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333FF: Getting Grounded Again

Have you ever been through an existential crisis? There are so many questions that might run through your mind. Why can’t I just let this go? Why can’t I just be? This episode will teach you how to appreciate spiritual growth as well as physical growth. In this episode you will learn: How do you keep yourself grounded?Can there be a balance between honoring our spiritual connection and honoring our physical body? 6 Key Takeaways: Some people use spiritual growth to not feel good.It...


328FF: Messy, Messy Spiritual Awakenings

What has your spiritual awakening been like for you? Spiritual awakening is different for everyone and there are levels of intensity. There is a darker side to it, too. And sometimes, it can be messy. Join me as I talk about what this journey and process of spiritual awakening could be like and help you get to an understanding of what it means to you. In this episode you will learn: What is spiritual awakening?Why do some of us get into a slump as we go through the process of spiritual...


324ACIM: Depression, Spiritual Awakening and Dark Nights of the Soul - Part 3

Have you had a spiritual awakening and had thoughts and feelings that were less than positive? This is the last of a three-part series on a somewhat heavy, but worthwhile topic. Last Wednesday, we left off with depression. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the topic. This episode is powerful and will let you know that you’re not alone. 7 Key Takeaways When you get into the state where you tap into your presence, and that presence is something that you identify as something that is...


319ACIM: Depression, Spiritual Awakening, Dark Nights of the Soul - Part 2

Last week, I talked about how the metaphysics of A Course in Miracles surprised me and what it says about reality, the ego, and separation from God. Today, I’m going to talk about the dark nights of the soul and depression, two things that usually don’t cross your mind when you think about spiritual awakening. I invite you to join me in this thought-provoking three-part series. 7 Key Takeaways God is love and we are love. This is a simple concept that we can return to when we find...


317MM: A Must-Listen: Where Does Your Energy Go?

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316OE: The Accumulation Effect - A Powerful Part of Successful Business Building

What is the accumulation effect and how can it ultimately lead to success? Today, I want to share with you that there is a beautiful thing that happens when you focus on one thing and consistently put energy into it. Listen, enjoy, and be inspired! 6 Key Takeaways According to Tony Robbins, most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year, but underestimate what they can achieve in a decade.What happens to a lot of us is we let our energy get dispersed by focusing on too many...


251UP: Unattached Parenting (Rebroadcast)

Join Bridgett today in this parenting episode where she discussed ways to be consciously making choices in how we show up in ways for our children, that allow them to feel 100% accepted for who they are - not for their interests, their achievements, their outcomes. Unattached parenting is a style of parenting that Bridgett describes as letting go of the need for your child to do a certain thing or be a certain way. How do you show up as a parent, and could this philosophy serve you? 7 Key...


314ACIM: Spiritual Awakening, Dark Nights of the Soul & Depression - Part 1

Have you ever questioned why we are here and wondered about the nature of our reality? Today, I begin the first part of the lengthy topic of spiritual awakening by discussing what it is, what A Course in Miracles says about the ego and separation from God, and why some people seem to lose their minds when they are awakened. Join me as I explore the nature of reality and the truth of who we are. 6 Key Takeaways When you awaken to the truth of who you are, you realize there’s a dichotomy...


313FF: When Things Feel Tough, Keep Going...Just Keep Putting One Foot in Front of the Other

Is there anything going on in your life that has led you to feel despair or overwhelm? Do you feel as if nothing is going right? If you find yourself in any of those states, I hope that my message for today will bring you comfort and inspiration. Listen and be inspired! 3 Key Takeaways When things feel tough, sometimes, it’s enough to do what you can do with what you’ve got from where you are. When you put one foot in front of the other, the energy is going to shift and you’re going to...


312MM: Download This New Meditation Album: Calm & Center

It’s an exciting Monday for me! As I’ve been telling everyone these past few weeks, it’s the release date of my first meditation album, Calm & Center. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on meditation and talk a little bit about this album. Also, as promised, I’m giving you a coupon code that entitles you to a 50% discount on your purchase of the album. Listen and stick around until the end! 5 Key Takeaways Meditation is a practice of renewing that gives us a center of calm and clarity...


310UP: Sharing Our Vulnerabilities With Our Children: Is It Wise?

