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21 Day Meditation Journey with Meditation Coach and Yogi David Sandercott

We are proud to have David Sandercott, Yogi and master meditation coach, join us in a second Live appearance. In this episode, David talks about his latest written manifestation: 21 Day Meditation Journey: Connect With Spirit Everyday In A New Way. We'll find out what inspired David, learn the basics of a Yoga practice, then wade out into deeper waters. He might even lead us into one of his powerful meditations. Join us for the conversation. Tuesday, 9:00 A.M., Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern....


Messages from the Angels with Ms. Carmela Cox

This week on The MIRACLE Zone Carmela Cox, founder of Angel Blessings, joins us to bring intuitive support and advice to individuals and organization leaders. Carmela's clients love her uplifting, clear, and overall awesome way of answering their questions on any matter, while providing insight into any situation or issue for which clarity or manifestation is being sought. She connects with Angels to encourage all of us to reach our highest potential in the most positive manner. Join us...


Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Your Dreams with James Poindexter III

Protestors flood the streets of major cities to show their anger at children being separated from their families at the Mexican border. Hear this young man’s story that starts at age 8 and continues through age 15. A story of abuse, separation from biological parents, and being moved from foster-care to shelters, numerous times, right here in the U.S. Hear how violence; rape and drugging of children, approximately 410,000, makes big-pharma even bigger. Though victimized, James' story is one...


Be Still and Listen - Experience the Presence of God in Your Life w/Amos Smith

Joining the MIRACLE Zone, for a second appearance, Amos Smith continues the Christian mysticism discussion in his new book Be Still And Listen: Experience the Presence of God in Your Life. He shares the contemplative dimensions of the Bible: teachings of Jesus, the wisdom of prophets and deep understandings of the Psalms to help us find meaning in our lives. He'll share what it means to "enter the desert, the importance of awareness, mystery and struggle; and the result when we come to know...


Moving Past the Pain - A Midyear Check for Master Year 2018

Pamela started the year declaring 2018 was a Master year. Today, she reviews exactly what that means and helps you take a mid-year progress check. Where are you? What do you perceive to be your obstacles? How do you get over the hump? Join her as she gently guides you through, with the help of the celestial realm, so you can cross the finished line strong end of year. Tuesday, 9:00 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern. Stream here live from your electronic device. Technically challenged? No...


Realizing the God Consciousness in the Declared State of Eden

ReAiring: During this episode, Pamela introduces listeners to what she calls The Declared State of Eden.® She will explain how it was revealed to her, what it means to practice, and the advantages of practicing this State of consciousness. If you are seeking a profound understanding of those things spiritual, this episode is for you. Listen in Tuesday, 9:00 AM, Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern as she guides you into the experience and Goodness of the ascended God consciousness. You may also listen...


Maneuvering Through Our Painful Past So We May Live A Fulfilling Life

Continuing the discussion of tangible healing in Master Year 2018, this week Pamela takes on the challenging life events not often discussed: rape/molestation, abandonment, post-abortion guilt, and other seemingly ‘cruel’ and ‘unjust’ victimization keeping us entrapped and disabled. A love, joy, and peace filled life is intended for each of us. She’ll ask the hard questions: Why did It happen? Is God Angry with me? Was it my fault? Tune in Tuesday. 9:00 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern. Stream...


Inviting You to Move Past the Plague of Guilt Right Here - Right Now

Are you plagued with the dis-ease of guilt? Would it be okay if I shared some insight on the matter? Continuing our conversation started last week, let me ask: Do you feel responsible for the actions of your kids, spouse, or another? Do you often think, "I should be doing (fill in the blank) when I am doing (fill in the blank)?” Do you feel guilty about where you are in life or what you are doing? How about if I shared how you could get some relief and move forward. Would that help? Join...


How to Let Go of the Emotion of Guilt to Embrace Peace in the Master Year 2018

In this episode, Pamela talks about guilt and the result of this low-energy emotion. Can guilt keep you stuck in the past? Can it cause pain and disease? Can you be suffering from guilt and not know it? There is hope! Join us as we continue healing and manifesting in the amazing Master Year 2018. Tuesday, 9:00 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern. Stream here live from your electronic device. Or, listen later via iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, or Spreaker. Electronically challenged? No problem! Dial...


I'm A Racist: You Might Be One Too with Special Guest Luis Savery

This week Pamela and her guest step a little deeper into the MIRACLE Zone taking on a new approach to an old subject. She is joined by Luis Savery continuing the controversial conversation on fire for weeks on the Twitter social-media platform. Together they share and analyze a piece written by Mr. Savery, “I’m A Racist: You Might Be One Too.” Mr. Savery is born and raised in Washington Heights, NYC. First, and foremost in his life, is his Christian faith. He is Founder of the movement...


