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TLH075: Helping Youth Find their Identity Through Jesus Colored Glasses

This weeks interview tackles identity in Christ head on. Todd Jones has written an excellent book called Jesus Colored Glasses. Besides our being jealous of his coming up with a super catchy super cool name for his book, we're pumped about this interview. Todd gets youth pastors! He's one of us! As the founder of Stoked on Youth Ministry and as a middle school pastor, he brings a lot to the discussion in our goal to experience youth ministry for the longer haul! Dig in. It's a good one....


TLH074: Insights into Gen Z

Many of us have been guilty of thinking that the teenagers of today are pretty much like all the teenagers that have gone before them. Ahhhhh, if only it were that easy! Research tells us that there are characteristics of the current generation that we need to be aware of as we try to point them to Jesus. This podcast interview will help you dive deeper into Gen Z. We'll consider some of the things defining their generation that will impact the way you do youth ministry. Brooke Hempell is...


TLH073: Changes in How Teens Respond to the Gospel

We all want to see our students sharing their faith. We would all love to have students leading other students to Jesus. But what is it that is really keeping this from happening? Look we get it. This topic isn't new...even for this podcast, but we believe it is SO ridiculously important. Our friend Greg Stier is back on the show today talking about this very thing. In it we tackle the reasons students aren't sharing, the importance of prayer in it, how to encourage students to actually...


TLH072: Be Soberly Reminded

Over the years we've heard people say that we're only one bad decision away from disqualifying ourselves from ministry. Over and over again throughout the years we've heard of friends and peers have to quit serving in the church because of immoral decisions they've made. We admit that this podcast topic is not as fun as a podcast episode on the latest and greatest games, but this one is good reminder for all of us serving in ministry to be alert and stay on guard. Walt Mueller has been...


TLH071: Partnering with Parents to Navigate a Hyper-sexualized Culture

Let's face it... we live in a hyper sexualized culture! Ok, either you're giggling like a middle schooler right now or tempted to close this and move on. Stick with us for a second. Parents are overwhelmed and they need our help navigating everything that they're facing when it comes to their teens dealing with sex. Whether it's having the talk or helping them avoid massive exposure to inappropriate stuff. As youth ministry people, we need to help point them in the right direction. Barrett...


TLH070: All About Youth Ministry Volunteers

Ah, youth ministry volunteers... Doing ministry by yourself can be a lonely and unsustainable plan long-term. And let's face it, finding youth ministry volunteers can often be incredibly challenging. It's not like people are knocking down our doors wanting to work with teenagers. Here is what we know though, having volunteers is important... SUPER important. And once you find youth ministry volunteers, you have to continue to encourage, equip and value them. In this episode, we take a look...


TLH069: Transitioning From Summer Youth Ministry To YOU Ministry

Most of our summers are coming to a close and now a new school year of youth ministry is upon us. If you're like us, you're probably feeling a little spiritually spent after a busy summer calendar. Often it's a mixture of feeling blessed because of all the awesome stuff God did in our youth ministry and being worn out from all of the investing you've done in others. In this episode, we take a look at how we can transition from summer youth ministry into YOU ministry and give you some...


TLH068: Youth Ministry in Small Churches

Do you ever feel like your ministry is less significant because it isn't as big as others your see? Let's get real, youth ministry has enough challenges on its own without throwing in the struggle of size. But the truth is that you can be extremely effective in youth ministries of any size. Certainly, youth ministries of all sizes bring unique advantages and challenges. This week Stephen Hale from the Youth Ministry: Small Church podcast joins the show to specifically look at the advantages...


TLH067: Youth Ministry When Your Church Doesn’t Like Teenagers

Not everyone loves teenagers. Wait, what??? As youth ministers, it's hard for us to understand how some adults don't like teens. If you happen to be serving in a church who loves teenagers, you know the impact that can have on a student's life. If you happen to be in a church where some or maybe even a lot of adults seem to not like teenagers, you know how hard youth ministry can be. It's like you can't get any traction in your ministry. Hopefully we can help. In this episode, we spend...


TLH066: Special Needs in Youth Ministry

We all know that youth ministry has its fair share of challenges. We also know that youth pastors LOVE teenagers. All teenagers. Teenagers with special needs creates unique challenges that most youth pastors are ill equipped to handle without some help. In this episode, we ask Lynn Wilkerson some hard questions about how to effectively work with students that have special needs and how to work with parents of special needs children and teenagers. This is a GREAT and MUCH NEEDED episode for...


