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Chocolate Cake Bytes is a Latter-day Saint culture discussion. Chocolate cake represents everything that is good, and Chocolate Cake Bytes are the nuggets of understanding that has made my life better. And I'd like to share some chocolate cake bytes with you.

Chocolate Cake Bytes is a Latter-day Saint culture discussion. Chocolate cake represents everything that is good, and Chocolate Cake Bytes are the nuggets of understanding that has made my life better. And I'd like to share some chocolate cake bytes with you.


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Chocolate Cake Bytes is a Latter-day Saint culture discussion. Chocolate cake represents everything that is good, and Chocolate Cake Bytes are the nuggets of understanding that has made my life better. And I'd like to share some chocolate cake bytes with you.






Ep. 19: What if My Child Loses Interest in the Church?

Shawn Rapier is the host of the amazing Latter-day Lives podcast ( and is our co-host this week! What if someone you love has lost interest in the Church? What does that mean for you and for your "Eternal Family?" Shawn has eight(!) children, who all have varying levels of interest and activity in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He shares some comforting perspectives on how to navigate the often-difficult life journey when someone we love decides...


Ep. 18: What I've Learned So Far

Seventeen episodes in, and I've learned a few things. And I've re-learned some things. And a few things have been reinforced. In this week's episode, I share a few random thoughts about how the conversations we've shared over the past couple of months have shaped my own perspective about Gospel Living.


Ep. 17: You're stepping on my boundaries

How do we reconcile the need to establish our own personal boundaries (and respect the boundaries of others) with the idea of revelation and inspiration in extending and accepting callings, assignments, and the like? New co-host and favorite sister-in-law Cindy joins old co-host and favorite daughter Allison in discussing how we can overlay boundaries with our duties as members of the Church.


Ep. 16 - Your Life Choices Affect Me, so You Deserve My Opinion...don't you?

What should we do when someone's choices have some impact--from negligible to immense? How you dress might affect other people's thoughts. What is your obligation when it comes to "modesty?" How you interpret counsel from prophets or scripture might make me uncomfortable. So I should tell you when you're wrong...shouldn't I? This week we talk with Annette, the most-referenced person on the podcast, and the oldest of Ken's sisters. She has some opinions that might make you smile, or...


Ep. 15 - What if I'm wrong?

Thanks, Ryan for the rating and review! Sometimes I think, "What if I'm wrong about what I think?" I might be. There are people who disagree with me on nearly every subject. But what I mean is what if I'm wrong about how to go about getting answers to prayers? Or about how to pray? How to recognize revelation...or even my life's purpose? This week, I share some ideas where I wonder if I'm thinking about things backwards. And, we'd love your feedback! Go to Apple Podcasts, give us 5...


Ep: 14 - How to Ask Better Questions

"That's a good question." What if in your Sunday School lessons, personal study, or family discussions, you could ask, ponder, and answer questions that made you think and feel deeply? Questions that require something beyond "Go to church, say your prayers, read your scriptures?" Ken, Mark, and Allison talk about a couple of ways that might help deepen your own gospel insights.


Ep. 13 - No, I'm not pregnant.

We are often curious about the details of someone's life: * When is the newlywed couple going to have kids? * Why is the recently-departed missionary home already? * Why did that family have ANOTHER baby? Don't they know it's time to stop? * That couple has been dating for a few weeks now. Are wedding bells in their future? And more. Our natural curiosity can prompt questions to (and about) people in our circles, but many times, fielding those questions is painful. And, do we REALLY...


Ep 12: Is Your Opinion Any of My Business?

We have lots of opinions about a LOT of things, and sometimes my opinion (which is most certainly right!) is different from your opinion. Can we disagree without being disagreeable? Should I be invested in your opinion, and should I feel compelled to make sure you know mine? Allison and Justin join in this week's conversation to talk about whether we should share...or care.


Ep. 11: Kindness Begins with Me

In a departure from the recent conversations we have been having, we are going to listen to the Valedictory speech given by my (favorite?) niece, Lexi, who teaches a powerful lesson about the importance of being kind. Because you are loved and you deserve it.


Ep. 10: Finding Tender Mercies

I was recently invited to share some thoughts on Tender Mercies on the weekly Our Turtle House digital fireside ( As I thought about the Lord's tender mercies, I looked at the definition from Elder Bednar's iconic General Conference talk on Tender Mercies ( It got me thinking. What are tender mercies? Why does the Lord shower us with His tender mercies? How can we recognize them when...


Ep. 9: Tell a Good Story

We're back with Mark, and we're talking about stories. Sometimes we tell good ones, and sometimes we tell **ahem** less good ones. Whether it's in a testimony meeting, Sacrament meeting talk, lesson, or even in casual conversation, having good stories to tell can help change lives and bring people closer to Christ.


Episode 8: Unhiding Hidden Members

Every one of us has hidden challenges and problems. Some of our challenges can make it easy for us to be hidden from others. CJ is back, sharing with us how being blind has kept him hidden from some people, and Abby is with us, telling us about how her non-traditional family situation has been one of her challenges. And we talk about how we can notice the hidden people around us and help to draw them into our circles. We're excited for you to join in our conversation!


Episode 7: He Knows where His Children Are

Carissa is back! We talk about how God answers prayers. And guess what? It's through US!


Episode 6: What are YOUR gifts?

There's more to "Spiritual Gifts" than just the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, and the rest of the things the scriptures say. In this week's conversation, we talk to Mark (Ken's favorite(?) sibling about how we can discover and use our gifts.


Episode 5: God Loves His Children--even YOU

We have been told over and over that God loves us individually and perfectly. I remember hearing also that discovering how Heavenly Father feels about you is one of the sweetest experiences you can have. In this episode, we discover how Carissa (Ken's second favorite daughter--but not his second favorite) knows how God feels about her...and about you.


A Different Way of Ministering

Does service have to be awful? Do we have to be miserable for our service to "count?" How can we make sure our "service to our fellow beings" truly becomes Service to God?"


My Favorite Chocolate Cake

If you are curious (and even if you aren't), here is the recipe and how I make my favorite chocolate cake Ken's Mom's Chocolate Cake Dutch processed cocoa powder will make a richer and darker cake. Buttermilk can be substituted with regular milk or sour milk. The secret is, of course, Love. And some butter. In a saucepan, boil: 2 sticks butter 1 cup water Pour boiling ingredients over: 2 cups flour 2 cups sugar 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 4 TBSP cocoa powder 1 tsp vanilla 1/2...


Is Chocolate Cake Spiritual?

Nephi wanted to "see and hear and know" the things his father saw. Using Chocolate Cake as a metaphor, can we better understand why we need to "see and hear and know" things for ourselves rather than rely on the words, thoughts, and beliefs of others?


What is The Chocolate Cake Phenomenon?

What is the deal with Ken and Chocolate Cake? Over the past several years, he has found that the blessings in making and sharing chocolate cake with people, and sometimes...just sometimes...he finds that he is in the right place at the right time. Considering the question "Who do you know who need chocolate cake?" has been at the center of his (almost) weekly family traditions for the past several years.