“Vulnerability hangover” - something that happens when you share something very personal, and later have a reeling feeling for having shared something so deep, private, and personal. In this episode, Bridgett talks about her experience of showing her vulnerabilities to her children, how it has affected them, and what she has done to lift away that burden from them. 5 Key Takeaways If you shared something, and there’s no degree of vulnerability, you may ask yourself, “Was it worth...


309ACIM: The "Love America" Tour with Marianne Williamson Review

Have you been to the "Love America" tour or heard about it? Marianne Williamson promotes the philosophy that says in order to effect positive change in the world, we need to take political action. Today, I’d like to share my thoughts on this philosophy as well as my feedback on the "Love America" tour. 7 Key Takeaways Marianne Williamson teaches that loving one another is one of the most beautiful and empowering things we could possibly do. The "Love America" tour is her belief system...


307MM: 21 Reasons to Meditate, plus a teaser

If you’ve been meditating for quite some time or even if you’re new to the practice, you likely know the benefits of meditation and the challenges one may face while trying to stick to a meditation practice. Join me today as I discuss the benefits of meditation and how guided meditation can help you overcome these challenges. 6 Key Takeaways Self-love, love for others, and love for the world may be cultivated through meditation.Studies reveal that successful people who meditate have...


306OE: Failing Business? Here's How to Make a Decision About What To Do Next

This is yet another episode on business when it’s a struggle and it’s not going well. There can be times when we are in the mode of fixing the business. But there may be instances where you need to close the doors on your business because it’s not serving you. How do you determine what to do next? I hope you will learn a lot from this episode. Also, be sure to check out the resource I have prepared for you. 8 Key Takeaways Quotes “If you’ve been in a business that’s been struggling...


305UP: Why We Homeschool

In today’s episode, I’m addressing some of the reasons why we, as parents, choose to homeschool our children. I’m also sharing a little bit of our own story and why we decided to go this route. I hope this episode will be enlightening to those of you who are planning to homeschool your children. Enjoy! 10 Key Takeaways A lot of the things that I really value about education are not built into the system that we consider as traditional schooling.Every child is different. We must see how...


304ACIM: Remembering What You Are

In this episode, I’m talking about a section in A Course in Miracles called “The Acceptance of Reality.” I’ll be reading some excerpts from the text and define “reality” in terms of the Course. This includes passages on the nature of God, who you really are, and what the Course is meant to do for you. I hope you will enjoy this thought-provoking episode. 10 Key Takeaways According toA Course in Miracles, fear of the will of God could only occur when the mind is already profoundly...


303FF: God is Love & Love Will Never Fail Me

Have you ever questioned the knowledge that God is love and love will never fail you? Many of us have at some point. In today’s episode, I share my thoughts on a lovely song that has often been on my mind lately. Listen and enjoy! 6 Key Takeaways God is love and that is all that there is. A miracle is what occurs when realigning yourself to that knowledge.We’re often living in a state that feels separate from God. That’s when the pain comes in.If you feel your whole life has been hard,...


302MM: Poetry for Life: Bugs in a Bowl and more...

Today, I’m sharing some interesting and beautiful poetry on mindfulness. Listen and let them sink in, sit with you, and nourish your spirit. Feel free to replay this episode to hear the poems again. Enjoy! Quotes “Slow down, breathe deeply, and open your eyes because there’s a whole world right here within this one.” - Rob Bell, Walk Don’t Run “Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” - Rumi, The Guest House Links to the Poems I Walk Down...


232OE: How to Survive the Winter of a Business (Rebroadcast)

The seasons of life apply to every area of our life. What do you do when you are in the midst of a winter in the area of business? There are short winters, mild winters, long and hard winters too. Jim Rohn talks about this natural cycle of life and how to manage it. Helpful thoughts for the life of an entrepreneur who is always managing the ebbs and flows. Let's connect. Book a free 2-hour coaching session. Get the course: The Divine Way...


300UP: "I Love You All the Time" A Sweet Message of Unconditional Love & Acceptance for Easy Days and Rough Days

Today’s episode is short and sweet. It is a message that I’d like to share from my family to yours. It is an invitation for you to take this message into your home when you communicate with your children or grandchildren. 3 Key Takeaways When things are not going well and there is a rough moment or times of uncertainty, “I love you all the time” can be impactful to a small child. If you use the phrase “I love you all the time” when your children are young, this will stay with them. You...