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Episode 30: When no one shows up for you + Learn your love style with Shanda Catrice

When her intuition told her to get to the emergency room, Shanda Catrice listened. Two days and two surgeries later, doctors didn't know how she was still alive. Looking around the hospital room, Shanda didn't know either - but she did know she was alone. Shanda tells her story of being at her lowest and having no one show up for her. Digging inward, Shanda is lead to learn about attachment theory, how her attachment style lead her to this place and, through ceremony with plant medicine,...


Episode 29: You need more time in transitions + making it through the most difficult season

Today I'm taking over my own podcast - and breaking from the theme of season two - to talk about something super important: how we, as highly sensitive people, need more time in transitions. Our brains and nervous systems work differently than your average Joe, and these differences tend to show up with force in life transitions (the big and the small). Follow along as I walk you through the brain science of a highly sensitive person in transition so you can understand why you often feel...


Episode 28: Sexism and sensitivity, high sensitivity in men and doing the work with Casey Muldoon

Casey is a highly sensitive, intuitive, empathic, feminist, psychic male. We dig into the implications of these identities, including how our culture limits men's ability to embrace their highly sensitive characteristics. Casey walks us through his awakening to his lunar or feminine side, which has been a decade-long discovery. Casey talks about how he loves the dichotomy of doing construction work and healing work, and how he uses his intuition to help him in both worlds. Casey and I dig...