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Weekly sermons from Christ Church Fox Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA.

Weekly sermons from Christ Church Fox Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA.


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Weekly sermons from Christ Church Fox Chapel in Pittsburgh, PA.






Aug. 9: I Will Announce You

John pleads with the church in Sardis to wake up to the reality of Christ's kingdom and repent of their hypocrisy. Those who sleep (i.e. those who are content with a carnal existence) will face judgement, but those who wake up through repentance will share in Christ's pure goodness. He will acknowledge them before the Father and his angels. Readings from this service: Revelation 3: 1-6 Psalm 130 Luke 12: 35-40


Bible Study: Aug. 9

Rev. Alex & Rev. Ben W. discuss this week's scriptures.


Aug. 2: I Will Give You Myself

Thyatira is like the opposite of Ephesus (good love and poor doctrine.) They are called no longer to tolerate evil, otherwise they will receive tribulation, sickness, and death. But if they hold fast to the truth Jesus will give them authority and even himself. Readings from this service: Revelation 2: 18-29 Psalm 2: 7-12 John 15: 1-6


Bible Study: Aug. 2

Rev. Ben W., Rev. Alex & Music Minister Robert Fire delve into the scriptures from the Aug. 2 service.


July 26: I Will Name You

Pergamum knows it is in a world where Satan has great power but is commended for faith in a hostile situation. But false teaching has come in. Christ promises either war against the false or the right to be name by him before God. Readings from this service: Revelation 2: 12-17 Psalm 25: 7-12 John 6: 48-58


Bible Study: July 26

Tune in to hear our new theme song, as well as the banter between Rev. Ben W., Rev. Ben H., & Rev. Alex.


July 19: I Will Crown You

To the church in Smyrna: Jesus knows intimately every struggle, temptation, and hardship you endure. His call is to be faithful, even unto death, just as He has been. Th eternal reward is worth the cost. Readings from this service: Revelation 2: 8-11 Psalm 73: 22-28 Matthew 10: 26-31


Bible Study: July 19

Rev. Ben Wulpi and Robert Fire bring you the "fastest growing conservative evangelical Anglican charismatic podcast in the Greater Fox Chapel area!"


July 12: I Will Grant You Life

In the second part of the I WILL series, we are looking to Revelation where "I Am" continues to say "I Will." In each of the seven parts of the letter, Jesus makes the promises of God and gives two alternative and contingent promises of life or death. Ephesus has good doctrine but is poor at loving. If they persevere, they will be granted to eat of the tree of life (which takes us back to the account of Eve), or he will remove their lampstand. Readings from this service: Revelation 2:...


Bible Study: July 12

Rev. Alex & Rev. Ben discuss the readings from the July 12 service.


July 5: I Will Give

To a people in exile, wrestling with the consequences of their own sin, God reminds them of his faithfulness, calls them home, and promises to renew their hearts. Readings from this service: Ezekiel 11: 16-21 Psalm 51: 5-11 John 3: 1-8


June 28: I Will Establish

God makes a string of promises both for now and eternity to give rest and to protect his people, again with a strong Christological theme. Readings from this service: 2 Samuel 7: 9-17 Psalm 89: 33-35 Luke 1: 46-55


Bible Study: June 28

Enjoy another episode of the staff bible study with special guest Jim Edwards.


June 21: I Will Deliver

Like all covenants the maker states His name first. His name tells us why we can trust His promises. The promise to rescue a people trapped in an impossible trap of slavery. Readings from this service: Exodus 3: 4-12 Psalm 91: 14-16 Luke 1: 68-75


Bible Study: June 21

Tune in to this lighthearted discussion of the readings from this week's service. This week's special guest is Finance Manager Niki Adams, who joins Rev. Alex & Rev. Ben Wulpi.


June 14: I Will Bless

The foundational promise of the whole of the story of Israel as fulfilled in Christ—to be a blessing to the nations. God's blessing is never just for our own sakes, but an order to be a blessing. Readings from this service: Genesis 12: 1-3 Psalm 12: 5-9 Luke 2: 25-32


Bible Study: June 14

Enjoy a very special edition of the staff bible study with honorary staff members Kat, Ben & Hannah Shuttleworth, and special guest, Vestry member Tom Miller.


June 7: He Will Win

Rev. Alex begins our new series this week, I WILL: The Promises of God. God makes numerous promises in the bible, often to people in uncertain times. Unlike human promises, they are 100% guaranteed because of who God is. Our understanding is that ultimately, they all point to Jesus so a key verse for this series is 2 Corinthians 1: 20: "For all the promises of God find their yes in Him." The first promise is to defeat the enemy. We see that even in her sin, Eve is promised an offspring to...


Bible Study: June 7

Join in the informal discussion of today's readings with Rev's Alex, Ben & Ben.


May 31: Living in the Spirit (Pentecost)

The Rt. Rev. James L. Hobby Jr. visits this week to celebrate Pentecost. Readings from this service: John 14: 12-19 Psalm 104: 24-25 Acts 2: 1-11