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030: Escaping the city in search of the wild, with Claire Dunn

Claire Dunn says her work as an environmental campaigner left her burnt out and disillusioned about humans relationship with the natural world. So she quit her job, left her partner of 5 years and her house by the ocean, extracting herself from modern life to live in the Australian bush. While Claire learnt many skills to live off the land, built a shelter with her bare hands, navigated encounters with the wild creatures of the forest, I think what touched me most was Claire’s internal...


029: I'm a roamer, a traveller, a vagabond: Terra Roam's 30 years of solo adventure

Terra Roam describes herself as a roamer, a traveller, a vagabond. For the last 30 years, Terra has trekked, sailed, snowshoed, skied, kayaked, cycled, hitch hiked, volunteered and worked through the most beautiful, dangerous and isolated parts of the world. Most recently she completed a 17,000km walk around Australia – being the first woman to do this alone and unaccompanied – raising awareness for mental health and suicide prevention, a cause that has personally impacted Terra in her...


028: I quit plastics, with Kate Nelson the Plastic Free Mermaid

Kate Nelson has been disposable plastic free for 10 years. You might also know Kate as the sparkly, magical Plastic Free Mermaid. Kate says she first learnt the damage plastic was doing to our marine eco-systems when she volunteered at the Ocean Futures Society. She learnt that plastics do not break down but rather break up into tiny microscopic toxic pieces which are then consumed by marine life and make their way up the food chain. Shocked and horrified by what she was learning, Kate...


027: From The Netherlands to Bulgaria, from a house to a Mongolian yurt, from the schooling system to life education, with Susanne Kolff

What would you do if your child told you they didn’t like school? What if they preferred to stay at home with you rather than go to the school ground? Most of us, I reckon, would explain that this is just the way life is and that everyone has to go to school. But not Susanne Kolff. When her daughter began to struggle at school, it prompted a change in the way Susanne looked at life. Taking the kids to school, going to work, rinse and repeat, day in and day out. Susanne began to ask...


026: Filmmaker Jordan Osmond is documenting a simpler way

Jordan Osmond became obsessed with documentaries in his late teens, struck by how they were having an impact on the world and how he lived his life. Wanting to create that same positive impact in the lives of others, yet not wanting to take on the exorbitant student loans of university, Jardan opted to teach himself how to use a camera and shoot stories by watching tutorials on YouTube. In 2015, with a small group of nine other people, Jordan moved onto a 20-acre property in Gippsland...


025: Untangling in partnership: choosing between love and the truth of your heart, with Vienda Maria

Vienda Maria has lived a very nomadic, transient life since her late teens. She’s actively designed a business and lifestyle that allows her to do what she loves – travel and follow her free-spirited heart. After falling in love with her Canadian partner Julien, they agreed to try a different kind of lifestyle, returning to Julien’s home town in Canada. They purchased a house and life, from the outside, appeared almost perfect. And yet, Vienda says, within a month of moving to Canada,...


024: Van life, home schooling and breaking out of the box: how one Facebook post changed Bionca Smith’s life

Bionca Smith was living a very comfortable life. A successful entrepreneur, living in a Condo, with a fancy BMW. Yet, Bionca says she was living pay check to pay check, her son Carter was struggling in school and she was struggling to keep the household afloat. And then, an innocent Facebook post changed the trajectory of Bionca’s life. “One day I want to travel the world with my son.” Bionca wrote. “What’s stopping you?” was the response. This question set in motion a series of...


023: I'm a wild woman living in the wilderness – Miriam Lancewood

The term wild woman has become a bit of a fad in the feminine spiritual uprising. But today I’m speaking with a true wild woman. Miriam Lancewood spent six years in the New Zealand wilderness with her husband Peter, hiking, exploring, hunting, gathering and living out of a tent. Miriam is also the author of the book Woman in the Wilderness where she shares the tales of her epic six year untangling. As you’ll hear, Miriam has no phone or laptop, so I consider myself pretty fortunate to...


Untangled season 4 returns March 2018

Have you ever asked: “Is this all there is to life?” Untangled explores the lives of people who have questioned our social systems, constructs and norms and chosen to live life in a different, often unconventional way. Through honest storytelling, the show explores one focal question: what does it really take to untangle from society’s giant rule book, move away from the mundane and embark on a search for something more? Join host Alana Helbig as she interviews ordinary people about...


022: The influence of capitalism on our spirits, with Lyla June

The influence of the capitalist system on our spirits: this was the theme of discussion I proposed to Lyla June when we began our interview. You see, Lyla June’s story is quite different from those we’ve heard previously. Believing that capitalism is the root of destruction of the earth and the people, she’s lived a series of life experiments, consciously weaving in and out of the capitalist system with an ultimate goal to change that very system. Life experiment number 1: She chooses...


