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Conversations along the journey: plant medicines, ordinary magic, and the wisdom within us all. Hosted by Maura James McNamara.

Conversations along the journey: plant medicines, ordinary magic, and the wisdom within us all. Hosted by Maura James McNamara.
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Conversations along the journey: plant medicines, ordinary magic, and the wisdom within us all. Hosted by Maura James McNamara.








Ep 17: Everything I’m Not Is Everything I Am w Yis “Noségo” Goodwin

Yis “Noségo” Goodwin is a painter and muralist who combines fine art technique with a heart-stoppingly intricate surrealist style. As deeply humble as he is talented, Noségo celebrates the act of creation as the divine right of inspiration. Here in one of his first public conversations, he reflects on his growth as an artist and human, exploring how we write our own stories of selfhood by working at the edge of our understanding. We kick around ideas about reincarnation, the purpose of life,...


Ep 16: Death Is Safe w Tina “Kat” Courtney

Tina “Kat” Courtney is an AfterLife coach who has sat in over 1000 plant medicine ceremonies and spent 11 years apprenticing with maestros in the Amazon and United States. She credits ayahuasca with saving her life and has devoted herself to helping others prepare for psychedelic experiences and integrate the sometimes intense, challenging Dark Nights of the Soul back into their lives afterward. In this beautiful offering full of practical wisdom, Kat shares her own journey into healing and...


Ep 15: From the Provenance of Women w Eliza Hardy Jones

Eliza Hardy Jones is a musician, textile artist, and self-proclaimed “aggressive feminist.” From her current project transcribing women’s folk songs into sing-able quilts, to the making of her 2016 solo album, “Because Become,” she shares stories about synesthesia, textile as currency, running for mental problem solving, and synchronicity in the Russian Arctic. Throughout, Eliza celebrates the untold story of women as the progenitors of culture, and makes a deeply personal argument for the...


Ep 14: Owning Your Sh*t w Sarah Tricker

Sarah Tricker is a filmmaker and cinematography professor at RISD. In this very intimate conversation, she shares her path to sexual awakening from growing up queer in a small town to embracing polyamory. She talks about confronting some of her deepest fears around being alone, owning jealousy, and communicating honestly about her wants and needs. This path of self-discovery has led her into alcohol recovery, transformed her social anxiety, and helped her recover from recurrent panic...


Ep 13: Courageous Embodied Beingness w Dr. Lisa Apramian

Dr. Lisa Apramian is a shamanic educator and guide, licensed psychologist, and coach of spiral awakening pathways. She is also the writer, director, and producer of the 1995 documentary Not Bad for a Girl about female artists of the 90s grunge and Riot Grrrl scenes. In this conversation, she shares her wisdom as a teacher and healer, discussing touch as meditation, tantra as a form of consciousness, and forgiveness alchemy as the key to liberation from the tyranny of our egos. Find Dr. Lisa...


Ep 12: Opening the Doors of Perception w Mr Smilez

Mr. Smilez is an artist and student of psychedelics who is learning how to translate experiences on the visionary plane into two dimensional art. In this very open conversation, we discuss how psychedelics have taught us to see and represent the world in ways we never imagined, and inextricably, to see and manifest our relationships with new compassion. He shares the practices that keep him grounded in creative flow while navigating the chaos of New York City capitalism, and the surprising...


Ep 11: Witch's Marks w Kat Howard

Kat Howard is a textile and book artist whose work explores how the female body has been viewed over time. In this deeply personal conversation, she describes how learning about the historical persecution of witches under patriarchy has made her feel less alone when navigating her own traumatic experiences, and how making art has been a path to selfhood, healing, and community. We talk about the connectivity of trauma survivors throughout time, why she’s taken the path of transparency, and...


Ep 10: The Big Project w Tepahteh Hutze

Tepahteh Hutze, the “Oso,” is a medicine man who grew up in a family of curanderos from the Bear Clan who completed his first four day vision quest under the supervision of his grandfather at age six. As a young man he moved to United States and joined the Lakota Nation, following the teachings of Wallace Black Elk who adopted him as his grandson. Tepahteh's medicine and ways of life are deeply rooted in his practices of native ceremonies, including temescal(sweatlodge), limpias (cleanses),...


