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podcast for parents on the profound effects of Mantra Meditation during pregnancy, a mothers natural ability to heal her children and how to be calm in the midst of chaos

podcast for parents on the profound effects of Mantra Meditation during pregnancy, a mothers natural ability to heal her children and how to be calm in the midst of chaos
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podcast for parents on the profound effects of Mantra Meditation during pregnancy, a mothers natural ability to heal her children and how to be calm in the midst of chaos




Soul Talk: Experiments in When Suffering is Not Suffering

Sri Kaleshwar used to talk about the suffering of the Saints. He said the Saints could endure suffering in a way in which the “suffering was not suffering”. That phrase always fascinated me. But it became an obsession when I was having some suffering in my own life. What does this mean? How can we do this? Suffering will come in every life. This episode covers what I found about why we suffer and how we can meet suffering to clear our Karma, and lighten our experience.


Soul Talk: An Experience of Soul Healing

I am a soul Healer. So, in addition to Allopathic medicine, I am using Soul Healing in my breast cancer journey. This personal experience of how miraculous energy works in Soul Healing, was recorded earlier in my breast cancer testing phase when I was still in New Mexico. I describe the powerful way soul healing worked for me in a particular distance healing I received for the cancer and complications in the lung. A post script to this episode is that several weeks after the healing...


Soul Talk: Getting Past The Shame of Illness

Illness carries with it a lot of shame. But shame is an illusion, as is illness. We can find our way through with our soul mates, non-judgment, love, self-love, reminders of our divine soul nature, some helpful mantras and processes, and surrender into our journey with joy. The true soul nature of us is still there while we are ill. It is just in transition. With some help it can be growing strong, even as the body weakens. Let us help each other to see and embody the divine nature of our...


Soul Talk: Facing Breast Cancer From the Soul

One in nine women in the US have had breast cancer in their life time. I would not have known that statistic, until I got the diagnosis of breast cancer too. I want to talk about it in this episode and in a series of episodes as I move through. There is a journey of the soul in every illness. Let's travel it together.


Soul Talk: Beyond Belief to Knowing

Beyond belief you can know the nature and workings of the energies of creation and God/ Divine Mother. This knowing allows you to move beyond Bhakti to a Shakti engagement in Spirituality. By engaging the processes of observation, reflection and experimentation you can move through the stages of the illusion. With your knowing of the divine truth and energies you can co create a better world.


Soul Talk: Resurrection in Us

Easter is a time to remind us not only of the miracles in the time of Jesus, but the miracle energy that is still here now. We must open our hearts beyond the suffering of life and death, drop our egos, surrender to the divine, and be lifted by it. This is the miracle of resurrection in us. Hear how to embrace a new life of God connection within.


Soul Talk: The Yoga of Play

What would it be like if we entered everything in our lives from a state of play? Play can be a way for us to find inner peace, and union with our soul nature and divine energy. It can be the Yoga of Play. In this Soul Talk episode, we explore the nature of play and how to bring it to everyday life. Further, we discuss how we can make it in to a yoga that guides our actions and connects to our soul’s joy.


Soul Talk: 5 Keys to Happiness

Ramana Maharshi said: “Happiness Is the very nature of the Self; happiness and the Self are not different.” If that is true, why are so many of us not happy? Listen in to hear the true nature of happiness and how to access and live that. Even in difficult times we can find happiness. Presented here are 5 Keys to being happy in life. Alos experience a special short meditation to feel your true nature.


Soul Talk: The Consciousness of Miracles at Christmas (and Other Times)

Christmas can be time of miracles. Whenever there are spiritual timings when many people have their thoughts on God, it is a good time to connect into the miraculous energy. In this episode I remind us of how we can do that. I challenge you: to try even one of the 4 approaches. I promise you: when you do, you will change. Miracles can be yours.


