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Podcast exploring the hidden reaches of human behavior - the subconscious mind. We will explore all aspects of human behavior, especially specific ways you can re-program the power of your subconscious mind to live the life you love.

Podcast exploring the hidden reaches of human behavior - the subconscious mind. We will explore all aspects of human behavior, especially specific ways you can re-program the power of your subconscious mind to live the life you love.
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Podcast exploring the hidden reaches of human behavior - the subconscious mind. We will explore all aspects of human behavior, especially specific ways you can re-program the power of your subconscious mind to live the life you love.






Deeper Subconscious Mind Programming & Work - North and South Nodes of the Moon

Let's go deeper in this podcast. Something has been on my mind lately that I've been incubating and developing and that's about things that we brought into this life (called our Subconscious Programming) to deal with on a soul level. I've been researching how this shows up in our astrological chart, but it also just shows up in our life, and when we stop to think about it, we can probably pretty easily identify with it. This podcast goes deeper - and there are some resources at the end, so...


SOULFEST 2019 - A Blueprint for Your Life Purpose!

More Imagine if you could have a literal blueprint for your life purpose...would you be interested? Imagine if you could understand your partner's blueprint, or your kids...would you want to know that? What if you could help guide your kids according to their own unique soul journey, versus what you want, or school wants, or some other institution? Would that be of value? What if you could learn this information early in life, so you could live it out over...


Post-Eclipse Pointers - Lunar Partial Eclipse - July 2019

We have been in some super-powerful transformational energy on the planet this summer and this partial lunar eclipse has given us yet another opportunity to use cosmic energy to our advantage. If you haven't caught my Fun Astrology Podcast yet, a link to it is below. Would love to have you join in because I'm talking about this every day now! (Also I'd invite you to leave a 5-Star review and write a couple sentences of what the podcasts mean to you. This one and the others Majona and I are...


Have Your Own "Galactic Council" Life Review Under This Powerful Energy

The focus today is harnessing this incredible transformational energy that the Universe is giving us the rest of this year and into next to change massive things in our life in order to grow our soul. This kind of powerful transformational energy hasn't been in this alignment since the early 1500s! The idea today is to have your own "Galactic Council" soul review meeting. Let's explain... Enjoy the Journey! Thomas & Majona


Introduction to Kundalini Yoga with Himat Singh Dayvault

One of my best take-aways from Aspen will last a lifetime. My friendship with Himat Singh Dayvault. We became ski buddies, hiking buddies, now camping buddies, and we're co-producers of a new video training series that will be out soon on using some Kundalini yoga techniques for brain trauma, concussions, and dementia/Alzheimer's disease. Himat has been doing Kundalini yoga for 30 years now and as you will hear in his voice, is one of the most centered and grounded people I know. It was a...


Full Moon June 17, 2019 - Too Important Not To Share!

This will only be up for a couple days, but is too important not to share. This is some HUGE energy around this full moon and some other key things going on in the sky. Here are the links...


Energy Update - July-August 2019 - What do you do when the energy around you is challenging

This is a timely podcast for the summer of 2019 - we are going to give you a "Survival Guide" to handle the challenging energy of what's going on this summer. It has indeed been tough, and people are feeling it. There are a few things both Majona and I do to help that we will share, but basically if you put this on a "soul journey" perspective and monitor resistance - that will help tremendously. Here are a couple other resources we mention: Majona's...


Surfing the Waves of High Energy!

The scale of consciousness (Levels of Energy) is an amazing tool once you realize just how powerfully it operates in our life. When we are in high vibration, good things are naturally attracted into our life - without us lifting a finger! Conversely, when we are projecting and living in a low vibration, that is when negative things (like energies) are naturally attracted. We are surfing a wave of super high vibration right now, and amazing things are coming into our lives....naturally....


Jill Thomas, Hypnotherapist Part 2 - Past Lives, Past Life Regressions, Relationships, Hypnotherapy for Teens and MORE!

In this continuation of the last episode, San Diego based hypnotherapist, Jill Thomas and I talk about past lives and past life regressions, relationships, when to consider hypnotherapy for your kids or teens and the marquis topics of hypnotherapy for smoking cessation and weight loss. Jill has a thriving practice in Southern California and would love to talk to you if you're interested in a session. Jill Thomas Website: Enjoy the Journey! Thomas


Exploring MONEY through Hypnosis with Hypnotherapist Jill Thomas

This is the first time on the podcast I have talked to a hypnotherapist, and wouldn't you know, it would be Jill THOMAS! She is based in the San Diego area and her website is linked below. Jill is an amazing communicator, a skilled hypnotherapist, loves to talk about all the things I like to, and her last name is THOMAS! How perfect for us to launch into what is going to be a multi-episode Subconscious Mind based conversation about all kinds of topics like money, relationships, past lives,...


