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Jason Interviews Author Frank Joseph

Jason Interviews Renowned Author Frank Joseph about his new book, Military Encounters with Extraterrestrials, The Real War of the Worlds. Joseph was the editor in chief of Ancient American magazine from 1993 until 2007, and he is the author of several books, including Before Atlantis and Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America. Joseph presents a comprehensive military history of armed confrontations between humans and extraterrestrials in the 20th and 21st centuries. He explains how,...


Jason Interviews Special Guest Alana Karma Regarding Her Road to Recovery

We all have situations that occur in life that alters our path and teaches us a great deal about ourselves and our ability to overcome adversity. Events such a near-fatal car accident can challenge our sense of who we are, our purpose, and our overall place in the world. I am pleased to interview Special Guest Alana Karma about her Road to Recovery Following a Near-Fatal Car Accident. On October 11, 2017, Alana was driving in Tampa when she experienced a car accident that has transformed her...


Jason Interviews Guest Will Johnson-Author of Cannabis in Spiritual Practice

Jason Interviews Will Johnson Author of Cannabis in Spiritual Practice: The Ecstasy of Shiva, the Calm of Buddha. This book provides an exploration of the use of cannabis as a sacrament in spiritual practice, and Johnson gives instructions for using marijuana for the spiritual practices of spontaneous movement, ecstatic dance, sitting meditation, and gazing meditation, allowing you to open the body’s energies more fully and get closer to the Divine or your higher self. The book includes a...


Christopher Vasey discusses his book "Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals"

Jason interviews Christopher Vasey, ND on his book, Natural Antibiotics and Antivirals: 18 Infection-Fighting Herbs and Essential Oils. Vasey discusses how nature offers us many natural antibiotics form the plant kingdom that work powerfully against germs while also being gentle on the body. Knowledge of these safe and natural antibiotics and antivirals is more crucial now than ever as modern antibiotics become less effective due to the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant germs. Natural...


Jason Interviews Author Bridgette Shea about Chinese Medicine & Ayurveda

Jason Interviews Author Bridgette Shea, Author of the Handbook of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. Her book provides a comprehensive reference tool for maximizing healing of the mind, body, and spirit through a holistic synergy of Chinese medicine and Ayurveda Shea details the foundational principles of each tradition and the many concepts they share, such as qi and prana, meridians and nadis, and energy centers and chakras. She provides tools for self-assessment including a primer on tongue...


Jason Interviews Special Guest Sindy Warren

Jason Interviews Special Guest Sindy Warren on her new book, Radi8: Using The Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine. Sindy Warren is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong student of the practice. She is passionate about sharing the wisdom and beauty of the practice of yoga with others. In her new book, Radi8: Using the Practice of Yoga to Cultivate Your Inner Shine, she makes a persuasive case for the continued relevance of the philosophical underpinnings of yoga...


Jason Interviews Special Guest Professor Brian Wilson, Ph.D.

Brian C. Wilson, author of the new book, John E. Fetzer and the Quest for the New Age, is a professor of American religious history in the Department of Comparative Religion at Western Michigan University (WMU). It was during his years in the Peace Corps that he developed a fascination with religion, initially fueled by what he experienced of the ancient religion of the Maya, and of Roman Catholicism. Returning to the U.S., Wilson completed a Ph.D. in Religious Studies at the University of...


Jason Interviews The Mindful Guys, Alec and Oliver about Their New Podcast

What I enjoy the most about my show is having the opportunity to interview people who I believe strive to make a difference in their local community and who attempt to make the world a better place through their individual actions. When I came across Alec and Oliver's podcast, The Mindful Guys! “The Podcast that Gives Back," I was very impressed at their interest in creating their own unique brand of podcast around the central theme of discussing topics concerning "Mindfulness" geared...


Jason Interviews Mia Regarding the Disappearance of her Dog, Charlie

Jason Interviews Mia Regarding the Disappearance of her Dog, a Gordon Setter named Charlie. I first became acquainted with Mia at my best friend's Heather's wedding which took place last October when we were seated at the same table. Mia works in the medical profession, lives in Pennsylvania, and frequents the Adirondacks located in Upstate New York. We have kept in touch after the wedding. The week of March 11, 2018 through March 17, 2018 started tragically when Mia lost Charlie while...


Jason Interviews Special Guest Denise Alexander-Pyle

Jason interviews Special Featured Guest Denise Alexander-Pyle. Denise Alexander-Pyle, after more than 40 years as a successful lawyer in Birmingham, MI, a suburb of Detroit, faced family demands that brought her back to Marion, IN. It was there, after limiting her legal practice to a minimum, that she elected to focus on her book that had long been incubating. During the two years when Denise taught Sunday school in the 1990s to 15-year-olds at a reformed Jewish temple her passion for...


Jason will interview Special Guest Karen Noé, Psychic Medium, Healer & Author

Jason will interview Special Guest Karen Noé, Psychic Medium, Healer & Author of We Consciousness: 33 Profound Truths for Inner and Outer Peace. As a Hay House Author, Noé brings forth Vital Guidance From Wayne Dyer and The WE Consciousness Guides. As The Dyer Family Medium, Noé has brought Incontrovertible Messages From Wayne Dyer to Each of his Family Members, and He Continues To Offer Wisdom to Mankind. Karen was a deep admirer of Dr. Wayne Dyer, a man whose teachings transformed her...


