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TVC 11: Sheri Meister on looking behind the denomination's curtain

In this episode, Sheri Meister, Executive Director of the Dakotas United Methodist Foundation, has a great discussion mostly centering on stewardship and generosity. One of the things she noticed after taking this position is how fearful many pastors are about talking with donors about money. Part of her ministry has been helping people see how relationships, money, and faith all compliment each other.


Episode ten: Supporting the call to ministry

In this episode of The Vital Connection, Pastors Doug Diehl, retired clergy, and Sharla McCaskell, Rapid City Knollwood Heights UMC, discuss their roles in building each other's' callings across their lives and ministry together at Rapid City First United Methodist Church. They discuss the power of discovering the callings and spiritual gifts of others in your congregation, and how pastors and laity are called to work side by side in ministry.


Episode nine: Andy Bartel on making a good transition

In this episode, Jeff Pospisil talks with Andy Bartel about what he’s learned about making a good transition into and out of an appointment. Andy is an ordained elder with the Dakotas Conference currently serving St John UMC in Anchorage, Alaska. For a time, he was considered our most itinerant pastor after accepting his fourth different appointment in six years. With all this transition, Andy stated the key to being content is to remember “Every appointment is better than you deserve.”...


Episode eight: A balancing act

Pastor Cory Thrall joins us on this episode of The Vital Connection to discuss the ministry he is doing in the Bismarck area. With five churches under his leadership, Cory had to find a way to balance each individual church to meet their needs. He shares some of his insights with us today.


Episode seven: Tom Freier on mentoring the next generation of leaders

In this episode, Jeff Pospisil and Tom Freier discuss mentoring in the local church. Tom and Jeff were both part of First United Methodist Church of Bismarck which would later become Legacy United Methodist Church. Back around 2005, Tom invested his time in the lives of several young men of the church who would later play important roles in Legacy UMC becoming the church it is today. A great part of Tom's story is that Tom shows how a layperson with a passion for the mission of the church...


Episode six: Creating a culture of call

In this episode of the Vital Connection, Taylor Johnson and Curtis Mittendorf, Sioux Falls First United Methodist discuss how they are discerning their call to ministry with Sheri Meister, executive director of the Dakotas United Methodist Foundation. The two candidates for ministry, share their called stories and discuss several different processes they went through while discerning their call to ministry.


The Vital Connection episode three: Rev. Kent Millard shares attitude of gratitude and giving

In episode three of The Vital Connection, The Reverend Dr. Kent Millard, president United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio and South Dakota native joins Sheri Meister, Executive Director of the Dakotas United Methodist Foundation to discuss his knowledge and the importance of generosity. He states, “I like to teach about generosity from a point of gratitude.”


Episode 2: Creating a culture of call insights from Pastor Charlie Moore

"Our job as a pastor is to build relationships and give people a chance to try things out. Empower them, create a space for God to work on their passions," Pastor Charlie Moore, Sioux Falls Sunnycrest UMC. In this episode Jeff Pospisil, Executive Director of Finance and Administration interviews Moore on the keys to raising up leaders within the church.


Episode 1: Bishop Bruce R. Ough Talks About Prayer

More than a century ago, E.M. Bounds, author and Methodist clergy, wrote in the Power through Prayer, "Every mighty move of the Spirit of God has had its source in the prayer chamber." Are you ready to prayer for the mighty move of the Spirit in your life, in your church and for The United Methodist Church? In this podcast, Rev. Rebecca Trefz, Dakotas Conference Executive Director of Ministries, talks with Bishop Bruce R. Ough, resident bishop, Dakotas-Minnesota Area of The United...