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TLH057: Great Resources for Youth Ministry

Great resources for youth ministry can be the difference between an effective youth ministry and a struggling one. With so many out there is can be difficult to navigate them and find ones that are really helpful. In this episode we're here to help with some of our top resources that we use in our ministries. We love finding new and helpful tools and resources to use so we'll be doing some of these with updated tools from time to time. For now we know you'll enjoy these and find them...


TLH056: Tips for Getting Organized in Youth Ministry

Getting and staying organized in Youth Ministry can literally be the key to staying put for the longer haul. Since it is so important we're giving you some practical and helpful tips on getting organized in youth ministry. For some of us (Chris) organization comes pretty easy. For others (Jody) it doesn't. But just because it doesn't come natural doesn't mean you get a pass on being organized. It's okay though, we're here to help. Links mentioned: Youth Ministry Lab Episode 39: Staying...


TLH055: Youth Camp 101: How to Promote, Prepare, and Participate

Youth camp is an essential part of any youth ministry. Getting camp right can make all the difference for your ministry. But it is the small things that can make or break you. Since camp is so important, we've brought in the big guns on this episode! Roger Davis from Generate Camps over at YM360 joins us today to talk ALL about youth camp. We both seriously came away with a ton of personal notes on this one. This episode is a bit longer, but it is PACKED with goodness. You're going to want...


TLH054: Top 10 Youth Ministry Games

Youth Ministry games are what makes youth ministry well...youth ministry. So in this episode we're giving you our list of top 10 youth ministry games. These games are our favorites for sure. We're giving you our best and doing our best (well trying at least) to give you the down low on how to play these go to youth ministry games. We're also giving you our tips and tricks for leading games successfully. Give these a try with your group and let us know how they go. Links mentioned:...


TLH053: Fundraising for Mission Trips

In this episode Bubba Crowder joins us to talk fundraising for mission trips. Let's face it. Fundraising and Youth Ministry often go hand in hand. Fundraising for mission trips is almost always a need. So what are some ways to effectively fundraise for mission trips? What are some things to consider when choosing fundraising for mission trips? Bubba Crowder knows this subject well and joins us to dispense his wisdom as we dive into this important topic. Links mentioned:


TLH052: Racial Diversity in Youth Ministry

In this episode Maina Mwaura joins us for an honest and direct conversation about racial diversity in youth ministry. Since racial diversity is an increasingly important issue both in youth ministry and in our culture, knowing how to navigate this issue is crucial. In this interview you'll hear both honest questions seeking understanding, and honest answers to help us all be better in the area of racial diversity in youth ministry and beyond. In addition, we just have to say that this...


TLH051: Youth Ministry with Middle School Students

Ah, middle school students... They're full of energy, goofy, often smell bad, and are tons of fun. I think most of us are just glad to have survived middle school and are glad we never have to go back and relive those "glory days." What do we do with Middle School students in our youth ministries though, and how can we make sure they are really getting our best? In this episode we talk all about what youth ministry to middle school students looks like. Most of all, Chris brings his years...


TLH050: BIG CHANGES, Longevity Truths, and a Live Magician (really)

Episode 50 brings BIG CHANGES to the Longer Haul, we also dive into some serious truths about longevity in Youth Ministry and there is even a Live Magician (like for reals...a live magician). In this episode you'll hear about some really exciting and big changes happening at the Longer Haul. What kind of big changes? Well you'll just have to give a listen... I'm so excited and know that these will only help strengthen, resource, and equip youth pastors and youth workers to be more...


TLH049: How to Deal with Criticism in Youth Ministry

How do you respond when facing criticism in youth ministry? Let's be honest, ministry can be very personal. We generally pour ourselves into our youth ministry in practically every way. So when there is some kind of criticism with how we are doing things, it can be really hurtful. How we deal and address any criticism in youth ministry can be the make or break moment in our longevity. Beyond this it can be a determining factor to our own personal health and stability. But how should we...


TLH048: How to Foster an Evangelistic Youth Ministry

What does it take to see students in your youth ministry actively and consistently sharing their faith? Getting students to live out and share their faith can be tough. I mean let's be real, getting them to see their schools as a mission field and notice the lost around them can be difficult. Getting them to actually share the gospel? Well, that's another thing altogether. In this episode Greg Stier from Dare2Share Ministries offers up a ton of wisdom. In this interview you'll learn the...


