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Ultimate Escape 011 - Beyond the Politics of Sexual Assault

News stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the political and entertainment world seem to be more common everyday. Ultimate Escape founder Steve Holladay bypasses the politics and discusses the core of the issue and how we can respond to these kinds of situations.


Ultimate Escape 010 - Sexuality Around the World

Steve Holladay has spoken to teens, parents and church leaders as far away as Australia and Africa. And while God created us all in His Image, are there any differences in how we approach sexuality? Join Steve in a conversation about sexuality from a variety of cultural views and learn how different-or similar--we actually are.


Ultimate Escape 008 Silence Is Not An Option

Steve Holladay discusses a TEDTalks style presentation he made at Pepperdine University about the importance of having open and honest discussions of sexuality in our churches. Steve shares his thoughts from both before and after the presentation and includes the audio from talk in the podcast.


Ultimate Escape 007 Baby Ruth and Legend

Ultimate Escape is about building relationships that last. And few things can illustrate that more succinctly than the unconditional bond between a man and his dog. In this episode, Ultimate Escape founder Steve Holladay tells the story of his pet Rottweilers, Baby Ruth and Legend, who have had a integral role in the ministry since the very beginning.


Ultimate Escape 006 Talking to Kids about Sex

Many parents dread talking with their kids about sex. In this episode, Steve Holladay, founder of Ultimate Escape, discusses the fears and anxiety many parents have about discussing sex with their kids. Steve suggests when, how and how not to discuss sex as well as provide some resources that can help parents have meaningful, God-centered dialog with their children.


Ultimate Escape 005 Addiction

We all have things we do everyday. But when there is an unresolved issue lurking around, those habits can turn into addictions, enslaving us (or our children) with harmful and often destructive behaviors. Steve Holladay, founder of Ultimate Escape, discusses the definition of addiction, the underlying issues and then walks us through some ways to begin the road to more healthy physical and spiritual lives.


Ultimate Escape 004 The Beginning of UE

In this, the fourth of our initial episodes, Steve and Holly Holladay share the story of how God worked in their lives, gave them a desire to help teens struggling with sexual brokenness and how, with the help of others, it eventually led to founding Ultimate Escape.


Ultimate Escape 003 Steve and Holly Together

In this episode, Steve and Holly Holladay, co-founders of Ultimate Escape, share how they met and began a life together. They tell of how each one brought their own sexual brokenness to their marriage and how, after many years of pain and struggle, began to let God heal them and their family.


Ultimate Escape 002 Holly's Story

Holly Holladay, co-founder of Ultimate Escape, shares her story of how she struggled with sexual issues as a teenager and the effects it had on herself, her marriage and her family. She also shares how God helped her overcome the brokenness that left her empty for so many years.


Ultimate Escape 001 Steve's Story

In this, the first episode of the Ultimate Escape Podcast, Steve Holladay shares his own story of struggling with sexual molestation and sexual addiction from a very early age. Steve describes the toll it took on his spiritual life, his job, his marriage and his family. He shares how he finally began the long journey of recovery with God and how it led him to co-found Ultimate Escape with his wife, Holly.