Encounter With the Universe! And How I Responded!

I am "in the moment" with an amazing encounter with the Universe, and wanted to capture it on this podcast. The backstory involves my brother, my failures, second chances (forgiveness), and current miracles. What happened today was amazing, but it had me question, and revise, my initial response to the "encounter." This podcast will give you a lot to think about...and more to practice! Enjoy the Journey, Thomas


Can Your Soul "Split?" Majona has a great answer that will leave you thinking

Majona has her own podcast now! It's called Life After Life, and it is about her personal experience seeing the "other side." It has been very well received and getting a lot of downloads already! This is one of her recent episodes where she answers a listener's question about how "we/us" continues after we pass. What this really explores is our higher self, and the reality of infinity. This episode will get you thinking! Majona's "Life After Life...


Energy of Events with Rosie Cutter From Destiny Card Products

Do you have an upcoming event in your life, like a wedding, graduation, corporate event, etc.? Would you like to know the energy around that event? We're going to use the upcoming Fred Dodson Levels of Energy Seminar in Dallas as a springboard to see how to read energies. Amazing as it is, the energy around this event is incredibly complementary to Fred's intentions for the event. You can use the process Rosie Cutter outlines in this episode to look at your own events. Using the combination...


Special Announcement - Fred Dodson is coming to Dallas July 26-27-28, 2019

Fred Dodson is coming to Dallas this summer! DATES: July 26-27-28, 2019 Dallas, Texas Seminar: Levels of Energy Register: Location will be disclosed to seminar registrants There is only one live event on Fred Dodson's schedule this year, and this is it! Fred is coming to Dallas for the Levels of Energy seminar. This will be an incredible time of high energy camaraderie, connection, learning, practicing, and just "being" in a high-energy environment with...


Once in a Lifetime Energy for Karmic & Soul Work

Right now, as of about 9 pm last night, there is an energy available to every person on the planet to do soul and karmic work like we have never seen in our lives, nor will we ever see again in our lifetimes. This is a very unique alignment of several astrological energies represented by Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and the South Lunar Node. These are all in retrograde now, and will be until at least August, when Jupiter goes direct again. What that means is we can do more soul-work now than we...


I QUIT! Here's a myth-buster that "winners never quit and quitters never win" with the Quit Dr. Stan Robertson

You've heard the expression "winners never quit and quitters never win," right? Well, to a point, that's true. But true winners...those who are interested in elevating their consciousness and evolve during this lifetime, often do quit things that don't serve them so they can grow into areas that do. We are going to explore that myth with Dr. Stan Robertson, "The Quit Doctor." Dr. Robertson has four unique points on why we should thing differently about quitting. And this is a great metaphor...


Podcast 6th Birthday - Anniversary Celebration!

Six years ago on Easter weekend 2013 I got a prompt to do a podcast. Only problem was I had no idea what to talk about, so I just started telling my story of what I had done to turn my life around. One thing I had learned was how our Subconscious Mind indeed gets programmed by experiences and influences from our past - especially during our childhood. I had observed how that played out in my own life. Through pretty simple deduction, I figured if one's subconscious could be programmed...


What is it like communicating with spirits in the non-physical with Julie Jancius and Majona

Since she was a child, Majona has been able to see, hear and feel spirits from the non-physical. This may seem threatening if someone is not familiar with this reality, but to Majona, it was totally normal. She thought everyone could. It wasn't until she was almost 10 years old that she finally realized she was very much in the minority and most people cannot communicate outside our Earth-reality. Now meet Julie Jancius who hosts the "Angels and Awakening" podcast, a new series that she is...


2019 Energy Spotlight – Where Growth Is Right Now!

I have been in hyperdrive learning more and more all the time about this incredible “journey” we are on! Much has been about our soul path, our very reason for being here, why certain things are more difficult than others, and where we can focus our growth. Along this line, I started a couple new podcasts you might want to check out – links to both are below. Right now, and continuing through 2019, there is a very specific concentrated energy that should be taken note of – especially if...


Conscious Cinema with Nicole Wensel

Almost everyone enjoys a good movie or TV show now and then. And certainly, video is predominant on social media. It seems more than ever that our culture is consumed with video of all sorts. Let’s talk about how that affects us consciously and subconsciously with an expert in the field. Nicole Wensel grew up in Texas but got herself to LA as soon as she could because she knew as a child that she wanted to be in films. Today she is producing, directing and acting in films and videos but...