How the Accumulated Pressures of Feelings Causes Thoughts that Keep You Stuck!

Feeling Stuck? This week, Pamela and Dr. Sandra Thebaud share how it's the accumulated pressures of feelings that causes thoughts and; thereby, affects your actions. They'll show how just one feeling is capable of creating hundreds if not thousands of thoughts keeping you stuck for a long, long time. They'll also share how you can move past the painful feelings thereby erasing the very memory of the event that has kept you captive most of your life. Join them as they give specific examples...


Practicing the Inalienable Right to Think with Special Guest Glenda Jackson

BREAKING NEWS! Not all Black Americans feel, or think the same. Not all have the same perspectives. Nothing can be any more ridiculous than to believe we do. The sensationalized narrative provided by main-stream media, for profit, is not truth for all. Minister Glenda Gardner-Jackson, joining Pamela on Tuesday, is a proud mother; grandma; and Republican supporter of President Donald J. Trump. She uses her gifts of songwriting, singing, and speaking to inspire others to see beyond their...


Mastering Meditation with Meditation Expert and Coach, David Sandercott

THIS PDOCAST PREVIOUSLY AIRED - January 30, 2018.This week, Pamela is joined by Meditation Expert and Coach, David Sandercott as he shares the secrets to mastering meditation. Sandercott is the Head of Meditation Coaching at the Self Awareness Institute in Northern Cal. He is author of 21 Day Meditation Journey Connect With Spirit Every day In A New Way being published in early 2018 by Wellness Ink. David goes to Crossfit 6 days a week and loves his plant-based diet. Join them Tuesday,...


Eliminating the Mental Health Stigma in Master Year 2018 with Mike Veny

Author and Keynote Speaker, Mike Veny, joins us on the MIRACLE Zone to have an open and necessary discussion on mental illness and the ignominy attached to it. Mike is one of America's leading mental health speakers and a high-energy, drum-circle facilitator. He's the author of the book Transforming Stigma: How to Become a Mental Wellness Superhero. He delivers educational, engaging, and entertaining presentations to meetings and conferences throughout the world. As a 2017 PM360 ELITE...


Healing Eating Disorders in Master Year 2018 with Jenn Hand

Continuing in the theme of healing, in Master year 2018, Jenn Hand joins us to share how we might effectively lose and control our weight. She takes the conversation of weight loss to a deeper level explaining how she believes eating disorders are part of our spiritual journey. Jenn is a food & body image coach, creator of the Normal Eaters Club and founder of She helps women transform their relationship with food, fall in love with their bodies, and well, become one of...


The Reflection We Cannot Bare to See

Pamela, this week, takes a different look at the God of the Universe. She shares that the God of the Universe is the same God reflected in every person; yet, because of our duality and dualistic world, we are uncomfortable with recognizing this. She shares how some believe it is heresy. However it might be the very practice we need to transcend our limited thinking and transform our fallen world. 9:00 AM Pacific, 12 Noon Eastern. Join her live here. Or, download the app and listen via...


Helping Save the Wild Horses of Colorado with Theresa Thissen

Today special guest, wild-horse advocate Theresa Thissen, talks about an issue close to her heart and important to Colorado and other states where wild horses are endangered. She'll discuss the history of these wild horses, what their habitat conditions are like in Colorado and the lies around their conditions, welfare ranchers and their influence on the wide open lands of Colorado, as well as recent legislation affecting these amazing creatures. Listeners are invited to call in. Join them...


Does Our Canonical Understanding of God keep Us from Him?

In today’s show, Pamela takes on a subject very close to her heart. If God is love why is there so much fear and damnation attributed to Him in Scripture? Pamela shares a bit of her story being raised in a strict religious setting and what that doctrinal path brought her to. She’ll then share what ensued after her dad, an ordained reverend, spoke his last words to her from his dying bed. Join her as her religious journey takes you from one of fear, shame, guilt, and anger to a spiritual...


Finding Emotional Healing with Special Guest Steven Horne

Pamela interviews special guest Steven Horne as he shares how we can physically heal ourselves by healing emotionally first. He'll share his story and his three spiritual principles used in his spiritual healing process. For over 30 years, Horne has been teaching people how to identify and remove the root causes of their health problems, rather than just treating symptoms. A Registered Herbalist and past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG), Steven’s passion for herbal medicine...


Elevating our Consciousness to Succeed In Life

This week, Pamela discusses how important it is to elevate our consciousness to succeed in life. She says there are two basic behaviors that are vital to triggering the elevation of consciousness. The two leads to synchronicity which results in success! Tuesday, 9:00 AM Pacific. 12 Noon Eastern. Join here Live. Or listen later via, Stitcher, TuneIn or iTunes on Apple devices. Technically challenged? Dial 1-424-675-8318 from your phone. If outside the U.S.,...