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The Mitras-Christ Cult Audio Documentary

In this week’s show our guest is Sid George a native Houstonian, with undergraduate degrees in physics, economics, and an MBA. He has studied Western Civilization and religious study of religions for many years and leads a discussion group on the historical Jesus. Our topic the Mithras-Christ Cult, according to Mr. George christianity is derived from the Greek mystery religion known as the cult of Mithras his findings come from the books "The Mysteries of Mithra" By Franz Cumont and "The...


A Shared Heritage AudioDocumentary

This new audio documentary discusses the shared heritage between Jews and Christians. We discuss the different rites practiced by Judaism, Catholicism and Eastern Christianity. Our featured guests Sam Granger, Joe Balog and I discuss different interpretations such as the burning bush with the Madonna and child. The virgin symbolized by the Ark of the Covenant in the Old Testament. In church history there is a division of the Apostolic, Patristic, medieval and modern periods. We also...


Forgotten Origins:The Lost Jewish History of Early Christianity

The history of early Christianity is shrouded in mystery. Jesus and his early followers were Jewish, but most Jews and Christians know little of the origins of either. Since the third and fourth centuries CE, Judaism and Christianity have crystallized to the point of apparent distinction so much to obscure shared history and even theology. Consequently, people legitimately ask what connections could Judaism and Christianity have. A variety of textual discoveries including the Dead Sea...


Magic in Christianity: Jesus The Necromancer? AudioDocumentary

In this week’s show our guest is Robert Conner author of Jesus the Sorcerer and the website Magic in Christianity. His articles “The Romans meet Jesus” and “Faking Jesus” are featured on and Scribd respectively. In Part 1 of our discussion we focus on the accusation from the Gospels that Jesus was a necromancer by King Herod. We also explore Jewish Apocalyptic movements, the difference between hallucinations and visions, the mythical Jesus theory, incantations, legends of...


Full Demonology of Ancient Israel AudioDocumentary

We start our series on biblical subjects by exploring the origins of demonology through scholarly research and a discussion of the impact of these beliefs on the Western monotheistic traditions of Judaism and Christianity. Our guests are Joe Balog a Roman Catholic intellectual and Sam Granger an Eastern Orthodox Chantor. The study of demons is a complex topic, as it taps into the most supernatural aspects of the monotheistic traditions. These mysterious beings have sparked countless...


Demonology of Ancient Israel

Part 1 of “Demonology of Ancient Israel” is now available. More podcasts are on this and other subjects are on the way... On our first episode we explore the demonology of Ancient Israel with Joe Balog, a Roman Catholic intellectual. The study of demons is a complex topic, as it taps into the most supernatural aspects of the monotheistic traditions. These mysterious beings have sparked countless legends, from tales about their origin, to perspectives that claim they can take hold of human...