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Episode 343 - The Truth About Marriage with Roger Nygard

This week we were joined by Roger Nygard to talk about his new film “The Truth About Marriage”. You can find out more about it at thethruthaboutmarriage.com. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe The news article discussed in Dustin’s rant at the opening of the show can be found here This episode is brought to you by: Humanists of Idaho And by our $1 patrons and those who want no reward. You can find us online at...


Episode 342 - Church Money and Economics with Phil Ferguson

This week we are joined by Phil Ferguson from the Phil Ferguson Show and talk about finances, church money, his story, and his podcast. Before that I make an announcement about the future of the show and rant about politics. Website contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe This episode is brought to you by: Humanists of Idaho And by our $1 patrons and those who want no reward. You can find us online at...


Episode 341 - Opiates, Vouchers, and Stampedes

There's a lot in the news this week. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Dustin was a guest on the Phil Ferguson Show News Medical records firm Practice Fusion let opioid makers help design its software, DOJ says Instagram’s Search Results For Vaccines Are A Public Health Nightmare At least 20 people killed in stampede at church service in Tanzania Militia members avoid prison for pipe-bomb ‘conspiracy’, judge says they...


Episode 340 - An atheist at the Iowa Caucus with Justin Scott

This week we talked with Justin Scott, the Iowa State Director for American Atheists, about the Iowa Caucus and using political events for atheist activism. FacebookTwitter contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe This episode is brought to you by: Humanists of Idaho And by our $1 patrons and those who want no reward. You can find us online at www.atheistnomads.com, follow us on Twitter @AtheistNomads, like us on Facebook,...


Episode 339 - Prophets of Doom

contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Schisms Episode 2 is live! Get it now at schismpod.com News Cincinnati pediatrician’s post promoting childhood vaccinations goes viral and draws heated response Utah Bans Discredited Conversion Therapy for LGBTQ Children, with exceptions to satisfy the Mormon church New Jersey vaccine bill to end religious exemptions failed, being doomed by the compromise amendment intended to ensure it...


Episode 338 - Space Force Bible

It’s a news week and there sure is a lot. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Announcements https://schismpod.com News Protests Over Bible Blessing For Space ForceIn New York, These Municipal Legislators Took Their Oaths Of Office On A Non-Religious BookPope Benedict XVI breaks silence to reaffirm priest celibacy Conservative ‘Moms’ group slams Burger King for using ‘the d-word’ in a commercialCourt reverses $35M...


Episode 337 - Does God hate Australia?

contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe News America’s most anti-gay pastor says God set Australia on fire because the country banned himIran Has Vowed Revenge Against the U.S. For Killing Its Shadow Commander Trump promises to bring prayers back to schools at a rally at t a megachurch Atheist Group Asks IRS to Probe Megachurch Over Pro-Trump Rally, Says Event Violates Rule Banning Political Participation Teenager killed...


Episode 336 - Prayer in Victoria with Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff

This week we talked with Dr. Teale Phelps Bondaroff about his research and recommendations about prayers at the British Columbia Legislative Assembly Report Website contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe News Man shoots and kills 2 inside a Texas church before parishioners fatally shoot him Monsey stabbing: Suspect in Hanukkah celebration stabbings arrested with ‘blood all over him,’ source says The makers of the First...


Episode 335 - Puritanical Moral Panic!

This week we’re joined by Gary Mitchell, talk about the news, and discussion America’s favorite pastime: puritanical moral panic! contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Announcements Schisms News Supreme Court refuses to consider Boise’s efforts to prosecute the homeless for sleeping outside. This means the city can’t jail homeless people who don’t want to go to a church service Therapist advises atheists to lie to their...


Episode 334 - The War on Christmas 2019

This week we’re joined by Lady Bizness. Trump was impeached, grabby pastor is in trouble, nativity in cages, and the annual War on the War on the War on Christmas! contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Announcements Schisms - Religion Divided News Tennessee deputy forces baptism, gropes Chattanooga woman according to lawsuit Runner accused of groping reporter during live TV broadcast charged with sexual battery, turns out...


