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Rodney Olsen hosts inspirational guests who are kicking against the darkness until it bleeds daylight. Hear from people who are making this world a better place.

Rodney Olsen hosts inspirational guests who are kicking against the darkness until it bleeds daylight. Hear from people who are making this world a better place.


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Rodney Olsen hosts inspirational guests who are kicking against the darkness until it bleeds daylight. Hear from people who are making this world a better place.








Barry Adkins - Kevin‘s Last Walk

What would inspire you to walk 1,400 miles over just a few months? For Barry Adkins, it was the tragedy of losing his son to alcohol poisoning. That tragedy has kept him searching for the ‘good thing’ that is to come out of the bad. Barry has warned tens of thousands of people about the dangers of binge drinking. Barry tells the story of his journey and the reason behind it in his book, Kevin’s Last Walk.


Kristin Beale - Greater Things

Kristin Beale is the author of three books, a weekly comic strip, and an upcoming TV show based on one of her books. She has completed nine marathons and is a national level fencer. Kristin has always led a very active life when she was in her mid-teens. One moment changed her life forever and many would describe it as a defining moment but again, and again, she has refused to be defined by that moment in...


Cody Wieler - Health and Holiness

Cody Wieler spent years battling with food obsession, constantly getting on and off of diets, binging and restricting, all leading to punishing workouts. After years of struggling to obtain and maintain his dream body, he was struck by a realisation that was to change his life forever. His podcast, Strong for Your Tasks is now helping others to that same realisation. He has also written a book of the same name.


Marnie Swedberg - Transforming Perspectives

Marnie Swedberg went from being someone who struggled to read while she was at school, to now having read thousands of books and written more than a dozen herself. She is an international leadership mentor, the host of her own radio talk show, a media expert and a keynote speaker for organizations around the world. She has trained, coached and mentored over 15,000 leaders from 35...


Chris Staron - Compassionate Faith

Chris Staron is an award-winning filmmaker, novelist, improv-comedian, and the producer and host of the Truce Podcast, which dives deep into history to explore how we got here and how we can do better. He's an author and the writer, director and producer of the films Bringing up Bobby and Between the Walls. On Bleeding Daylight he shares his journey of leaving a faith based on anger to one marked by compassion and love.


Jenny Toh - Potential Unlocked

Jenny Toh studied Law in England, had a legal career spanning almost three decades in Malaysia and Singapore working for a range of employers including a global oil and gas company as well as global banks. Personally, life was good, with a great family and close friends, but something was still missing. Jenny is the director of River Life Coaching where she coaches individuals to align their career and life goals with their values and...


Laura Padgett - Livin' What You're Given

Laura Padgett faced the pointing fingers of those who considered her unworthy. In her younger years, she was excluded and experienced a very difficult upbringing. Now she’s opening the door to others who have faced discrimination and exclusion. She’s an Author, Speaker, Dancer, and Podcaster who shares stories of inspiration and...


Staci Diffendaffer - Unconditioned Love

Where do you turn when your life has been routinely punctuated by abuse and even your friends have ripped you off? Who do you trust? Staci Diffendaffer has replaced hurt with healing. Right from a very early age, she experienced a tremendous amount of pain and trauma. The events that caused that pain and trauma shaped her thinking and caused her to form harmful beliefs about herself and about others. Severe financial loss and serious health issues caused further heartache. Her book,...


Tony Green - Triumphant Surrender

Tony Green has known what most people would consider success. He reached incredible heights in the corporate world, earning significant wealth and respect, but it all came crashing down and Tony was left to build his life again. These days, life looks very different. His book, Triumphant Surrender is a best seller that talks about a very countercultural idea of what success means.


John Stange - Dwell on These Things

None of us like to be constantly put down and criticised, yet our harshest critic is often our own internal dialogue. The words we speak to ourselves can hold us back or even cripple us emotionally. John Stange is helping people discover a better way. He is the lead pastor of Core Creek Community Church in Pennsylvania, as well as being an adjunct professor at Cairn University. He hosts three podcasts, The Chapter-a-Day Audio Bible, Daily Devotions with Pastor John, and Dwell on These...


