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Camino Del Alma Minute

Did you know that 1 in every 113 people on the planet is now a refugee. That means that 44,000 people are displaced every day, or one person every three seconds. UNICEF reported in 2016 that nearly 50 million children were uprooted that year. The stress that accompanies being displaced or relocated is social isolation. Loneliness and reintegration causes PTSD. At the family level, the loss of parents, siblings and relatives have the most devastating effect on children and teenagers. *Listen...


Camino Del Alma Minute

Young people need to learn that a person’s inner life forms the foundation for their external journey NOT the reverse. It dictates the choices they make and determines their direction. Essentially, the relationship they’re having with themselves influences their connection with others. Despite this important truth, the culture is still not helping them to understand that these unique navigational abilities though available, have to be discovered. Unfortunately, young people are gaining...


Camino Del Alma Minute

Kirsten Powers, USA Today: Depressed and suicidal - something is wrong with our culture. What if the truth is that our culture is ill-prepared for the dis-ease of what it means to be human. The people that are taking their lives, just like the shooters in our schools, are the extreme of an undercurrent that has gotten worse in the past three decades. In short, human beings develop a psychospiritual void if their inner lives are ignored.


Camino Del Alma Minute

What is the definition of evil? Typically, it is considered profoundly immoral behavior with other synonyms like wicked, bad, wrong, and sinful. The opposite or antonym for evil is, of course, good or virtuous. So, there it is… evil is a moral judgment that labels behavior as wicked or sinful. But, what about ethics. It turns out that ethics refer broadly to moral principles and represent a larger context. I would argue that it is the context for moral behavior that has become blurry and...


Camino Del Alma Minute

Most of us were taught in school that metaphors were poetic or rhetorical tools. Our innerlivesmatter because metaphor is how the soul observes and teaches us context. It does this by helping us to see the larger picture, something the ego is usually incapable of doing until it awakens—if ever. Everyone knows that a picture is worth 1000 words, metaphor is why.


Camino Del Alma Minute

Individuals suffering with addiction are more than their demons or wounds. In other words, they are more than their egos. A psychospiritual context espouses this absolute: addicts (just like you and I) are spiritual beings forced to resolve a psychological existence. Perfect in their imperfections, they have yet to learn that their dis-ease is self-correcting in nature, which is true for every human being. This does not have to be stigmatized, but rather embraced with compassion. In other...


Camino Del Alma Minute

I think it’s safe to say that to be connected to one’s inner life doesn’t begin to capture the depth of a lifetime commitment to spiritual growth. But...there is a single focus one can use as a beginning. By that I mean, living an ethical or compassionate existence versus one that is ego-driven. This would be no small deal. You can wait for a wake-up moment like trauma or you can take the accumulative adversity that has been your life and--awaken to it. Either way, spiritual evolution is...


Camino Del Alma Minute

We’re being reminded here lately that when the rule of law decays in the culture, it’s usually because there are insufficient corrective measures to keep it in place. The implication is that we (especially the young) need to be aware of this decay when its occurring. It is the language of this discussion that made me want to add it to my Camino minutes. We’re talking about things like fairness, integrity, and truth with the particular emphasis on truth. In other words, we’re being reminded...


Camino Del Alma Minute

Distraction is anything that puts us in our heads. The problem of course is that most of us are already there. Experts say in fact, 60,000 thoughts a day. Individuals on a different speed than the world around them can be challenging. Imagine ‘shame’ for speeding on the highway (as silly as that sounds) and you understand the anxiety, rapid speech, and hyperactive thinking of a distractible person. Always speeding. Always being told to slow down. Always breaking the speed limit. Always...


Camino Del Alma Minute

I couldn’t help but wonder what the western world was doing the other day with the Pope’s reprieve from hell. If you missed it, the timing was interesting – it was just before Easter. The relief from hell only lasted a few hours. If you didn’t see it the headline read ‘Pope says Hell doesn’t exist.’ I had to laugh and thought could you imagine…right. But, the folks around him were quick to say that the conversation may have happened but what the Pope meant was that ‘the WAY’ we talk about...


