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Get through hard times with God's help

Get through hard times with God's help
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Get through hard times with God's help




Judy Cromar: Asking God the Right Questions

Judy Cromar: Asking God the Right Questions Judy's Bio Judy grew up in Samoa, Germany, and Oregon. She has since lived in Iowa, Utah, and California. Judy's first husband, Dennis was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma when he was 25 years old and died soon thereafter, when their only son was only 8 months old. She learned many lessons as a young widow. She remarried and now she and her husband Richard have a Brady Bunch family of 8 children, and 32 grandchildren. Judy was a Special...


Rebecca Christians: Healing and Fulfilling a Vow to God

Rebecca Christians: Healing and Fulfilling a Vow to God Rebecca's Bio Rebecca has lived in Milwaukee, Colorado, Illinois, Montana, Arizona and Arkansas. She has worked doing many things from gas station attendant to hospital work. She went to nursing school and was a paraprofessional in an autism classroom, which is where I met her when she worked with my boys. Now she is a rancher. Rebecca has three children, three step-children, and nine grandchildren. She's been married to the love of her...


Jason Hague: Feeling Both Joy and Sorrow with Autism

Jason Hague: Feeling Both Joy and Sorrow with Autism Jason Hague Bio Jason grew up in the piney woods of East Texas. He is the associate pastor of Christ’s Center Church in Junction City Oregon (near Eugene.) He has served on staff for Youth With A Mission for many years. Jason and his wife have been married for nearly twenty years, and they have five amazing kids. He has a passion for writing, and enjoys creative, visual storytelling. Jason often speaks often about the intersection of faith...


The Anderson Family: One Family’s Perspective on Autism

The Anderson Family: One Family's Perspective on Autism Anderson family Bio Justin (old) according to the kids. Husband to Tamara for 22 and a half years, and father to four amazing children. Jordan, age 21. College student majoring in Elementary Education. One of my typical kids. Nathan, age 20. Mostly non-verbal kiddo on the autism spectrum. We talk about Nathan on our podcast, but he doesn't comment (mostly because he would just echo back whatever we said). Jacob, age 16. Jacob is an...


Jamie Middlecamp: The Blessings Of A Down Syndrome Child

Jamie's Bio Wife and mother of three--her oldest has Down Syndrome Meme to her two treasures Lived most of her live in North West Arkansas Also lived in a small town in North Carolina Worked with children doing home therapy and as an autism specialist Teaches Pre-K at a Mother's Day Out Loves serving in her church Loves watching her kids to the things they love: baseball, soccer and Special Olympics Loves the beach and has been swimming with dolphins and 4-wheeling Jamie's Story At the age...


Brad Neufeld: The American Dream Falls Apart

Brad J. Neufeld: The American Dream Falls Apart Brad's Bio Brad was born in Bakersfield, California and lived there until he was 13 years old. Moved to a very small town in Alabama where he worked on a 4,000-acre soybean farm. Moved to Utah and supported himself through high school. Married to Charlotte for almost 32 years, and has 6 children and 7 grandchildren Professionally—migrant worker, to trucker, to being the founder and President of Affinity Guidance Services, Inc. Developed the...


Sarah Gowans: Lessons from a Bike Crash, Kidney Disease, and Divorce

Sarah Gowans: Lessons from a Bike Crash, Kidney Disease, and Divorce Bio Sometimes people have periods of their life that seem to follow the saying,“when it rains, it pours.” Sarah Gowans had 3 years (2009-2012) where things seemed to go from bad to worse. First, she was hit by a car while riding her bike, then her daughter almost died from Kidney disease, and while she was helping her daughter recover her husband told her he no longer wanted to be married. Sarah is a wife and mother of 5...


Cindy Cloninger: 5 Lessons & 14 Tips Learned from the Death of a Spouse

5 Lessons & 14 Tips Learned from the Death of a Spouse About Cindy 6 children who have issues ranging from cataracts, lyme disease, epilepsy, and MTHFR gene mutation (which means they don't process folic acid). She is the biological mother of 5 and they adopted their youngest from China. She was also a foster mom. Her husband died of brain cancer in 2012. Cindy's Story Cindy's husband, John, was in the military throughout his career, and served several tours. He became a podiatrist. One day...


Alissa McClure: Lessons from a Broken Home, Infertility and Preemies

About Alissa McClure Raised in poverty in a broken home Became a teacher Children's book author Blogger Married her best friend Struggled with infertility Gave birth to preemie twins and almost lost them Summer of 2018 released her first book for adults called, "Joy On! Ten Ways to Add More Joy to Your Life" Lessons from a Broken Home First, Alissa shared an experience she had in first grade where she learned that there was a better way to treat people than she was taught in her home. From...


Jerald Simon: Falling off a Cliff, Job Loss, and Possible Death of a Spouse

Wisdom and Lessons from Jerald Simon About Jerald Simon Husband to Zanny, and a father to his wonderful children. Founder of Music Motivation® Composer of 10 Music Albums, 4 EP's and dozens of piano books Author of 4 motivation and self-help books (see links below) Music mentor and piano teacher He loves music, teaching, speaking, performing, playing sports, exercising, reading, writing poetry and self help books, and gardening. Lessons from Falling off a Cliff When we fall down, we get back...


Podcast Intro and My Story of Hope

Stories of Hope in Hard Times Introduction My reason for doing this podcast--love learning from stories. Noticed that my sister who was struggling with Lyme's disease and I were learning the same lessons even though I was raising children with autism. Even though situations are different, often the lessons learned are the same. Stories of Hope Podcast basics Podcast will launch a new episode twice a month, every other week on Wednesday. The shows will be 40-60 minutes each. My Story of Hope...


Trailer for Stories of Hope in Hard Times

To gear up for the launch of my podcast I made a trailer. Yes, I know usually trailers are only for movies, but this is a 2 minute podcast trailer. It will give you a peek at what my podcast is all about and and who I am doing this podcast for. Have you ever felt: Overwhelmed Exhausted Discouraged Anxious about problems or challenges in life Have you ever felt alone—like no one understands or has ever experienced what you are going through? Are you looking for ideas or solutions to your...