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Episode 35: Desiree Cervantes on the power of shapeshifting + permission + the magic of profanity

Desiree Cervantes is a shaman, intuitive healer, and witch - today - but she may shapeshift her title tomorrow as she grows and evolves. Join Desiree and I as we dig into conversations around intuition, how we use our gifts, and how fucking difficult it is to figure out what to name ourselves. Desiree offers a fresh perspective on creating labels through her concept of shapeshifting magic. We talk about how permission sets us free, how it's necessary to try on titles just like we try on...


Episode 34: Honoring your unique wiring + evolutionary astrology with Dena Decastro

What if there was a reason behind how you were made and innately wired? What if everything that you are served a spiritual purpose? Today, evolutionary astrologer Dena Decastro and I explore those questions as we look at life through the lens of evolutionary astrology. Evolutionary astrology takes the view point that everything in your chart is divinely inspired and created to help you grow and achieve as a spirit. Knowing our birth chart can help us understand not only who we are, but why...


Episode 33: Beating Burnout + finding Fortitude and Flow with Audrey Holst

Today, Audrey Holst and I talk all things burnout - what it is, what it feels like, and why it happens. We talk about the cultural energies behind why we get in these situations in the first place (because nothing happens in a vacuum) and the simple techniques to get you living life differently. And then, we go deeper. Cuz that's what we do here. Books mentioned in this episode: Healing Through the Dark Emotions by Miriam Greenspan It Didn't Start with You by Mark Wolynn Find Audrey at:...


Episode 32: Don't be a spiritual asshole about depression + personal healing + light language

I'm carrying on from last week's "hot mess" episode to discuss some recent fuckery I was told about depression, so listen as I get up on my soap box and tell you to stop listening to spiritual assholes who want to bypass the reality of mental illness. Whew. I also dive into my most recent healing experiences and dish about details - visitations from other realms, speaking light language (and at the same time thinking what the F is coming out of my mouth), and learning that I'm (read: we're)...


Episode 31: I'm a hot mess sometimes + listening your inner voice when shit hits the fan

Sometimes, I'm a hot mess. This summer was rough. I had a panic attack, left my husband, suffered through severe anxiety, then into a dark depression (or what my therapist so kindly calls "nervous system collapse). I was not okay. And sometimes it's okay to not be okay. Even when you're a healer. Even when you're a business owner. So I'm getting real today to share with you my story of my ouchie bits. I talk about finding your inner voice, then losing it and what happened when I got...


Episode 30: When no one shows up for you + Learn your love style with Shanda Catrice

When her intuition told her to get to the emergency room, Shanda Catrice listened. Two days and two surgeries later, doctors didn't know how she was still alive. Looking around the hospital room, Shanda didn't know either - but she did know she was alone. Shanda tells her story of being at her lowest and having no one show up for her. Digging inward, Shanda is lead to learn about attachment theory, how her attachment style lead her to this place and, through ceremony with plant medicine,...


Episode 29: You need more time in transitions + making it through the most difficult season

Today I'm taking over my own podcast - and breaking from the theme of season two - to talk about something super important: how we, as highly sensitive people, need more time in transitions. Our brains and nervous systems work differently than your average Joe, and these differences tend to show up with force in life transitions (the big and the small). Follow along as I walk you through the brain science of a highly sensitive person in transition so you can understand why you often feel so...


Episode 28: Sexism and sensitivity, high sensitivity in men and doing the work with Casey Muldoon

Casey is a highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic, feminist, psychic male. We dig into the implications of these identities, including how our culture limits men's ability to embrace their highly sensitive characteristics. Casey walks us through his awakening to his lunar or feminine side, which has been a decade-long discovery. Casey talks about how he loves the dichotomy of doing construction work and healing work, and how he uses his intuition to help him in both worlds. Casey and I dig...


Episode 27: Honoring the wisdom of your body, fascia, and rethinking Kegels with Sarah Geis

Your body is wise. It has intricate systems for processing information, including holding that information inside its cells. Sarah and I talk about the fascia - our body's connective tissue - and how it holds us together, both physically and emotionally. Sarah is a physical therapist and John F. Barnes myofascial release practitioner who believes that we can find freedom and resiliency in our lives by listening deeply and responding to the wisdom of the body. In this conversation, we talk...


Episode 26: Clairaudience, Claircognizance and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Slade Roberson

Slade Roberson is a professional intuitive, author, and host of the podcast Shift Your Spirits, where he does a great job speaking about spirituality with fewer hearts and flowers than most New Age blather. We sat down to talk about how he works as a clairaudient and claircognizant intuitive and mentor. Slade and I talk about how difficult it can be to narrow down your craft - and how critical it is to do so. "Do one thing really well," Slade says. "Like, if you could only make a grilled...