021: Navigate on Trust, with Fenja Sepers

Back in 2012, Fenja Sepers traded her job and home in Amsterdam for a surfboard and a suitcase and the plan to have no plan. She figured that our understanding of life and the world is not generated through reasoning, but through experiencing, and so taking distance and breaking with the Western system was necessary to create a rupture in the way of thinking and open up to new ideas and worldviews. Fenja baptised her journey Navigate on Trust, taking on a life-experiment that embraces the...


020: digging up the suppressed histories of women, with Max Dashú

Max Dashú is a teacher of global women’s history and cultural heritages. She’s the founder of the Suppressed Histories Archives which researches female spheres of power, mother-right cultures, patriarchy, the history of domination, and spiritual philosophies. Max has built an archive of over 30,000 slides and 130 legendary visual presentations, which bring to light female realities hidden from view. She has been sharing this research for the last 48 years. This interview explores Max’s...


019: Untangling from an old life and transitioning into something new, with Alana Helbig

The core question driving Untangled season 3 has been: what does it really take to follow the inner pull to create a meaningful life? After interviewing almost 40 men and women from all around the world on this topic, what I’ve come to realise is this: When we commit to living a meaningful, soul-infused life, we are always untangling, always in motion, always growing and changing. Therefore, we are always transitioning out of the old and moving into the new. And at times this can be...


018: The simple experiment, with Frances Murray

A couple of weeks back, my partner Clayton and I took an adventure in Walter the Campervan to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. Frances Murray, her partner Tyler and her two young children Olive and Jude, welcomed us onto their newly established permaculture farm in the Noosa Hinterland region for a look around and a chat about the choice to live a simple life. This interview was recorded in Franny’s tiny off-grid house, nestled in the living area on comfy arm chairs, surrounded...


017: Dare to slow down, with Laura Storm

Laura Storm knew from a very young age that her passion was in the realm of environmental sustainability. Her entire career has been focused on creating transformation to more sustainable societies. She’s rubbed shoulders with people like Richard Branson and Arnold Schwarzenegger and worked on projects and organisations such as the Copenhagen Climate Council, the World Business Summit on Climate Change, Project Green Light and Sustainia. Laura says her life was incredibly busy, yet this...


016: You’ve got to realise you’re a powerful being, with James Aspey

Vegan Activist James Aspey says his untangling began when he landed a dream job on a cruise ship, swapping out his drug-taking party life for meditation and veganism. During a 10 day meditation course, James had the inspiration to take a 365 day vow of silence to raise awareness for animals and promote peace over violence. And, as you’ll hear in this interview, when this man puts his mind to something there’s no stopping him. James went on to travel around Australia and cycle 5000kms from...


015: speaking to the plants, with Dani Gallagher

Dani Gallagher is the folk herbalist behind Roaming Soul Apothecary, a collective of wildcrafted plant medicine. Dani says her untangling began in her late teens when she became sick with a mysterious illness. Passed around from doctor to doctor to doctor for over a year, nobody could tell Dani what was wrong. It was an encounter with an herbalist in Dani’s local town who introduced her to the world of plant medicine and helped Dani to slowly begin to heal. Listen in as Dani and I...


014: what does it take to live a good life? with Eric Zimmer

If you’re a podcast fan, you’re probably familiar with Eric Zimmer, host of the hugely popular and successful The One You Feed podcast. Eric says he was forced into the realm of self-help because he was dying. At the age of 25 he was a homeless heroine addict, facing jail time. Listen in as Eric shares his story from drug addict with no skills, to working in the computer industry, to starting a solar energy company and to finally creating the One You Feed Podcast. We cover such a huge...


029: the physical body as a portal into the untangling process, with Ashly Rose Wolf

Ashly Rose Wolf is an International Women’s Health & Sensuality Coach and the founder of Femme Rising® helping women revolutionize their relationship with their bodies so they can unlock their full feminine potential. Ashly says she started using food as a way to feel but at the same time to numb out. As a senior in college, her food addiction had escalated into anorexia. She says she remembers looking into the mirror as she prepared to return home for spring break and realised she was so...


013: Follow your 'fuck yes' feeling, with Deanne Love

Here is an interview I’ve been wanting to bring to you for quite some time. I starting ‘stalking’ – in all the good ways – Hoop dance teacher Deanne Love in 2016 when I took up hooping. Instantly, I fell in love with her cheekiness, playfulness and amazing dance moves. It was clear to me, this woman was doing her passion work and I wanted to be around that! So I obsessively watched all her YouTube videos, bought her courses, commented on all her Instagram photos and eventually got up the...