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Ennea-WHAT?! (Part 2)

Part 2 of our discussion about the Enneagram is comin’ at you hot! In this episode, we dig into the Ego Self versus the True Self, share stories of how the Enneagram has impacted our lives and relationships, and all out geek out over this personality typing system we’re obsessed with. Show Notes Coming soon!


Ennea-WHAT?! (Part 1)

Friends- the day is here. We’re finally digging into the ever-elusive Enneagram. In this episode, Nic, Mere, and special guest (Nic’s mom, Barbara) discuss all things Enneagram. Throughout this conversation, we use learnings from the book The Wisdom of the Enneagram. It was written by two Enneagram experts, Don Riso and Russ Hudson, which you will hear referenced throughout the podcast. We think you’ll love this conversation and hope it inspires you to do more work with this sacred...


Breaking Faith-Our Deconstruction Stories (Part 2)

In Part 2 of our Deconstruction Series, Meredith shares her faith journey with us. It's a raw, honest assessment of the Meredith she once was and the Meredith she is today centered around an unforeseeable tragedy that changed everything, and ultimately, set her on a path to spiritual freedom.


Breaking Faith- Our Deconstruction Stories (Part 1)

We're in part one of our discussion about spiritual deconstruction, in which we'll be processing our own experiences of breaking faith structures, who has helped us navigate the waters, and some things we've learned along the way. Nic’s up first and shares with us the story of how her relationship with God, the church, and her understanding of the Holy has transformed over the last several years, as she's found herself at the intersection of conflicting messages, difficult circumstances, and...


Truth Bombs For Our Younger Selves

We reflect on what we would tell our 20, 25, and 30 year old selves. From prioritizing community, to no longer "suffocating from the shoulds," and extending grace to ourselves for the journey we're on, this is a discussion to which we hope many of you can connect and relate. SHOW NOTES FOR EPISODE #5: In the first part of the show, we discuss the INCREDIBLE dinner we had at The Populist in Denver. This is the Salt & Vinegar popcorn we mention. SO STINKING...


The Danger Zone

In this episode, Nic and Mere unpack the Families Belong Together rally they attended in Denver. As they processed their experience, the conversation quickly transitioned to a dialogue about the impact of dehumanizing and demonizing the ‘other side’ and how it chips away at our common humanity. We also unpack how we can hold space for curiosity toward ourselves and others.


Piña Coladas, Prison Scandals, and A Whole Lotta Hope (Part 2)

We conclude our conversation with Sarah Jackson of Casa de Paz, an organization that supports immigrants who have been detained or whose family members have been detained. This discussion helped us connect with the topic of immigration less at an issue level and more at a human level; we hope it does the same for you. Show Notes Can we just say how fun it was journeying down memory lane and remembering our college advocacy days?! Wow. We were babies. Look at Nic's hair and the Invisible...


Piña Coladas, Prison Scandals, and A Whole Lotta Hope (Part 1)

We chat with Sarah Jackson, founder of Casa de Paz and host/friend/advocate to thousands of immigrants who have been detained in the United States. The Casa's mission is simple: Ease the isolating experience of immigrant detention one simple act of love at a time. We had such a rich conversation with Sarah that we've split this discussion into two parts. Join us this time as we learn where Sarah got the idea to start Casa de Paz, who she's met along the way, and what she hopes we can all...


Have You Been Brenéd?!

We're chatting all things Brene Brown. From the takeaways we've gained through her books, to the perks (and challenges) of being vulnerable, we explain why we're so into this shame researcher from Texas and how her principles have made our lives and relationships richer. You'll also hear a bit more about why we started this podcast, as well as some products we're currently LOVING. Here's a list of the things we chatted about during the show: Y'all. This deodorant from Primally Pure is no...