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A Village Mentality In A Spiritual Environment : Apostle Dedric Hubbard

In today's broadcast Apostle Hubbard releases a profound and informative message entitled A Village Mentality In A Spiritual Environment in this broadcast he announces an 8 week teaching on this subject. Which can be viewed from his website, social media accounts or through their app which is available on Googleplay. In this teaching he reveals the 8 ways leaders must be able to access and pinpoint the problems of today's believers in order for them to gain a clearer understanding of their...


The Building Blocks Of Pain With Author Dedric Hubbard

Apostle Hubbard releases a power message of healing, understanding and wisdom as he expounds on today's episode of how God uses pain as a tool of growth, healing and understanding as he prepares us for work in the kingdom of God. Based on his newest book release The Building Blocks of Pain which is now avaliable on his website and all major retailers he gives powerful insights, and godly nuggets of wisdom of real life situations he faced until he seen the wisdom. In which God was using the...


The Pain of Ministry

As many see the glamour, accolades and success of ministry in Todays Teaching entitled: The Pain Of Ministry Apostle Hubbard discusses the unseen and rarely heard part of ministry. Which is the pain of doing ministry Apostle Hubbard goes in-depth as he tackles subjects such as mental health, physical health, poverty in leadership, spousal abuse, infidelity in ministry. Today's broadcast is sure to inform, enlighten and hopefully allow people in ministry to deal with the pain that they...


Flawed But Worthy - (Understanding Your Worth When You Don't Seem Worthy)

Using the life of David for today's revelation Apostle Hubbard teaches that we have to learn the who, why, and how come in order to understand our value to God. As many believers have deemed themselves unworthy in life they are priceless when it comes to the things of God in today's lesson Apostle Hubbard hopes to empower believers to stand tall in whatever situation or life circumstances comes at them because only God knows the reason and the outcomes for the events that happen in our...


Devastated By My Destiny

Apostle Hubbard releases an empowering and colorful revelation in Devastated By My Destiny as he brings powerful prophetic insight and apostolic order to make sense of the trials many believers maybe facing in this season. Apostle Hubbard has already released the prophetic word of this being the season of the underdog he reilerates to many believers to not count themselves out but count themselve in position and ready for the season in which God is bringing them into with this...


Introduced Without An Introduction

Many young individuals in ministry are scrambling to find their identity and as a result they are using religious tactics to find their identities. Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful word for them in their season as he declares God is about to introduced them without an introduction.


2015 - The Year To Be Redeemed Into His Rest

Many believer are living their lives exsisting and not living they have become enveloped into a life of cycles going around the mountain just as the children of Isreal. But God sends an on-time word through Prophet Hubbard as he teaches and instructs the believers on how to move forward out of the deep sea of depression, poverty and relationships.


Who Are You In Christ?

Many hold fast to doctarates in theology and degrees in religion to seem more educated in Christ but Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful on time word designed for those who walk not according to the tradtions of man. But in the power of Christ and therefore nothing man can give you can equal to understanding who you are in Christ.


How To Overcome Poverty

Prophet Hubbard begins an intense session on how to overcome poverty many are stuck in a position of poverty because they have come to a place that struggling is normal and yet God has so much more in store for them. Please understand that the revelation released in these sessions isnt for everyone but if you believe the prophet you shall prosper...


September - A Month of Established Potential

As the learned prophets of God begin to receive heavenly downloads Prophet Hubbard releases an informative, empowering and enlighten word of understanding concerning the month of September. As he prepares the people to get ready to go from being mediocre in life to beginning to live the life that Christ has envision for them in this dispensation.


Is Spiritual Parenting Biblical?

Many in religious circles practice spiritual parenting as a way of making sure their ministries are in alignment and growing with the grace of God but is this practice biblical. Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful and sound revelation concerning the practice of spiritual parenting as he breaks down the purpose, benefits, and the nature of what a spiritual parent says they offer you but what you really submit yourself too. Tune in for this powerful revelation on The Prophetic Roundtable.


Breaking The Poverty Spirit

The spirit of poverty has taken a stronghold in religion and as a result instead of being seperate from the things of the world the church has embraced the world. Its not until an individual understand that poverty is a passage to prosperity they will forever remain in lack Prophet Hubbard releases a very empowering revelation to break the poverty spirit.


What Is Your Birthing Position? - Prophetic Utterance

As many transition into ministry many sit back waiting to give birth to ministry but not fully developing the idea they have been called to minister. So they follow will thought plans, patterns, and position while not understanding that timing is everything in this dispensation. Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful word of development to call the ministries of this season forth before they follow the traditions of man.


When the blood stops bleeding...

Prophet Hubbard releases an awe inspiriing word for those who don't understand the disappoinments of life its at your worst that your faith does it best using the woman with the issue of blood as the foundation of this message. He releases powerful prophetic revelation that is sure to have you regain the peace you can only find in Jesus Christ.


You are empowered to empower!!

Many believers sit helplessly in the pews with no authority, no destiny, no understanding cause they have been taught by unlearned leaders and religious zealots as a result many hope to walk in the power of Christ. But never posses the anoiting to do so in todays teaching Bro. Hubbard releases a powerful message entitled You are empowered to empower using the man at the pool of bethesda he teaches about the mindset in which believers have become accustomed too. That will not allow them to...


Praise Addicts!! Heaux Status!!

Many beleives are praising and worshipping in a defeated position believing in the power and goodness of God but taking on the identity of the world and as a result many believers do not see the error of their ways. Prophet Hubbard releases a powerful and comical revelation as only he does to bring attention in the manner of which many believers think they are operating in the will of God.


Dealing With Insecurities

Many people wonder aimlessly through life shielding their insecurites and as a result they hold on to empty relationships. jobs, and mindsets never fully becoming the person that God intended for them to be and/or never fully operating in their authority. Prophet Hubbard releases a strong detailed revelations concerning dealing with your insecurities.


The Boaz Lie - A Brief Introduction

For years the religious teaching has stagnated the church and the cry of most single women and religious ministries is we want a boaz. Teacher Dedric Hubbard known for his deep insight and simple but yet complex teaching releases a powerful revelation called The Boaz Lie as he uses scripture to see the real nature and spirit that Boaz was operating in causing Ruth to be manipulated because of ignorance of scripture. Stay tuned as he releases the revelation entirely but yet gives you an...


A Season Of First - Prophetic Utterance

Many people are experiencing or about to experience a season in which things they never thought would happen begin to happen and as they try to make sense of this miracles. Many will begin to understand that it will speak to the order and alignment that God has prepared for their lives. Because many ask the question daily am I in the will of God and yet they cant seem to align themselves to honestly know if they are making the right choices which confuses them when it comes to decesion. Pay...


Your Ministry Matters

Many believers feel inadequate to a point that they dont operate in the fullness of what God has empowered them with and as a result the become stagnate and look for validation from others. Todays teaching is for those who feel they are not good enough to preach the gospel of Christ