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Podcast by Lisa Whatley
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Podcast by Lisa Whatley




Make A Wish With Angel Francesca Manifest Your Dreams Guided Meditation

Join Lisa Whatley on this Reiki infused healing journey where you'll be programming your subconscious mind with affirmations and opening to receive a cleansing and healing of your energy body which will rejuvenate your physical body at the cellular level, increasing your energy to lift you into your next level of spiritual growth. Then Lisa takes you into a crystalline temple to meet your manifesting angel where you'll share with her all your desires and dreams, all the wishes you would love...


Cord Cutting: New Beginnings Meditation | Overwhelming to Happiness

If you are having a difficult time right now, if you feel your life is in an upheaval than this healing journey will help bring peace back into your heart while also assisting you in releasing attachments that are no longer serving you. I will take you to a beautiful garden where you can release worn out relationships, habits, behaviors, patterns and whatever is causing you difficulties in your life right now via a powerful cord-cutting process. Please note this recording has energy...


Receiving Love And Light: Reiki Healing | White Light | Self Healing Guided Meditation

Lisa Whatley takes you through a guided visualization process while also utilizing the energy known as Reiki. Lisa created this healing journey with the intention to ignite the love within yourself via the guided visualization while also utilizing the energy known as Reiki … so this means Reiki energy will be flowing to you throughout the journey … the whole experience will leave you feeling loved, cherished, nourished, relaxed and rejuvenated ... you can repeat this as often as you are...


Manifestation Meditation: Relax Heal and Manifest Your Dreams Guided Meditation by Lisa Whatley

POWERFUL Meditation to Manifest Your Dreams! It's important to know that anything that you think about consistently fueled with emotion you will manifest into your reality. Therefore in order to manifest your dreams you MUST do the inner work on a daily basis in order to be the co-creator and have it appear in your experience. In this journey, I will start by moving you into a deep state of relaxation that flows gently into the inner recesses of your mind where I will help you connect with...