Special Guest Nicholas Pearson-Renowned Author & Instructor for Crystal Healing

I’m pleased to host Special Featured Guest Nicholas Pearson on our show this Thursday @ 8:00 p.m. Pearson has been immersed in all aspects of the mineral kingdom for more than 20 years. He developed a profound love for rocks and minerals in early childhood, and his passion grew to include the spiritual beliefs about stones from cultures around the world. Pearson began teaching crystal workshops in high school, later studying mineral science at Stetson University’s Gillespie Museum. A...


Jason interviews Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., Renowned Author and Gem & Stone Expert

Jason is pleased to interview Special Guest, Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D., Author of the book, Edgar Cayce's Sacred Stones. For over a decade Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D. has worked with thousands of individuals and groups around the world helping them achieve greater peace and happiness in their lives as an Energy Healer. Her past life regression process has been endorsed by Dr. Brian Weiss who called her work, “An important contribution to the field of regression therapy.” Shelley became widely known as...


Jason Interviews Diana Joy about "Natural Spirituality"& Coming Out Psychic

Special Episode: TSP Radio Show Coming Out Psychic Series: Our show will feature individuals who have privately helped many in their lives as a part of their spiritual path. These unsung heroes and lightworkers choose to work behind the scenes and use their intuitive gifts and abilities without any recognition. They elect to give their time and energy to counsel, nurture, and reassure those in need. I am pleased to highlight my first guest relating to this topic, Diana Joy. I first became...


Jason Interviews Aeson Knight: Host of The Psychic Coffee Shop Show & Podcast

Jason interviews Aeson Knight, Host of The Psychic Coffee Shop, Your Spiritual Cup of Joe. Knight co-hosts the Show with Raine S Love, where they meet every Tuesday night to discuss current events form the psychic point of view. Aeson is a Master Psychic for more than 22 years, he is a certified Clairvoyant who hosts international clients from around the world. Each week, Knight and his co-host encourage their audience to relax with a cup of coffee and tune into a comfortable environment...


Jason Interviews Special Guest Harvey Kraft, Author of The Buddha From Babylon

Jason Interviews Special Guest Harvey Kraft, Author of The Buddha From Babylon: The Lost History and Cosmic Vision of Siddhartha Gautama-Winner of Major Awards including: Double Winner of the 11th Annual USA Best Book Awards (Dec. 2014) for both History-General (nonfiction) & Religion-Eastern Religions; Silver Medal Winner for Religion (Eastern/Western) from Independent Publisher's 2015 IPPY Award (May 2015); Honorable Mentions from LA Book Festival Awards (March 2015) for two categories:...


Jason interviews Joanne Muir-Bodywork, Shamanic Healing, & Sound Therapy

Jason interviews Joanne Muir-Bodywork, Shamanic Healing, Sound Therapy & Life Events. Joanne Muir’s life work in healing/bodywork / energy medicine encompasses 20+ years of experience inFascial release, Craniosacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Somato-emotional release, Verbal Process, and Sound Therapy. She has also trained in many facets of Shamanic healing and energetic transformation. Joanne holds a license in massage therapy and has a degree in Human Development...


Jason Interviews Nancy Byrne-Featured Author, Psychic & Motivational Speaker

Jason Zuk will interview Nancy Byrne, the Author of the book, Choices a cutting edge work that empowers others to transcend the limits of common thought. Byrne coaches her readers to listen to the inner guidance from their souls, rather than the mindless chatter of everyone around them. Byrne was a Featured Author at the Louise Hay, “I Can Do It Conference” in Denver, CO., in April of 2015 and “Choices” was the Number One Best Seller of New Releases. As the Host of her own Radio Show –...


Special Guest Cathryn McIntyre Will Discuss Her Book "The Thoreau Whisperer."

Jason Zuk will interview Cathryn McIntyre about her new book, "The Thoreau Whisperer, Channeling the Spirit of Henry David Thoreau." McIntyre is a Psychic, Clairvoyant, Astrologer, Ghost Investigator, UFO Experiencer, & Author. She has written two books including “Honor in Concord,” and “The Thoreau Whisperer." McIntyre has special ties to Transcendentalist Writers: Margaret Fuller & Henry David Thoreau. Dial (347) 989-1206 to call into our show. Listen to our show live this Thursday at 8:00...


Special Guest Judi Lynch-Internationally Known Psychic Medium, Author, & Teacher

Jason Zuk will interview Judi Lynch-Internationally Known Psychic Medium, Healing Energy Channeler, Spiritual Counselor, Teacher & Author. Judi has worked with countless clients by providing personalized in-depth spirit guide readings and high vibration healing energy sessions. As a featured guest on radio, Lynch has presented various workshops on psychic development and channeling healing energy, and she has led online group events to heighten abilities through the study of the spiritual...