Ep 9: Modern Love w Amy Van Doran

Meet Amy Van Doran, feminist matchmaker and recent psychedelic wizard. At her east village storefront, Amy has listened to people pour out their hearts nine hours a day, five days a week, for the last 12 years. She shares what she’s learned about modern love, how to manifest your dreams, her un-upbringing among witches in the psychic capital of the world, and how LSD is helping her reboot her creativity. More at www.modernloveclub.com and www.maurajames.com [“Lover of Mine” - Beach House]


Ep 8: You Are Your Own Authority w Sondra Goodwin

After a 25 year hiatus from drug experiences, artist Sondra Goodwin has spent the last year traveling South America on an intense quest into the heart of indigenous psychedelic medicines. She’s on a mission to free her soul from deeply ingrained and limiting belief systems. We traveled to Mexico this month to participate in yagé and bufo ceremonies with her shamans. She reflects on some of the wisdom she has gleaned about the true meaning of tolerance, how fear can keep us from both dying...


Ep 7: Breaking the Cage of Human Submission w John Gardner

John Gardner is an artist and lover of plants who has died three times. He traded in the American Dream for a radically simplified life atop an “idyllic, strange and somewhat difficult” mountain in remote Southern California. He tells stories from the journey that lead him to his hermitage and the values he now holds dear. We talk about the Akashic Record, the karmic legacy of indigenous genocide, the relationship between soul and meatsuit, and the aliens among us. More at www.maurajames.com...


Ep 6: Herbal Allies w Bernadette Torres

Bernadette Torres is a medicine woman, herbalist, teacher, and grandmother based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Together with her partner Ashéninka Mino, she runs an outdoor garden school and provides healing sessions that treat the roots of trauma. We talk about our ancient relationship to the plant world, her personal journey to healing, and the personalities of her favorite plant spirits. Find Bernadette online at www.shabeta.com and more podcasts at www.maurajames.com [“Love Song” - Lani...


Ep 5: Divine Offerings w Ra Ma Kaur

Ra Ma Kaur holds spiritual sanctuary for women in Asheville, NC, by blending the practices of Kundalini yoga, Daoist stone medicine, soundscapes, ancestral healing and astrology. We discussed her path of self-invention out of corporate America, her love of academia in spiritual work, and our ancestral past and future. Find her at RaMaKaur.com ["Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole]


Ep 4: Sunshine and Rainbows w Jarmel Reitz

Jarmel Reitz is the Philly-based artist behind Jarmél by Jarmel. She shares her intimate perspective on the war on drugs and its toll on our souls, individually and collectively. From her teen years experimenting with psychedelics in Jersey through her time in prison in Chicago, she radiates a fundamental devotion to radical acceptance and joyous self expression. For more, visit jarmelbyjarmel.com and maurajames.com ["Only You Know" - Nightlands]


Ep 3: Witnessing Work w Arielle Crawford

Arielle Crawford holds beautiful space in the plant medicine community through her role as assistant to a prominent shaman. We talk about her personal journey to healing, reclaiming prayer, treating the deep roots of addiction, whether demons are real, and answering the call to service. More at www.maurajames.com ["Ghost Ship" - Jim Morrison]


Ep 2: True Calling w Juliana McCarthy

Juliana McCarthy is an astrologer and energy healer who calls on the healing potential within all of us to open our hearts to the entire feast of life. We talk about the courage it takes to make ourselves vulnerable to real connection, embracing the wisdom of our emotions, and being ok with not knowing. For more of her beautiful, personal writing on astrology and to preorder her book, The Stars Within You: A Modern Guide to Astrology, visit her at www.EtherealCulture.com and on instagram...


Ep 1: A Love That Transcends Death w Jerusha Keren

For the first time, nurse and healer Jerusha Keren shares the intimate story of epic love that transcended her husband's death and opened her to communication with the other side. Communicating with the dead and dying has taught Jerusha how to live, and she believes this transmission is calling to all of us. We discuss everything from the power of forgiveness to the evolution of the human species. To continue the conversation, email jerushak1983@gmail.com. ["Unbroken Chain" - Grateful Dead]