TLH045: Reaching Post-Christian Students in Youth Ministry

Let's be honest the culture has shifted drastically. We can no longer assume that the teens who come into our ministry have an understanding of even the basics of the Christian faith. This drastically changes how we minister to youth. So what are the keys to reaching these post-christian students in our youth ministries? In this episode Kolby Milton and I tackle this and more. In this interview you'll learn the things you need to do, evaluate and consider how to reach these students in...


TLH044: Surviving a Downturn in Youth Ministry Numbers

If you stay in youth ministry long enough you will face a season of a downturn in your youth ministry numbers. Knowing how to push through this and strengthen your ministry in light of it is essential. If though you manage this well you can actually come out stronger in the end having gone through this. Managing this well helps keep you from being discouraged, helps you communicate what success really is for your ministry, and helps you strengthen those within your ministry. It isn't a...


TLH034: Secrets to a Great Guest Speaker

Bringing in a guest speaker for you youth can be a great thing...or it can go terribly wrong. So what are the secrets to a great guest speaker? In this episode Chase Snyder and I tackle this and more. The secrets to a guest speaker aren't complicated, but they are really important. In this interview you'll learn the things you need to do, ask, and consider BEFORE you bring them in so you can avoid disaster and make sure you bring in a great guest speaker. Links mentioned:...


TLH042: Choosing to Stay in Youth Ministry When You Can Leave

What happens when you choose stay in Youth Ministry when you could leave? It won't take long serving in Youth Ministry before you will hit a point where you feel you could--or should--leave the position you're in. Choosing to stay in Youth Ministry, and choosing to stay in your position in Youth Ministry can be really difficult. I've written about why you should stay, and why most will leave, but today you'll hear first hand what happens when choosing to stay in Youth Ministry. It...


TLH041: Fighting Pornography Addiction

Fighting pornography addiction is a battle not to be taken lightly. If you're in ministry it definitely affects you. Whether in the lives of the teens you serve, their families, or maybe you're own personal struggle. It is in many cases the BIG secret that seems all too present in the lives of those we serve, and many times in those that are serving. That there is no question that it is an epidemic. The days of having to go look for pornography are long gone making fighting pornography...


TLH040: Ministering to Introverted Students

In ministry we are constantly finding ourselves ministering to many different types of people. This seems especially true in youth ministry. One group that is often lost in the mix are introverts. Ministering to introverts brings a unique set of challenges. Doing so effectively requires intentionality and thoughtfulness in every aspect of our ministries. Add to this that many youth pastors are closet introverts who feel the pressure to be an extrovert, and suddenly we find ourselves...


TLH038: Getting the Most Out of a Youth Ministry Conference

Ever feel overwhelmed at a Youth Ministry Conference? I know I do. There's always so much to do. There's so much to see and hear. Often times if I'm honest I come back more tired than when I left rather than being refreshed and encouraged. Many times I even return a bit discouraged after hearing all of the things I feel like I should be doing in my ministry and can't do. Today, Rick Lawrence from Group Publishing and Simply Youth Ministry, shares some helpful tips to getting the most out...

TLH037: Dealing with Expectations in Youth Ministry

What kind of expectations do you find yourself having to navigate? In this episode we talk all about dealing with expectations in youth ministry. We talk about what some of those expectations are, where they can come from, and what you can do when managing and dealing with expectations in youth ministry. We also chat about the importance of networking and what the real purpose should be. Links mentioned: Expectations Youth Pastors Have For Churches on Day One 20 Youth Pastor...

TLH036: Must Haves for Longevity in Youth Ministry

When it comes to longevity in youth ministry there are many things that are important to consider. If you fail to do so, you will never make it in youth ministry over the long haul. In today's episode you'll find out some crucial things you need to consider with it comes to your ministry. These will make or break you. Links mentioned: Benchmarks in your Youth Ministry (blog post) Seasons in your Youth Ministry (podcast episode) Minivan by...

TLH035: How to Set Goals in Youth Ministry

Knowing how to set goals in Youth Ministry is extremely important. Setting the right goals and setting them correctly is even more important. In today's episode you'll find how to set goals in your Youth Ministry. These will help you stay encouraged and moving forward. Links mentioned: Benchmarks in your Youth Ministry (blog post) Seasons in your Youth Ministry (podcast episode) @jodyLivingston The Longer Haul on Facebook Resources mentioned in this Podcast: - Grab a...

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