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Conversations between writer friends Seth Haines and Tsh Oxenreider about living sacramentally, usually over drinks. Pull up a chair and let's chat about faith, books, music, films, family, nature, and other signs of the divine. drink.substack.com

Conversations between writer friends Seth Haines and Tsh Oxenreider about living sacramentally, usually over drinks. Pull up a chair and let's chat about faith, books, music, films, family, nature, and other signs of the divine. drink.substack.com


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Conversations between writer friends Seth Haines and Tsh Oxenreider about living sacramentally, usually over drinks. Pull up a chair and let's chat about faith, books, music, films, family, nature, and other signs of the divine. drink.substack.com






A Rule of Life

St. Benedict of Nursia created a rule of life for his monastic community, and over a thousand years later we still look to it for inspiration. In this episode, Tsh walks Seth through a method of creating his own personal rule, one that he can tweak and adjust for the rest of his life — and you, dear listener, can do the same. After all, a Rule of Life is simply “a commitment to live your life in a particular way,” which means it’s a stellar tool for helping you say yes and no to the right...


In the Silence

What could be said of Good Friday that hasn’t been said for thousands of years? Today is a day for listening more than talking, for hearing from God more than telling God all we know. Today is a day of mystery, and it’s good for us to sit in the mystery without constantly searching for answers. Seth & Tsh reflect on the goodness that Jesus is God and they are not. Seth: Website | Newsletter | Twitter | Instagram Tsh: Website | Newsletter | Twitter | Instagram Find all the episodes Tsh’s...



We know what FOMO is — but what about FONO? We’ve all been going through the same collective experience with the pandemic, but as it hopefully winds down (🤞), we might all go through a somewhat surprising form of re-entry (similar to Tsh’s cross-cultural experiences). Seth and Tsh unpack what it means to be hesitant to return to normalcy, knowing full-well that there really is no going back to it. What does it mean to live in a post-pandemic world? And what good stuff can we take with us...


Pointing at the Sky

Why does good writing matter, and why does the motive behind the writing matter? Seth and Tsh unpack the previous episode’s topic with Seth’s editor, Stephanie Duncan Smith. The three of them talk about what makes for good reading and writing, why we need better (new) stories, and with Stephanie’s business perspective, the sacramental act of bleeding on paper. This chat’s not just for writers. Seth: Website | Newsletter | Twitter | Instagram Tsh: Website | Newsletter | Twitter |...


The Sheer Beauty of the Craft

Seth and Tsh are primarily writers; it’s the craft they know best and the work they love most. In this chat, they use the art of writing as a springboard to talk about the art of doing all sorts of creativity just for the sake of doing it, for the love of its beauty. Woodworking, music, gardening, even business and other forms of work… We all need to create beauty in our lives for its own sake. How do we balance the work necessary — and the need to earn a living — with the sheer beauty of...


Living Right In It

Tsh is joined by none other than her husband, Kyle! He’s the general contractor of their own fixer-upper renovation, so in this chat they talk about the hidden beauty found behind old walls and wires. What does it mean to live in your own 1935 renovation project that’s taking four years (and counting)? There are lessons everywhere about knowing your land, knowing your walls, and doing the dirty work so your family can live congruent with your values. (Seth will be back next week! Never...


For God's Sake, Go To Work

(Bonus points if you get this episode title’s reference…) We all have to do it, and even many of the super-wealthy still choose to do it — clearly, it’s not just about bringing home a paycheck. But why bother working well? How do we find meaning in the thing we spend a whole heckuva lot of our waking hours doing? It goes far beyond holding a title of significance or having some surface form of influence. Seth: Website | Newsletter | Twitter | Instagram Tsh: Website | Newsletter | Twitter |...



Seth is in Arkansas and Tsh is in Texas, which means this week they've been covered under a blanket of snow and ice. It took a while until they could even record at all, but once they did, they did a quick check-in before the power went out again, followed by a more leisurely chat about what it means to survive vs. thrive. What do moments like this — and even moments like the global pandemic — teach us about what it is we truly need to live another day? Seth: Website | Newsletter | Twitter...


The Longest Lent

How do we approach this new season of Lent when it …still feels like Lent? We’ve globally experienced the longest Lent of our collective lives, and yet here we are, with Ash Wednesday once again in just a few days. Seth and Tsh talk about their own personal experiences, plus ways recognizing Lent 2021 can STILL be good and necessary for all of us. WebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramWebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramGoodbye StrangerSupport the show!Support the show...


Creating > Consuming

'Creator' the noun can collapse on its own weight, especially on the internet — but this word doesn't only apply to social media influencers, artists, or inventors. We're all creators. And, as Seth and Tsh are joined around the table by their friend, Haley Stewart, the three talk about whether we just might all be hard-wired in our nature to join in the act of creation more than participating in our culture's default of...


