purefield Transmission: On Resistance and Defense Mechanisms

The second Purefield Transmission is on resistance and defense mechanisms. Your resistance is awakened when you're about to make a change, or about to transform a belief system, or you're on the cusp of an important spiritual insight. This episode addresses the origin and functions of resistance and of the numerous defense mechanisms we all use in our lives to survive. To learn more, visit Purefield Massachusetts or email Josephine at purefield.mass@gmail.com. Thank you so much for...


Purefield Radio 020: Meditations for Anxiety and Stress

This episode is a companion piece to our previous episode (#19) on anxiety and fear. Be sure to check that one out first, then join me as I offer a number of meditation techniques to start healing chronic anxiety, stress, or fear. The approaches I share in this episode include focused meditation, floating meditation, safety meditation, and mindfulness meditation. As always, thank you for listening! Check out Purefield Massachusetts to learn more. You can also email me at...


Purefield Radio 019: Anxiety and Fear

Do you find yourself in a chronic state of anxiety, fear, and stress? Is your mind plagued by anxious and intrusive thoughts? Do you find it hard to shut off your anxious response to daily life? This episode is for you! Join me as I delve into the murky depths of anxiety and fear to offer you solutions and strategies to start healing (and calming!) yourself. This episode offers psychological and spiritual definitions of anxiety, explores the most common behaviors of the anxious person...


Purefield Transmission: On Victimhood and Playing Small

The Akashic Records are a tool for accessing higher guidance and universal wisdom. Since Josephine is a trained Akashic Record reader, she decided to open up the Records and begin asking for specific messages for our listeners and Purefield community. This is the first message (or "Purefield Transmission," to distinguish these episodes from our regular ones). The topics are victimhood and playing small, which are corrosive and addictive tendencies in our human society. Why do we identify...


Purefield Radio 018: Food

Join us for a low-key, humorous discussion about food and its effects on our lives. We discuss our food preferences, what we learned to eat growing up (and how those patterns persist to this day), how we use food for comfort/entertainment, and how food is connected to our self-nourishment beliefs and habits. Disclaimer: we're not offering nutritional or medical advice! We are not trained to treat or diagnose eating disorders. We're just regular eaters with some great and some unhealthy...


Purefield Radio 017: Manifestation, Pt. 1

Manifesting the things, situations, and experiences we desire is sometimes a tricky and delicate endeavor. It requires discipline, focus, persistence, and the (difficult!) ability to release all attachment to outcome. In episode #17, Josephine shares everything she has learned about manifestation on her spiritual journey, including tools and strategies for dealing with self-limiting thoughts, reconnecting to the flow of abundance, and speeding up your manifestations. As always, you can...


Purefield Radio 016: Spiritual Paths, Intuitive Gifts, and the Healing Arts w/ Thom Levy and Haleya Priest

We're delighted to share our interview with Thom Levy and Haleya Priest, founders of Sanctuary Healing Arts Center in Amherst, MA. Thom and Haleya are holistic practitioners offering a range of classes and workshops in Reiki, Akashic Records, energy healing, and Angel therapy. We talk about the spiritual journeys that led them to working and teaching together, the challenges and rewards of their profession, and what it means to run a thriving healing practice. We also offer practical...


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