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009:Turning Dreams into Reality with Crystal Blue

I first came across Crystal Blue in an article that she had written for the elephant journal entitled '11 Way Growing Up Abroad has ruined my daughters Life'. The article entered into my life with perfect synchronicity because at the time I was about 4 months out from selling everything that I owned and moving to Kauai with my wife and two daughters, 7 and 10 at the time. My daughters had spent the first portion of their life in the same town in California, surrounded by the comfort of...


008: Success Leaves Clues with Big Will Robertson

Like many of my guests, I met Big Will on Facebook. I was immediately drawn to the authentic energy and positive vibe that Will displayed on a daily basis. Will Robertson represents everything that the IncreaseLife stands for, authenticity, fearlessness and freedom. It was an honor speaking with Big Will, his story will definitely inspire you to be true to and believe in yourself and to never be afraid to go after your vision. Will Robertson was born in New Orleans and grew up in Los...


007: Escaping the Conventional Life w Ed Herzog

I first came across Ed Herzog through a powerful article that he had written for the world renown media publication, The Elephant Journal. The article was entitled, '5 Steps: How to Really Make our Life our Own. I strongly resonated with this article andI immediately connected with Ed through social media. Although he resides in Bogata, Columbia and I on the island of Kauai, HI, we were able to connect on a deep level because we share the same mission, freeing people from the chains of...


006:Masterminding w William Dennis

William Dennis is a 31 year old retired police officer. He retired at a young age due to injuries sustained on the job. He admits that at one point, he based his identity on being a police officer and when he got injured he did not know what to do with his life, being a Police Officer defined who he was. By pushing himself through growth and shifting his paradigms, he began to realize that being injured and having to leave a career he was passionate about was not a curse as he had...


005: Greatness is a Mindset with Michael J Allen

I first met Michael J Allen at the Oneness Center in Fresno CA a few years back. He was new to the community and he had an energy about him that I had not encountered in my life up until that point. He was calm and happy and it seemed as though positive energy was emanating from his being. I was moved by his presence. Michael began speaking at the Oneness center and I was thoroughly impressed, he was powerfully inspiring and he held the attention and emotion of the crowd very well, all...


003: Detoxing Depression w Josh Macin

I recently came across the story of brazilian jiujitsu world champion Josh Macin and I was immediately and powerfully moved. There are a lot of people out there who can absorb the wisdom of this story and transform there lives for the better. This is a powerful story of beating depression and finding contentment. I will let Josh share it with you... My name is Josh Macin – and I am here to share an important medicine with the world. Long story short, I spent the past three years in a...


000: Who is Jackson Gage and What is IncreaseLife?

IncreaseLife is a personal development brand created for the awakened human, the self educated radical, the heretic entrepreneur. The success driven rebel who is consistently and consciously creating their own reality. The freedom seeker who realizes that true happiness can only be found through personal growth and authentic living…. We are a vessel of conscious knowledge and inspiration for those seeking to become the greatest version of themselves through optimization of the mind, body...


001:Jake Ducey-How to Profit from Happiness

Jake’s compelling message has been engaging some of the biggest organization’s on Earth to support his mission. The number one publisher in the world (Penguin/Random-House) published 2 of his books(Profit from Happiness and Purpose Principles), TEDx Youth Talks featured Jake on their stage, the Van’s Warped Tour made Jake Ducey their first ever inspirational speaker for their entire 42-city 2015 summer tour in front of 500,000 Millennials and their parents. “High School Nation” sent Jake...