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What Is the Character and Nature of God?

If God exists, then what kind of being is He? Our beliefs and lifestyle are dependent on our understanding of the nature of God and his level of involvement in our lives. Therefore, this second question is vital in the foundation of a biblical worldview.


Does God Really Exist?



A New Standard



Lord of the Sabbath

Every friend of Jesus can keep the Sabbath commandment by decelerating intentionally and often.


The Person of God Inspires

While you may be uncertain about it, at first, like Nicodemus, it is true nonetheless: You are a child of God if you are a friend of Jesus! You are a friend of Jesus if you obey his commands. If you obey his commands, with the help of the Spirit, then the life he promised —the free, full, and forever life— is yours and it is possible. Living that life, both now and forever, should make you sorry for the mistakes you make yet, like Isaiah, you will arise, forgiven and set free, to live your...


I Am the Real Vine

First a shepherd, then a vine. How are Jesus’ disciples to make sense of what he has in store for us? This is an important question because every person can live a life far better than we can imagine or achieve for ourselves. How? By depending on Christ in three ways.


When Spiritual Lows Threaten

The life of faith in Jesus and a Christian lifestyle is going to have ups and downs, spiritual highs and lows. The friends of Jesus succumb to danger areas because one’s mind has not been renewed. Despite this, we commit ourselves to being transformed, which is to allow the Holy Spirit to change the way we think. In the process, we discover the good, pleasing, and perfect will of God and learn how to act in every situation so we can seek good and avoid evil. The Bible readings assigned to...


The Good Life is Not Always Easy

Despite the effort of learning a new language for good and evil, the Good Life sounds like a good idea. Knowing how to name evil, so as to avoid it, does not diminish the presence and effect of evil on the friends of Jesus. Evil is the presence of corruption, malevolence and depravity in the world, opposed to God’s nature and will. Scripture stresses that evil is a force in its own right, rather than the mere absence of good, and describes its origins and the manner in which God deals with...


Becoming Fluent and Avoiding Self-Deception

To escape our captivity to sin, we must accept the truth of Jesus’ teaching and act accordingly. By seeking good and avoiding the evil of self-deception we will find the true freedom promised to the friends of Jesus. That is the Good Life! Only in avoiding evil will we find the power to resist temptation and seek the good we know we were created for.


Becoming Fluent and Avoiding Self-Importance

The story of The Temptations Jesus faced in the wilderness, at the hands of the devil, helps us identify some key elements in our confusion over good and evil. Where the first temptation reminds us to avoid self-indulgence, the second makes clear just how important it is to avoid self-importance so that we might live the Good Life promised by Jesus to his friends.


Becoming Fluent in the Good Life and Avoiding Self-Indulgence

Like ancient Israel, all of humanity before and after need a fluent speaker to show us what is right, good, true, and beautiful. We need someone to show us how to live the Good Life God always intended for us. Jesus is truly a fluent speaker. He taught and modelled the difference between good and evil so that we might come to know how to seek the good and avoid evil. Only when we listen to him will we truly know what is the good, pleasing and perfect will of God (Rom 12:2).


The Good Life: Learn its grammar

Every person should follow the wisdom of the Prophets and Apostles. Why? Because in the Beatitudes, Jesus acknowledged the commandments need to be understood broadly rather than specifically. To aid our understanding, the Prophets provided warnings when the people were not avoiding evil or seeking the good properly. Also, the Apostles provided guidance on how to the seek the good because the Good Life requires we seek the good and avoid evil. While this guidance is helpful, we must also...


The Good Life: Learn its vocabulary

Growing in faith and a Christian lifestyle is quite similar to learning a language. In this case, the commands of God provide the vocabulary, the Prophets and Apostles the grammar, and Jesus, being a fluent speaker, shows us how its done. Only when we listen to him will we truly know what is the source of the Good Life —the good, pleasing and perfect will of God (Romans 12:2). The Good Life is not always easy but is always better. The friends of Jesus have been promised the Good Life is...


Jesus Transfigured: Stick to him like glue

Epiphanies provide new insights which must, ultimately, be tested against reality. The Disciples acknowledged Jesus as Lord (an epiphany) before they really knew he was so (tested against reality). The Transfiguration confirmed his identity for the Disciples. Lacking a personal epiphany of God’s existence and Jesus’ identity, how can we trust the disciples’ account of Jesus’ life in the Gospels as a true account of reality? In other words, accepting the Disciples’ epiphany as our own, adds...


Everyday Christianity: Notice the natural and seek the supernatural

There is a whole lot more to this world and our human nature than of which we are currently aware. In order to make new discoveries and go deeper than our current understanding, we need to be open to encounter other people, the world, and the creator God above and beyond it all. You and I can encounter God and experience an epiphany by noticing the natural and seeking the supernatural.


Beware of False Prophets: Epiphanies lead to truth

Every person can avoid false prophets and becoming one themselves by seeking God and gaining wisdom.


Hold on Loosely to Earthly Things: Moving to or away from faith

No one is going to give up anything for an idea, no matter how passionate and convincing the promoter of that idea can be. Epiphanies provide the opportunity for insight from God that leads to inevitable change in one’s faith and lifestyle for the better —holding loosely to the things of this world enables you to let God come close and provides a surer foundation in this life and prepares us for the life to come.


Known By God: How we live matters

When we feel like no one is watching, we can become lazy or even misbehave, which is understandable, to a degree. But would we be so lazy and misbehave if we were being watched? And if we were being watched, would we obey and act appropriately only to avoid punishment? If such surveillance was intended to spot our faults and deficiencies, of course. When we talk about God watching us we tend to think he is doing so to spot our faults and misbehaviour. Instead, he is watching us so he may...


An Epiphany With Our Lord: Had one yourself yet?

Must we encounter the living God or is knowing about him good enough? Perhaps a closer look at the story of the Magi and their epiphany with Jesus may provide an answer?