Episode 25: Changing the world from your bed when life gives you limits with Grace Quantock

Grace Quantock lives the life of a wellness coaching trailblazer - sometimes from the confines of her bed. Which she hasn't let hold her back from living well. In this episode - full transcription forthcoming - Grace and I talk about how to adjust our expectations in order to experience more freedom, how to get clear on what's important and then do that, and how to live a life with more connection. We also dive into keeping your dignity when others want to take it and how to plan for great...


S2: Episode 24: Feel into your limitless spirit with Dan Marchini

Welcome to Season 2! This episode, I take a moment to orient you to how this season will roll out plus what to expect from Healers. Dan grew up on a farm in California. In college, he figured out how to get his family out of farming by creating a large and successful produce company. Along the way, he developed some physical pain for which he finally sought the help of a cranial-sacral practitioner. His spiritual journey started there, and five years later, Dan is still managing his produce...


Episode 23: Season finale! What I've learned, a montage of our favorite quotes, what comes next

This week is our season finale! I'm sharing the stats from this season - what you seemed to love and what didn't land well - and invite you to add your input to season two. Do that by going to and filling out the quick public poll. I created a montage of some of the quotes from interviewees that really struck a chord with me. I hope you enjoy it! I'll be taking a break until July 2nd in order to do some physical healing, get a mental break, and cleanly...


Episode 22: Defining terms like hsp, empath, intuitive, medium + introducing The Community Fund

This week, I start with a personal update on the steps I"m taking to manage stress and adjust my lifestyle in order to manage stress in a body that has had too much. I move on to clear up some commonly confused terms like hsp and empath, then finish by talking about my newest experiment - The Community Fund. The Community Fund is one way I'm trying to create greater access to the services I provide. Find The Community Fund at Support this podcast:...


Episode 21: Calling all spiritual non-conformists with Kat Kim

Kat Kim - a radical life coach for spiritual non-conformists - and I waste no time diving right into how we're each responding to the constricting model of consumer capitalism and consumer spirituality. Kat walks us through what she has identified as the four pillars of consumer spirituality - the brand of new age "spirituality" that teaches us to be better consumers, rather than better humans. We talk about the struggle to forge a new path forward and dish on the moves we're both making....


Episode 20: Community freedom vs personal freedom and intuition is not supernatural

Today I take the scenic road to discuss the connections between the role I see of sensitive, empathic people in the evolution of human consciousness + how personal spiritual work must include a SO THAT aspect that relates to the community + how personal freedom is tied to collective freedom and why + how the intuition and psychic skills are not supernatural and we should really stop pretending they are + how to build the world we want to live in. I recorded this one outside so you also get...


Episode 19: Live intuitive reading on purpose, career, marriage and sexuality

In the second live reading on air, I help guide "Luci" through the subtle world of her aura to find her truth around the intersection of her purpose and her career, her "cold feet" feelings around marriage, relationship negotiations and sexuality. This is a juicy reading full of insight. Stay around until the end for a group oracle! Full show notes at Support this podcast at


Episode 18: Sharyn Holms on raising gutsy girls, finding your voice and dismantling patriarchy

In this juicy episode, Sharyn Holmes - gutsy leader, artist, speaker, sacred activist, earthshaker and writer - go deep into the roots of her Gutsy Girl work, her frustration and trauma around white women spiritual leaders, sovereignty and finding the courage (or the rage) to speak up. Sharyn's got an important PSA for white women leaders, so I invite you to take this potent opportunity to listen (cuz we can do better). Finally, what do brave, gutsy women do in their free time? Find out....


Episode 17: My "Come to heart" moment

In what has become Part II of Episode 15, this week I finish the story of my journey from scientist to psychic with my "Come to heart" moment (not to be confused with a "come to Jesus" moment). I talk about how I grew up as a spiritual seeker in a family of agnostics, surrounded by a community of Mormons, and eventually found my way to my own sense of spiritual connection. Full show notes at Support this podcast at...


Episode 16: All about SIBO with Dr. Sabrina Kimball, ND

Dr. Sabrina Kimball has become an expert at treating SIBO - small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. Highly sensitive people often find themselves suffering from tummy troubles, and many are diagnosed (or misdiagnosed). Because SIBO is a relatively new finding, it can be difficult to find someone who understands the condition, has experience treating it, and is willing to stay up to date on the most current research. Join in as Dr. Kimball and I talk all things SIBO - what it is, how it...