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Each week Anousha will be discussing the current energy for the collective.

Each week Anousha will be discussing the current energy for the collective.


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Each week Anousha will be discussing the current energy for the collective.






Episode Seven Energyscopes

The retrograde was a lot of change and intensity all gearing up to April's new beginnings! Tune into this episode to learn what we have in store in April, and how best to navigate through the Full moon in Virgo energy.


Energyscopes Episode Six

Finding deeper connection to yourself, your truth is the energy theme of the week ahead. Tune into the episode for tips on how to enhance your psychic protection and grounding practice whilst the emotional energy of the retrograde emits!


Energyscopes Episode Five

Thrilled to be back! During this episode we discuss the shift of Mercury Retrograde, trigger awareness, how to get the best out of this energy through a grounded approach.


Energyscopes Episode Four

This next Episode of Energyscopes we undercover the theme of playing with power, how does power look for you now, how do you show up in the world, within your identity, relationships and offerings. Flexibility is key right now, there is a reset happening for us all, sometimes we have to get to the nucleus, the zero point to reach upward from there. This past week has highlighted any areas of anger and where that can guide significant change and action in your life, anger can be a neccessary...


Energyscopes Episode Three

The intensity of this week has been extreme, as we move into the softness coming in for next week let's revaluate some lessons we learned and using Anousha's homework gain the affirmation to surrender in totality. Fate and destiny is at play!


Energyscopes Ep2

In this episode, Anousha discusses the intensity of the shift we are undergoing, in the live reading we undercover the process of transformation.


Energyscopes Ep 1

Energyscopes is a podcast devoted to covering the current energy, it is a scope created by Anousha Hutton that is purely based on Energy! Join Anousha every Sunday whilst she does a live Tarot reading discussing the weeks energy and explores how best we can move through this current transit.


Anousha Show EP1- Conversation with Mortician Ren Enriquez

Trance Medium Anousha Hutton discusses the reality of being a Mortician whilst removing the fear of death with Ren Enriquez. This episode does have some sensitive subject matter in please use precaution when listening should the subject of death be triggering for you. Episode One of the Anousha show was bought to you by Hello Puddin' Chia Company, go to their website to order delicious homemade gourment adaptogenic deserts