Camino Del Alma Minute

If there is one repetitive theme that psychology sees in the human experience it is the conditioning that there is a right and wrong way to be. If you’ve been alive for very long, you’ve probably learned that rules nor morals actually change behavior.


Camino Del Alma Minute

If anyone is connected to Oprah, I strongly encourage you to have her people seek me out. Her recent quote on GMA captures the core of Intentional Guided Evolution a psychospiritual model of the human condition born out of my work with severe trauma. Though her words are beautifully valid, the culture lacks a context for the internal GPS she speaks of.


Camino Del Alma Minute

Emma Gonzales created the most poignant moment of the March on the 24th—with silence. 6 minutes and 20 seconds of not speaking created the reflection and introspection that happens when we are directed inward. Though the silence was striking, even solemn, it was a reminder that some things are beyond words.


Biggest Trick the EGO Plays

The soul’s wisdom can be ‘dimmed’ by our external lives so much so that we are guided by the ego’s negative self-assessment. The problem becomes that the ego (unless present) cannot experience ‘feelings’ in real-time. Nor, can it SEE that it’s not the observer. Thus, the biggest trick it plays is getting us to believe IT is, in fact, our witness. It accomplishes this by teaching us that a thought/feeling combined is more powerful than a feeling alone. Finding fault or shame in the...


No Rest for a Broken Spirit

We learn very early (and come to believe) that the ego is in charge of our lives. However, the ache in our heart is the hint that this is false. Human angst is our longing to correct a broken spirit or the incongruence between life events and our feelings. When we believe the ego’s distortion of lack or loss, we shift from spiritual suffering to psychological victim. This is why there is no rest for a broken spirit. Separation from the soul’s intent is much different than the division of...


Way Of Ego - Way Of Soul

The differences between the WAY of ego and soul could not be more different. The ego stores beliefs and judgments of the culture and pairs them with our feelings to make emotions. For many, it leaves them swimming in pain. The soul’s objective and neutral vantage point allows us to react or feel our way until we discern the truth of the moment. While the ego devalues our feelings with judgment, the soul offers a context to install the heart as guide. Tune in as we discuss the balancing act...


Vast As An Ocean - In a Fishbowl

The sequence is clear. We begin spiritual and have to adapt to a psychological existence. Separated from the creator, and in a very short amount of time, we develop an ego to survive. As time passes, this ego becomes divided against the self or culture. The stage is set - life becomes a struggle between competing forces: inside and out. If we become depressed about this predicament, we will go through the motions of a life. Apathetic, afraid of being afraid, some of us introvert and suffer...


Grief, Illusion, or Truth? Either Way, We're Awake

There is a low-level feeling (versus emotion) that has permeated the culture. Many of us would call it grief - a wish to reverse our sensation of loss. The question: What is it exactly that we think we’ve lost? It seems from a spiritual perspective, an illusion has fallen. The possibility that we have a shadow side, whether it's personal or collective, for many is uncomfortable and others unacceptable. The point is not that we may be divided or uglier than we imagined, rather that we are...


Are We More Than EGO

We’ve recently learned how anger can haunt us with a whisper. Little and vulnerable we can exhibit our anger by lashing out at the self or others. This is our first preview of the human spirit’s relationship to ego. We either retrieve the soul’s connetion (lost self) or the haunting will persist. You’ve heard the BIG question ‘Why do human beings suffer?’ These teachings give us the answer. Entering this existence as feeling beings we become imprisoned by the judgments of ego. Resolving...


Your Inner Whisper

The Soul’s Intent encourages that we should never ignore our inner voice. Also, that the emotions that accompany these voices are not negative. It is their pairing that teaches and causes growth. We must re-enact the injustice of losing ourselves to hurt feelings if we are to ever recover our connection to our spiritual (soul) beginning. Feelings (before wounding) are manageable. When those feelings get hurt, we are still too young to know what is happening. In truth, spiritual or...