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Ex-Priest: What did he do, why he did it & what does he do now?

Ex-Priest, and good friend of Fr. Leo discusses why he left. Surprising, it's not what people think - scandal, salacious stories, or sex, but perhaps more silence and for sanctimonious reasons. Challenging for sure, but helpful if we're willing to listen. You'll learn the church is human, but also divine, even when the humanity obscures the divinity!


Prison & Conviction

Ex-Con, Drunk & Drug Addict, Buddhist & now Chef "confesses" and "teaches" priest about the power of invitation, inspiration and integration.


Church's Best Kept "Secret" Society - Secular Institutes

This "secret" community finds God in the secular world. Learn the difference between Secularism versus Secular Institutes. God is speaking to you, do you "HEAR" Him? And if not, how can you be certain you'll get to heaven? Do you know God's plan for you? This show will help you figure out your "calling" in life. Talk about a "purpose" in life - this show can help you find yours!


Shoot the Shiitake with Father Leo Introduction

Shoot the WHAT with a priest?!? We're calling this outside-of-the-box show an "AUDIO CAST" - and for a very good reason! Tired of political, moral and cultural divisions? This show builds bridges, not barriers. Let's talk to people who annoy, challenge, confuse and are different from us, while learning authentic Catholic Teachings in a non preachy but totally practical way.


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