Sharon Hughes - The Girl in the Garage

What if you’re not who you’ve always thought you were? What if you discovered that you’re someone entirely different? Sharon Hughes believes that’s not only her story, she would suggest that it’s very likely to be your story too. This episode could change the way you think about yourself, forever. Sharon Hughes is the founder of Confidence Academy, the host of Called to Confidence podcast, a confidence and Self-worth expert, and Critical Incident Stress Debriefer. Her first book, The Girl in...


Mike Hatch - Empowered Manhood

Mike Hatch spends much of his time equipping men to be all they can be. He’s the National Relationship Generator with an organization called CLC, or Christ Led Communities. In a time of uncertainty and confusion, he’s making a difference in the lives of countless men. Mike is also a podcaster. During our conversation, you’ll hear how to get a free copy of his new book, which tells about his own journey towards empowered manhood.


Kirk McCarley - The Seed Sower Coach

Kirk McCarley has so far lead a fascinating life, with a number of careers, many of them at the same time. A major health event caused him to reassess his life direction and drew him into his current main vocation. Known as The Seed Sower Coach, Kirk has more than 30 years of executive leadership experience in both the public and private sectors. He’s been married for over 40 years, has two children and two...


Jerry Dugan - Beyond the Rut

Jerry Dugan spent his childhood moving not only from state to state but from country to country. Unfortunately, it wasn't an idyllic life. He grew up with massive expectations hanging over his head, and issues within his family made growing up a very rocky road. These days, he hosts a podcast named Beyond the Rut, and he focuses on helping others be the best they can...


Kevin White - Presence of God

What does it mean to be in the presence of God? Is it a meaningless religious phrase or a reality? My guest today talks about an encounter that transformed his life. Kevin White is a pastor and author. Some years ago, he was nearly broke, had no job, and yet began generously putting food on the table for other families. That sparked him to found an organisation that feeds over 500 families in his area. He is the Founder/Executive Director of Global Hope India, a mission organization...


Damon Covert - Pursuing Purity

After reaching rock-bottom, Damon Covert knew something had to change. This is his story of how change happened and how he’s helping others find healthy life change. Everywhere we look, sexualized images that once would have been hidden from view and now are readily available online, whether we want to see them or not. Damon allowed society's take on sex and sexuality to shape who he was. It almost destroyed him. His story is now one of...


Samantha Jackel - My Purple Pants

Samantha Jackel was raised in an Australian country town, the fourth child to alcoholic parents. Instead of finding love at home she encountered manipulation and abuse. She suffered a traumatic and abusive childhood, but even in the midst of the trauma, there were moments that held out a hope for the future. Her autobiography, My Purple Pants, tells about her road to transformation. In 2014, she was named as Mother of the Year in her home state of...


Craig Brown - Stop Hiding Start Healing

If you’re battling addiction, or know someone who is, today’s episode is not only the story of Craig Brown and his recovery, there are some really practical steps to move towards healing and wholeness. Craig Brown's life became marred by pain, shame and distraction. Now in his book, Stop Hiding, Start Healing, he uses his own experience and talks about more than 20 years of helping others discover how to be free from the pain and shame of their...


Sarah Nelson - A Perfect Storm

Where is God when trouble strikes? Where is he when things go horribly wrong? How can a God of love allow the suffering that many of us face? Sarah Nelson has had to seek those answers for herself and her family. Out of that experience, she's written the devotional book titled, A Perfect Storm. Sarah is today’s guest on Bleeding...


Dorsey Ross - Overcomer

His parents were told they should abandon him. They didn’t listen and Dorsey Ross has been ignoring every limitation ever since. Dorsey Ross was born with a severe congenital disability. Now, in his mid-40s, Dorsey has proved the doctors wrong but life still has been full of challenges. He's been told that so many of the milestones that most of us take for granted would be impossible for him. He's refused to...