TLH065: How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

Clay Scroggins, lead pastor of North Point Community Church, joins us on the show this week to talk about how to lead when you're not in charge. Most youth pastors we've met have a pretty heavy dose of leadership built-in to who they are. With that leadership gifting comes the struggle of often being way down the leadership org chart and wishing we could make more decisions than we're currently allowed to make. We get it! It's not like people are knocking on our door asking what the youth...


TLH064: Tips for Leading Parent Seminars in your Youth Ministry

Parent meetings & seminars can be one of the most effective ways to impact the life of a teenager. Trust us! As parents of teenagers, we know how challenging it can be and how we need all the help we can get. Doing them well and getting parents to show up, however, can be a challenge... a big challenge. In this episode of the Longer Haul Podcast, we share ideas from our 20+ years of failing and succeeding in doing meetings & seminars with parents. We share tips, how to do them when you're...


TLH063: 25 Tips from 25 Years of Marriage While Serving in Youth Ministry

Chris is back this week and is joined by his lovely wife Wendy. After just celebrating 25 years of marriage they're giving wisdom they've learned along the way by way of 25 tips from 25 years of marriage while serving in youth ministry. In this episode you'll hear honest and transparent keys that Chris and Wendy have learned over the years. Whether you're married, want to be one day, know people who are, or just have seen people on TV who are married you'll find these 25 tips to be useful....


TLH062: Essentials for a Youth Worship Service

Chris Trent is away this week celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary so...Ed Braswell and Phillip Higginbotham, who are a couple of youth pastors from the Super Secret Longer Haul Podcast Facebook Group join the show this week to tackle the topic of essentials for a youth worship service. In this episode we cover what you must have for your youth worship services, paying worship leaders, and how to make the most of your worship times with your students.. Links mentioned: The Super Secret...


TLH061: Secrets to Effectively Communicating with Teenagers

Chad Poe joins the Longer Haul Youth Ministry Podcast this week to talk about effectively communicating with teenagers. Chad brings a ton of knowledge to the table this week all while keeping you laughing. In this episode we cover what it takes to really communicate well, what it is really like to be a full-time speaker, why illustrations matter, and the four keys every sermon and lesson should have. Links mentioned: The Super Secret Longer Haul Podcast Facebook Group (that you should...


TLH060: Youth Ministry Interns 101

This week we're diving into the subject of youth ministry interns. Maybe you have an intern or a few interns, but just don't know what to do with them. Maybe you just feel you could be doing better with utilizing your interns. Well, we've got you covered in this week's episode all about youth ministry interns. In this episode we cover how to go about hiring an intern, what to do with an intern once you've hired them, some must haves for your interns, and some words of caution. PLUS we give...


TLH059: The Importance of Youth Ministry Networks and Community

The importance of a youth ministry network and community for your longevity can't be overstated. Ministry can be a lonely place and having others around you who get where you are and what you're dealing with can be extremely helpful. So we're doing a deep dive into networks with why they're important, do's and don't for them, and how to start one if there isn't one near you. We also let you in on a little secret...announcement if you will toward the end so make sure you stick around and...


TLH058: Maturing as a Youth Pastor

In this episode Dr. Richard Ross joins us to talk about maturing as a youth pastor. Our primary aim is to help you as a youth pastor stay in youth ministry for the longer haul. To do this means navigating maturing as a youth pastor. And when it comes to this topic, there's no one better to bring wisdom than Dr. Richard Ross. He's the real deal and you'll quickly tell that he has forgotten more about working with teens than most of us will ever learn. So sit back and enjoy the ride today...


TLH057: Great Resources for Youth Ministry

Great resources for youth ministry can be the difference between an effective youth ministry and a struggling one. With so many out there is can be difficult to navigate them and find ones that are really helpful. In this episode we're here to help with some of our top resources that we use in our ministries. We love finding new and helpful tools and resources to use so we'll be doing some of these with updated tools from time to time. For now we know you'll enjoy these and find them...


TLH056: Tips for Getting Organized in Youth Ministry

Getting and staying organized in Youth Ministry can literally be the key to staying put for the longer haul. Since it is so important we're giving you some practical and helpful tips on getting organized in youth ministry. For some of us (Chris) organization comes pretty easy. For others (Jody) it doesn't. But just because it doesn't come natural doesn't mean you get a pass on being organized. It's okay though, we're here to help. Links mentioned: Youth Ministry Lab Episode 39: Staying...