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Crowning our Intuition

This final energy vortex brings us into higher states of consciousness, moving beyond the limitation of the senses and the analytical mind. Finding balance brings connection to all that is, a sense of oneness that the mystics speak of, along with a sensitive grounding in day to day life. Today’s episode offers another practice using the breath to balance the masculine/feminine energies, solar/lunar energies.


Your 6th Sense

This episode explores our capacity to open up to inner guidance, wisdom and our deepest intuitive abilities. The area around the third eye - right between the eyebrows - holds a highly sensitive brain function that takes us beyond normal “seeing” to other realms of knowing, understanding and insight.


Claim Your Authentic Voice

Opening up to this 5th energy center in the subtle body engages a flow of both receiving and giving, of listening and speaking. It is a flow is sourced in the higher realms of awareness and consciousness. Turning into this 5th vortex allows a purification of our inner thought stream to bring intuitive wisdom and collective benefit to all our relationships.


Bridge of the Heart

This energy vortex is the bridge connecting our lower energy centers to our higher levels of awareness and consciousness. The love center of the heart is particularly important in determining the quality of our relationships. The balance of these subtle energies is critical to keep us free from the pain of jealousy, fear, codependence, and to bring our highest intentions connection to all our relationships. Learn several practices to support this balance.


Energy Vortex 3: Empowerment and Self Acceptance

Looking at the internal energies in the center of the body where our empowerment and self acceptance is, brings us up out into the world to do what we came here to be and do. Out of balance, you could be a control freak, dominating, manipulative, authoritarian, or blocked. You are helpless, irresponsible and vague and you lack momentum. Digestive issues anyone?


Energy Vortex 2: Sensuality and Creativity

Do you want to enjoy a joyful, sexually pleasing, creative, exciting life? Are you feeling off balance in your emotional life: too much emotion, a diva, too attached emotionally, codependent? Is your pleasure button stuck in overdrive, or completely shut down. Are you driven by jealousy, guilt, blame? Get a simple practice that will help to balance this energy system.


Energy Vortex 1: Trusting, Security and Grounding

Are you suffering from insecurity in your relationships, a lack of trust in your partner or yourself? Are you anxious or even feeling depressed with life. Do you find yourself being indecisive, finding it difficult to move forward? Listen and discover a some simple practices to feel a new alignment and balance in your body that will impact your entire life and all your relationships.


Balancing Your Inner Energy Vortex System

This series focuses on the ancient technology of the 7 chakras to help balance and realign your inner energy body at a very subtle level. The impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual life will be felt in deeper self awareness as your relationships become more authentic. Trust, security, sensuality, creativity, empowerment, self acceptance, love, speaking your truth, intuition, insight and finally joy and happiness are the core of this inner transformation. Tune in for practical...


Phoenix Rising:Letting Go and Reclaiming

@MichieShiota and her #husband mutually decided to divorce. What she discovered about herself opened the door for personal and #spiritual growth.


Twin Betrayal:Sister and Lover Pt. 2

How do our #relationships show us our deepest inner life? Be a #twin and discover an intense mirror of love and hate. #Betrayal in #love and #family drives twin @LiselotBergen into intense #depression, and brings her to a deep need to #settle, to #ground herself. Tune in to see how the Divine Gift brought love back into her life.


Twin Betrayal:Sister and Lover

How do our #relationships show us our deepest inner life? Be a #twin and discover an intense mirror of love and hate. #Betrayal in love and family drives twin @LiselotBergen into intense #depression, and brings her to a deep need to #settle, to #ground herself. Tune in to see how the Divine Gift brought #love back into her life.


Ep 5 - Abuse, Self Love and the Super Woman Syndrome

After her husband returned from Vietnam he became abusive and Karen Chance realized that she needed to take her children and make her own way. #HappilyEverAfter only began when she realized how important it was to LOVE HERSELF FIRST. Listen and discover.


EP 4: Where Are All the Fathers?

Single parent Elizabeth Scherwenka shares her passionate and sometimes desperate journey of nurturing a boy child alone. 4 months in the hospital at 6 weeks old, her wonderful son is now in college. Listen as Elizabeth reflects on her growth as a woman and the inner fulfillment that she is experiencing in her life today. Her story is a book to be read by all single women who plan to raise a child alone.


EP 3: Red Flags Flying

How one woman's desire to have children drove her to marry despite the BIG RED FLAGS along the way. After multiple miscarriages, infidelity, a thwarted adoption, and divorce, Theresa finds her match in a partner and remarries. Her strong commitment and faith lead to deep healing of all family members. Theresa Mitchell talks and walks a life of awareness. What are the Red Flags pointing to in your life?


EP 2: 20/20 Hindsight

Two seasoned divorcees share advice about self discovery, avoiding fear and overwhelm and strategies to deal post divorce. Jeanette even switched teams, hoping women wouldn’t hurt her as much as men. Listen to how that worked out for her.


A Doctor Takes Her Own Medicine

in this episode of RX Fix we introduce you to Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel and her friend Jeanette Monterio. You’ll meet the Disappearing Redhead and learn how standing in the shoes of someone you’ve hurt can bring extraordinary freedom to all your relationships.


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