The Persuasive Power of Beauty

Dostoevsky said it will change the world. Confucius said everything has it, but not everyone sees it. Shakespeare, Plato, and others wondered if it was in the eye of the beholder. Beauty matters in our everyday lives; it’s not an extra “nice to have.” But where do we find it? What do we do with it? How does it affect our ordinary lives? And is it subjective or objective? WebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramWebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramCrystal BridgesBad Art Warps Our VisionSympathetic...


The Good Kind of Pain

We all KNOW we’re supposed to work out, but knowing that doesn’t make many of us do it. Seth and Tsh aren’t workout-obsessed, but as working parents in their early 40s who’d like to be around a good while, they’ve reaped the benefits of doing the hard work anyway. How do we find the motivation we need to keep moving, even when we don’t feel like it? Recognizing the sacramentality of our earthly bodies definitely helps. WebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramWebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramJohn...


Friendship During Chaos

January 6, 2021. How do we make sense of it? The short answer is we don't; the longer answer is that we choose joy, hope, and peace though we've considered all the facts. Seth and Tsh check in on how they're doing with all the news, work through how we deal with the emotions of witnessing a Christian-based insurrection, and process how to still be a good neighbor with those we disagree. The key to everything? Friendship. WebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramWebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramThe...


Slowness as Soulcraft

The pace at which we approach life matters. Sometimes, a type-a, guns-a-blazin’ posture works in the moment — but then we end up missing things we otherwise wouldn’t see. WebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramWebsiteNewsletterTwitterInstagramAll the Light We Cannot SeeThe Seven Story MountainThe ExpanseAdrianne LenkerThe PracticeThe ChosenAutumn Sessions, by The Gray HavensSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/drinks) Get on the email list at drink.substack.com


Quick (and Fun!) Announcement

If you liked the last five episodes, I think you'll be stoked to hear this. A Drink With a FriendTwitterInstagramTwitterInstagramhereSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/drinks) Get on the email list at drink.substack.com


Curating Stories (with Seth Haines)

Humans love (and learn best through) stories. But we have so many options at our fingertips compared to all of human history that it’s now a virtue to curate well what we make time for and allow in our imaginations. Tsh and Seth explore what it means to curate stories as a sacramental act (and also share some of their favorites). websitenewsletterwebsitenewsletterShadow & LightThe Common RuleBad Art Warps Our VisionPeace Like a RiverEast of EdenDead Poets SocietyAlmost FamousBand of...


Joyscrolling (with Seth Haines)

Doomscrolling is a new-but-real habit in our culture, and it’s not good for us — yet we all fall prey to its siren song of despair. What’s the counter, even sacramental, practice for staying informed and involved without losing hope? Seth and Tsh have thoughts and ideas. websitenewsletterwebsitenewsletterShadow & LightOnyx coffee – MonarchLaity LodgeIt Can’t Happen HereThe Social DilemmaDoomscrolling as a global pastimePandemic fatigueFeedlyPocketAllSidesInto the Lantern WasteDear...


Stuff of Earth (with Seth Haines)

It's always been easy in our culture to numb ourselves so we don't have to face honest truth, goodness, and beauty. ...The temptation's been even stronger in 2020. So what does it look like these days to posture ourselves toward healthy adoration — to devote ourselves to what is actually true, good, and beautiful, even when it's hard? Tsh talks with Seth Haines over drinks. websitenewsletterwebsitenewsletterShadow & Lighthabit tracking spreadsheetAtomic HabitsShadow & Light on SpotifyTsh’s...


Advent (with Seth Haines)

The conversation continues over drinks as Tsh Oxenreider and Seth Haines talk about Advent, why leaning into the liturgical calendar's rhythms is a gift, and how it's an outcome of thinking more sacramentally. websitenewsletterwebsitenewsletterShadow & LightAdvent CommunityThe Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual LifeOfferingsThe Divine ComedyTsh’s recommended booksCreate Your Rule of LifeRothys.com/GOODLISTStoryWorth.com/tshhereSupport the show...


Sacramentality (with Seth Haines)

The next few episodes will feature a special series called A Drink With a Friend. Tsh talks with her longtime friend and fellow writer Seth Haines, where over drinks they'll discuss what's meant by "sacramental living." What the heck does that word mean? How is it different than just being religious? And what does it have to do with our day-to-day life? A lot, it turns out. websitenewsletterwebsitenewsletterThe Thousand Autumns of Jacob De ZoetInspector Gamache seriesShadow & LightAdvent...