The Transformative Power of Grief: The Blessing of Being Present with the Dying

Despite being the one thing assured all of us, our culture does not equip us to be present to death. And, yet, it is no less magical, mystical, and transformative than birth. The act of compassionately companioning the dying is rich with blessings unavailable elsewhere. In this podcast, you will learn simple but profound ways to be present at the bedside, to create a sacred space of passage which, in turn, will return unimaginable gifts of spirit to you


Soul Talk: The Divine Masculine, with Guest Chris Hargrove

Looking to be, or be in a relationship with, the divine masculine? We all have some idea of what society and psychology think are masculine. But the creation energetic of the divine masculine is different. With our guest Chris Hargrove, hear what qualities define divine masculine energy and how to embody and engage those in everyday life and relationships.


Soul Talk: Testing and the Way Through

Everyone living a spiritual life has to go through tests. Testings, difficulties, pain, and suffering are all part of our life in the body as a soul who is trying to transcend. The tests help us learn how to face negativity from the power and light of our soul. When we win our tests, we win soul advancement. In this episode we discuss a few hints for how make it through our tests to enlightenment. Together we can win our soul advancement.


Conscious Parenting, Creating Exceptional People: # 2 / Conscious Parenting

In this Episode we addres: What does Conscious Parenting mean? How do we implement a Conscious Parenting lifestyle? We will Touch on 3 foundations of a conscious lifestyle; faith, patience, practice, and cover checking in with Love & Forgiveness.


The Transformative Power of Grief: The Terrain of Grief

In this first episode of the series "The Transformative Power of Grief”, we explore together the "Terrain of Grief". We define what grief is, expanding upon the conventional definition and allowing for all types of grief and loss. We dive deep into the seeming Paradox of Grief, namely its unique capacity for transformation and what the world’s wisdom traditions have to say on this topic. And, lastly, we explore the underlying mechanism of grief, heartbreak, how we heal from that, and what it...


Soul Talk: Part 2 Handling Criticism/ Divine Practices

In the last episode (Part 1) we discussed how handling criticism requires handling ego. In this episode we talk about the postive practices of Handling Criticism. Listen and learn the practices of releasing ego and facing and reacting to criticism in a divine way that enhances your soul. The transcript with Satya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema mantra and yantra practice is Shivaratri 2011 To learn more about the class on silence meditation “Who am I” Go to:


Soul Talk: Part 1 Handling Criticism/ Deeper Issues of Ego

Any time we have to face criticism gives most of us some discomfort. Handling criticism is important for our own happiness and self-development. Our ineffective reactions to criticism are based in ego. To respond well to criticism requires releasing ego attachments. This release of ego attachments is also a primary spiritual approach to soul advancement. Listen to this part one episode to hear about the relationship of criticism to ego and soul transcendence. Also hear about two prevalent...


Soul Talk: Positive Being

Sri Kaleshwar said “Think positive, start the day with positive, lead the day with positive, end the day with positive, then your life will become positive. Be in the positive.” But how do we do that? Though positive thinking is a prerequisite, “Be in the positive” is a state of being. We can attain a state of consciousness, through which we experience our world. Listen in to hear, not only how to think positive, but how to live in a state of Positive Being. For more information: On Jesus:...


Soul Talk: The Consciousness of Faith

It is often said, faith is the belief in things unseen. But what if we could be in a state of faith in which God is not unseen? What if we can experience a state of faith, a consciousness of faith, which brings us the evidence of God; a state of consciousness in which God is no longer just hoped for, no longer unseen, but experienced. Though we have all heard that “seeing is believing,” in the episode we explore how “believing is seeing,” and faith can be an experience of God which manifests...


Soul Talk: The True Nature of Surrender

Anandamayi Ma said: “What will be the result of your Surrender to Him (God)? None will seem alien, all will be your very own self.” Listen in to find out why and how. Surrender is one of the keys to a spiritual life. It is a fundamental concept in many spiritual traditions. When we understand it, we realize it is a means of healing karmas, growing our souls, and growing our relationship with God and the energy of God within us. LIsten to this episode to deeply understand the nature of...


Conscious Parenting: Creating Exceptional People

A podcast for parents on the profound effects of Mantra Meditation during pregnancy, a mothers natural ability to heal her children and how to be calm in the midst of chaos. How you can use this ancient technology to support your life and your children.