Episode 333 - It Feels Good to Be Yourself with Theresa Thorn

This week we are joined by Theresa Thorn and talk to her about her new book It Feels Good to Be Yourself, her podcast, background, parenting, and dogs. In the news we have Trump, India, NY anti-vaxxers, and E. coli. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Interview Theresa Thorn is the author of It Feels Good to Be Yourself: A Book About Gender Identity which is written for 4-8 year olds, wrote You’re Doing a Great Job!: 100...


Episode 332 - Top Three

This week we provide an overview of the three largest religious bodies, Wiles's antisemitism, Christian rage at Chick-fil-A, substitute teacher being fired over an anti-gay rant, Roy Moore wants to turn back the clock, and more. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Dustin' off the Degree - Top Three Largest Religious Bodies Returning to the series I announced a few weeks ago we’re going to start working through the...


Episode 331 - Monster on Thanksgiving

This week we are joined by Steve Cass from the atheist hard rock band Monster on Sunday to talk about their new music video and the album they have in the works. WebsiteStardust Music Video contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe News Students withdraw from BYU-Idaho due to university’s decision to not accept MedicaidRick Perry says Trump is God’s chosen one Iranian minister offers to hold referendum on hijab as women protest...


Episode 330 - How crazy can the week be?

This week we talk about Adventist obsession with the week, impeachment, Moscow, student religious liberty, license plates, Natural News, and more. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Dustin' Off the Degree - The Week again We talked about the origin of the week two years ago on episode 226, but we're going to talk about again from a different angle. If you were to go to a Revelation Seminar, they would probably hide the...


Episode 329 - The Impeachment Begins

This week we talk about Pence making sure USAID goes to Christians, Wisconsin's week of the Bible, Saudi Arabia, Greek blasphemy, and more! contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe NEWS How Pence meddled in foreign aid, rerouting money to favored Christian groups Wisconsin is considering a week of the Bible nearly copying from the Christian nationalists playbook Saudi promo video labels feminism, atheism, homosexuality as...


Episode 328 - What goes around, canes around

Biden was denied communion, evangelicals lay their hands on Trump, Indonesian leader who supported caning gets caned, rats driving cars, and Rogue River Blue, plus lots of other news. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Announcements Atheist in the Trailer Park News Joe Biden refused communion due to his support of women's rights to abortion Christian Leaders Lay Hands on and Pray for Donald Trump Ahead of Impeachment...


Episode 327 - Too far for Pat Robertson?

This week we’re joined by Jason Ward and in the news we have a book burning, graveyard of the gods, Catholics opening up ordination, Trump finally crossing a line with Pat Robertson, and more. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe News Tennessee pastor posts video burning book that critiques Christian nationalism Texas Atheists Erect “Graveyard of the Gods” on UTSA Campus Vatican synod proposes ordination of married men as...


Episode 326 - While the world burns

contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe News Former Boise priest dismissed by Vatican for child pornography conviction In U.S., Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace Creationist Ken Ham Wants You To Threaten Kids With ‘Eternal Hell’ On HalloweenPoland to criminalise sex education Abortion and same sex marriage are now legal in Northern Ireland 'My God is no clown' - South African pastor fumes over 'demonic' art...


Episode 325 - What the Barr?

This week we talk about Syria, SDA Annual Council shenanigans, Mormon’s fighting for conversion therapy, Barr, state.gov, O’Rourke, California prisons, and Washington Catholic schools, and the family tree of world religions. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe News draftTwitter Coverage Mormon Church urges Utah not to bar “conversion therapy” for LGBTQ minorsA.G. Barr’s Fact-Free Attack on Secularism State Department’s...


Episode 324 - What the Moloch?

As it turns out I suck at taking a break, so here’s a shorter episode with a combo news story/Dustin’ off the Degree. We look at Todd Starnes conversation with Robert Jeffress that got Starnes fired, who Moloch is, child sacrifice now and in the Bible, impeachment, and more. contact@atheistnomads.comatheistnomads.com/speakpipeatheistnomads.com/donateatheistnomads.com/subscribe Fox News Host Todd Starnes Out After Saying Democrats Worship Pagan God Moloch Impeachment What is...