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Priest & Death Row

Fr. Leo gives GOOD NEWS about priests who tell the truth and those who avoid clericalism. Priests that are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and confront the media. Priests who work to save lives! Inspiring story of Fr. Neill and Joe, a former Death Row Inmate!


Sex Abuse Solutions?

Fr. Leo is joined by an anonymous guest (because he works in a big DC agency) and they hash it out to try and find solutions to the clergy sex abuse crimes. It's not easy to discuss, but together they come up with some real ways to even approach the problem.


Irish Not-So-Catholic

Fr. Leo meets missionary Friar Fr. Joseph Mary Dean to discuss World Meeting of Families and issues about Ireland.


Sex Scandal & More Honesty!

Fr. Leo learns how to deal with all the horrible news about the evils of the sex abuse schedules from a priest ordained only 2 years ago! Lots to learn and lots of encouragement needed in this ongoing sex scandal tragedy a the hands of priests and mismanagement by Bishops!


Questions from Cruise Ship

Join Fr. Leo & Gus Lloyd and 150 other pilgrims as they take questions from fellow pilgrims on a cruise ship on the Danube River! It's a different episode, but a lot of fun, and you learn a lot more from Fr. Leo - and even hear him sing a song he wrote!


Bar Tender in Budapest & True Hospitality

American Football, Bar Tender, Hungarian, Protestant and a "fan" of the Plating Grace Movement, Ben Lyons from Cleveland Ohio, by way of Budapest, Hungary joins Fr. Leo and tells him what he's learned about America, his faith, and his future!


Sex Scandal in the Church

Fr. Leo share his thoughts on the former Cardinal McCarrick sex abuse scandal. He doesn't have a guest, because some of his brother priests didn't want to get behind microphone. But, Fr. Leo isn't scared to share a perspective to help find a solution, rather than just throwing stones.


Uber Driver Underdog Lover

Take a ride with Fr. Leo and guest Les, adopted foster child, compassionate aide for a group with intellectual disabilities, soccer loving, underdog supporting Englishman who preaches some awesome truths. #uber, lyft, social, underdog, orphan, foster care, mental disability, soccer, englishman, catholic church, priest, chinese food, Father Leo, golden rule, social justice, liberal, conservative


Feminist for Faithful Women

Fr. Leo interviews EmilyWilsonMinistries.Com to learn about women in the world, a deeper understanding of feminism, and why the church considers women as "Geniuses". #Woman, Women, Spiritual, Feminist, Feminism, Catholic, Fr. Leo, Emily Wilson Ministries, Male, Men, Steubenville University, Catholic, Speaker, Youth Ministry, Strength, Courage


Hungarian Monarchists: What the...

Fr. Leo meets a young conservative monarchist, who thinks that people associate Hungarians to Porn Stars. It's a show about tradition, communism, immigration and life for a normal millennial monarchist. It's a uniquely weird and even edifying conversation in an open market square in Budapest - one of my favorite cities of Eastern Europe! #Hungary, porn, conservative, monarchy, king, queen, royal, conservative, immigration, europe, eastern europe, communism, St. Stephen, travel, Budapest,...


Pot Smoking Fisher of Man

Fishing, pot smoking, dude culture helps Fr. Leo to become a better priest! #pot, weed, smoking, fishing, dudes, Fr. Leo, priest, faith, catholic, Jesus, bible, Oregon, California, Kayak fishing, hook, line, sinker, humility, awesome, wow, relaxing, chilling, content


Exorcist, Demons & Deliverance Part 2

How do you protect yourself from getting possessed? Who gets possessed? How do Exorcisms work? Saints & Mary to the rescue. Superstition or supernatural realities? #Demons, exorcists, exorcism, evil, devils, angels, saints, God, Jesus, Mary, deliverance, spirituality, prayer, faith, father leo, crazy, drugs, ouija board, cults, occult, black magic, yoga, witchcraft, relics, holy water, psychologists, medicine, doctors, mushrooms, mental, success, hope, peace, love


Demonic Possession & Exorcists Part 1

Evil is real, but there is a way to fight against. Even scientists and medical professionals are starting to understand the Catholic Church has a proven method to help someone in the case of demonic possession. Listen to what an Exorcist shares - some scary stuff, but also very hopeful! #Exorcist, Exorcism, Devil, Demonic, possession, evil, satan, God, Ritual, Catholic Church, scary, hope, faith, Father Leo, Doctors, Psychologist, Medicine, Spirituality, Conversion, Black Magic,...


Ex-Convict Cooks with Conviction

Ex-Convict Buddhist turns chef, shares story of what he did after he left the prison, how he avoided going back, and what he does to share his experience and how he came to work with Fr. Leo as the Culinary Director for The Table Foundation. Hear how we could have helped Anthony Bourdain and other chefs who work to either build up or destroy culture. #Anthony Bourdain, prison, food, Fr. Leo, foundation, family, faith, catholic, buddhist, sex, children, death, parents, discipline, chef,


Does Surgery Change Transgender Identity?

Part 2 of Transgender Ashely Jane Morgan, 1 week prior to the sex reassignment surgery, asking tough questions about suicide, sexual confusion, who is to say what gender you are, what it means to be "yourself" and whether a hormone injection is the same as accepting the truth about ourselves? Very Deep Dish, honest, compelling, at times sad, but always sincere! We need to learn how to listen. Start with these shows! #transgender, LGBT, homosexual, gay, lesbian, gender dysphoria,...


Transgender BEFORE the Surgery Part 1

The controversial topic of transgender is made more conversational and digestible with special guest, Ashley Jane Morgan, who agreed to an interview one week BEFORE the surgery! This is PART ONE of this two-part interview where we talk about what led to this decision, how did his wife and 5 children accept this decision? And, what did I learn, as a priest, from this first part of the interview." Hashtags: transgender, surgery, trans, LGBTQ, Father Leo, Catholic, Priest, Conversation,...


Competitive Vacations!

4 priests, talking like normal vacationers, on 8 hour car trip, helping listeners to save money, aggravation and their soul! Take a real vacation but learn what that should look like! Then we discuss competition, and how to deal with competition for yourself and your family.


Professional Italian Escort

Listen to this interview with an Italian Escort and who teaches Fr. Leo how to be a better priest!?! Walk the streets of Italy with Fr. Leo and this professional escort and you'll see how much you can learn as you walk the talk of faith! #Italian Escort Pilgrimage Fr. Leo Food Culture Rome Vatican Pope Catholic Secular street walking cafe restaurants good-looking family man faith


What Baby Alfie Evans Taught This World

Get a sample of premium and exclusive content in this show, hearing Fr. Leo's thoughts about tragic case of euthanized (or medically killed) baby in England - a case that stunned the world. Hear more specific Catholic Opinions & Teachings on Right to Life Issues in a pro-abortion world. #AlfieEvans, icecream, pro-life, OklahomaCity, priest, conversion, children, hospital, science, Italy, Pope, food, snacks, guacamole, pork rinds, patio, Baltimore, morality, abortion, pro-choice


Jewish Comedy Writer, Now Serious Catholic!?!

This interview will hit your funny bone as well as pull on your heartstrings, learning about the serious side of comedy, how to bring JOY to a sad and sorry world, staying inspired by what matters most, and recognizing the entertaining industry isn't entertaining for people working in it! Tom Leopold has written for Cheers, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Ellen, and the Vice President, you can also take a cue on how to be a better believer in the Good News! #Comedy, comedian, funny, jokes,...