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SWM035 – Anonymous Questions from December 2018

This podcast episode, I'm catching up on some listener's questions that I got back in 2018. You can find the complete questions and answers at Topics include: ED due to medical problems Husband in erotic chatrooms Sex toys caused sexual awakening List of books for continued learning Double standard on the blog Positions Anal sex in Song of Solomon Sexy underwear for men Hypnosis Is it wrong to masturbate if you don't...


SWM034 – Limited Time offer – Intimacy Advent Calendar

This is just a quick podcast episode to let my listeners know about our Intimacy Advent Calendar currently for sale in our shop. You remember having advent calendars as a kid? Every day you get a chocolate, or a toy or something. For nearly a whole month, every day there was something exciting to look forward to the next day. Holidays don’t exactly feel that way for us adults anymore do they? Well, I wanted to try and recapture that feeling. At the same time, I know many couples struggle to...


SWM033 – Sermon – Sex: An uncomfortable topic we need to discuss

This podcast episode is a sermon I wrote and delivered in my home church while the pastors were away and I was invited to preach. I'm not a pastor myself, but occasionally I am asked to step in while they are away. The title I chose was "Sex: an uncomfortable topic we need to discuss", and it had a few people upset when they came to church and saw it in the bulletin. Particularly since there was no children's ministry that week. But, afterwards, nearly everyone seemed content with what I had...


SWM032 – Is oral sex unsanitary?

Reader’s Question: The question I have is concerning oral sex and whether it is "sanitary" or not,especially concerning cunnilingus, but also fellatio. I would love to go down on my wife, but she has a belief that she is "dirty" down there. Though she admits that it feels good she does not want me doing it to her. I have respectfully obliged her request, but I did ask if she would be willing to read an article or anything that would help shed some light on this. Why do we believe this? We've...


SWM031 – How to help your husband be more assertive in bed

I have a lot of wives coming to me asking how to get their husband to be more assertive in bed. The problem is, our society and culture have taught men to be more submissive, and take a back seat with regard to sex. We're either explicitly or implicitly taught that we should let the woman lead in the physical relationship. The problem is that many married women don't want that. They want a husband who is assertive and confident, not waiting for his wife to make the first move and anxious....


SWM030 – Credentials, sex and sickness, falling out of love, self control and how to start leading

Today I'm answering some more questions from our Have A Question page that have come in over the last month or so. This episode I talk about my credentials, dealing with sex drive and long-term illness, falling out of love, self-control and how to start leading when you haven't been.


SWM029 – Fantasy affairs, anal sex, golden showers, work during sex and low drives

Episode 29. Today we're answering questions about fantasy affairs, anal sex, golden showers, work during sex and low sex drives.


SWM028 – Answering questions about oral sex before marriage, joint bank accounts, toys, dirty talking and grooming

I'm changing up the format of the podcast a bit this week and answering some reader questions.


Still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Gift?

Tuesday is Valentine's Day. Does that thought terrify you? I'll admit, Valentine's Day sort of snuck up on me this year. But, I have the perfect last-minute gift for you.


SWM026: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is this Sunday, and I thought we'd share some last-minute Father's Day gifts for those wives who listen to the podcast. We've got some free options, some not-so-free options and some options that are a bit of an investment, but all of them you can manage to pull off even the day before Father's Day.


SWM025: Preparing for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, so thought I'd talk briefly about why father's should celebrate Mother's Day in honour of their wives. And today, my wife, Christina, has made the time to join me on this episode. Sort of to make up for the ones I missed recently. So, here we go.


SWM024: Why Do Men Think Sex is a Reward?

Often men see sex as a reward, even when it's not intended for one. Conversely, if they don't have sex, sometimes they feel punished, or that they failed at something. Why is this? I think there are three reasons.


SWM023: It’s all about the relationship

The Bible uses marriage as a metaphor for God's relationship with us many times. I think there's a good reason for it. In this podcast episode, I discuss my belief that all the do's and don'ts, both in marriage, and in the Bible, point to one thing: the relationship.


SWM022: Does my spouse find me unattractive

A couple of years ago I got a message from a reader who was beside herself with unfounded fears that her husband was no longer attracted to her. She hadn't asked him. She had no indication that he wasn't, but she had this deep seated fear that he wasn't.


SWM021: Spice Jar

I didn't have much time this week to record, so this is a very short podcast episode to let you know about our marriage challenge this week to help you break out of a sexual rut, as well as our new product: The Spice Jar - A printable game to help you change things up in the bedroom tonight.


SWM020: 7 Dirty Fighting Techniques That Should Not Exist In Your Marriage

I once heard it said that the definition of conflict is two people in the same ZIP code. Well, in marriage the people are a lot closer than that, and this inevitably spawns conflict. Now, conflict isn't bad, in fact, it can be good and healthy. Conflict forces us to grow, to see another person's perspective, to seek unselfish solutions. But, if conflict is dealt with in an unhealthy manner, then it can be damaging.


SWM019: How long does a sexual awakening take?

Sexual awakenings are a point where a low-drive, gatekeeper or refusing spouse suddenly realizes that sex is important to the marriage, and that their behaviour needs to change. However, just because there is often a single instant where this realization becomes clear, it can take time, sometimes years or decades, to actually change their behaviour. Sexual awakenings are often triggered by something external, a blog post, a podcast episode, a book, course, or conversation However, patterns...


SWM018: Judaism had it right all along

Let's face it, Christianity is not the perfect religion we like to make it out to be. At least, not the way we imperfect humans play it out in our lives. And one area of life that we've really made a mess of over the centuries is sexuality. In this facet of life, Judaism seems to have gotten it right, and I think we should have paid more attention to them. The Bible is clear Our bodies are good Our spirits are of God Together, our body and the spirit of God makes a soul Separate, we don't...


SWM017: 8 Things I don’t want to admit as a Christian Marriage Podcaster

A few years ago, I wrote a post called 16 Confessions of a Marriage Sex Blogger. In it I shared a bunch of things that I thought might be interesting to people, to sort of help my community get to know me a bit more. Today I'm going to take a slightly different direction and share with you 8 things that I don't want to admit as a Christian Marriage Podcaster. While these might help you get to know me more, I'm also wanting to show you how to be transparent, to show you that it's okay to...


SWM016: What being the head of the household means to me

These days, standing up and saying that your the head of your household can be a bit dangerous for men. With gender equality so strong in our society, the idea of gender roles is often scoffed at, looked own upon. I've heard many people say that patriarchy is just an excuse for men to do what they want, when they want. I don't see it that way. Here's what being the head of the household means to me. Authority vs. Responsibility As the head of the household, I have ultimate authority within...