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Rev Mark Gallagher — Infinity

Our lives often feel distressingly small. Religious experience is largely about feeling part of something larger, indeed, infinite. Speaker Bio The Reverend Mark Gallagher grew up in Chicago. He attended the Starr King School for Ministry in Berkeley, California. As minister, he has served Unitarian Universalist congregations in California, Nevada, and Washington, including twenty-one years at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver in Vancouver, Washington. He retired from the...


Rev David Maynard — Listening to the Music

Last March my wife Jane and I heard the Oregon Symphony perform Verdi’s Requiem for Manzoni. Several years ago while sharing some of my life story with ministerial colleagues I realized that each period of time had pieces of music important to me. This will be a sermon on listening to and respecting the music in our lives. Speaker Bio David Maynard is Minister Emeritus of Eastrose UU Fellowship in Gresham, Oregon. He and Jane remain active in that congregation. David is also a retired...


Rev. Kathleen McKern Verigin — Where to Go When They Go Low

Inspired my Michele Obama’s advice – “When they go low, we go high” – we will together explore our reactions and responses to the behavior of what Hillary Clinton called “the deplorables.” How do we remain spiritual when we are at extreme odds with another person? Their thoughts, words and behaviors? If it’s true that “we are all one,” how can we rise above the current tides? Rev. Kathleen will share her thoughts and ideas, sprinkled with stories to illustrate the points. Together we will...


Rev. Dr. Sally Godard — Reaching for Justice

Using Sally’s local work in immigration and Latinx [Latinx is a gender-neutral term sometimes used in lieu of Latino or Latina–Ed] advocacy, let’s reflect on the role of justice-making in rural communities and faith organizations. We’ll consider the foundations of building community and gathering courage to step outside one’s comfort zone to make a difference. In today’s political climate, how do we stay energized for the long-haul? Sally will address current issues (including Measure 105)...


Rev Kate McGraw—Harvesting the Fruits of our UU Past: How can they help us now?

It’s October, and I can’t resist a harvest metaphor! — Today we’ll take a walk through the fields and gardens of UU history, looking for the sweet fruits and sustaining vegetables of our tradition. Can the answers, or the even process by which they were derived, be of help in our own challenging times? Rev. Kate McGraw is a native Oregonian who fell in love with Unitarian Universalism while attending a small fellowship in Alaska. A board certified chaplain, she works in a program that...


Rev Debbie Pitney - Smiled into Smiling

Author A.W. Streane once said, “Do not be daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief. Do justly now. Love mercy now. Walk humbly now. You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to abandon it.” Every morning I wonder what new grief we will be presented with and how will we respond. These words which echo the Prophet Micah, are my wake up call.


Rev Gary Langenwalter — Some Assembly Required

When a person or an organization goes through a major change, they have to be willing to let go of the old, live for a while in uncertainty while they create something new (“some assembly required”), then move into that new creation. Although our culture does not recognize it, this process is as old as humanity, and understanding it can substantially reduce anxiety. To learn more, visit UUFM at macuuf.org.


LaNicia Williams - Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

Obstacles have a way of weighing us down but there are always opportunities for growth, and succeeding in the midst of them. LaNicia will help us identify some tools to help us see success in failure, the opportunity to see the good in a bad situation and how to overcome fear to live in freedom. To learn more, visit UUFM at macuuf.org.


Rev Leslie Chartier—Your Spirit Matters

Your Spirit Matters. Our days can be difficult and it’s hard to find hope sometimes. How do we UUs claim our prophetic tradition to bring justice into our world? Our spirits matter—it is in community where we find the sustenance to go back out into the world. Come and be reminded why our spirits matter and perhaps find a bit of hope and courage. To learn more, visit UUFM at macuuf.org.


Rev Kate McGraw—Thank You For Your Sevice

Thank you for your Service. That frequently uttered phrase has always made me a little uncomfortable, for a number of reasons. We’ll explore a bit together, looking at what it calls up in us to hear and say “thank you for your service” in response to the enormous sacrifices made by our veterans and their families. To learn more, visit UUFM at macuuf.org.


Monica Jacobson-Tennessen—Living Beautifully

Times of uncertainty, change, transition, anxiety, chaos, struggle, opportunity, loss, beginning, ending…. we might name these times in many ways. What are some strategies for living beautifully through transitions (which are really happening all the time)? What does it mean to “live beautifully” anyway? To learn more, visit UUFM at macuuf.org.


Rev Tracy Springberry — Sharing of Gifts

Many gifts have sustained my religious journey. I will share them with you as we say good-bye to each other. To learn more, visit UUFM at macuuf.org


Rev Mark Gallaher: Dealing Creatively with Life’s Unpredictablity

Even though we make plans (and it does make a difference to plan), life is ultimately unpredictable. Dealing creatively with the unanticipated is the art of improvisation. Unlike other art forms, improvisation is mandatory for human beings. The only choice is whether we will do it well or poorly. To learn more, visit UUFM at macuuf.org.