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Helping Christians to know, share, and grow in their faith.


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Helping Christians to know, share, and grow in their faith.






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Online Evangelism Course Launch

Online Evangelism Course Launch Announcement In this episode Matt and Jordan discuss Engage 360's involvement in the SES National Conference on Christian Apologetics as well as our online evangelism course launch. Over the past six months we have received great feedback from our training process. We are extremely excited to deliver that same quality of training through an interactive online format. We trust this option will benefit all Christians. It will particularly give tech-savvy...


Evangelism Excitement in Maine!

Evangelism Excitement in Maine! We certainly had a lot of "evangelism excitement" up in Maine! In this episode, Ibrahim interviews Travis Pelletier about our recent Engage U Event. Pulling off a successful evangelism event requires a lot of coordination. For our recent Engage U event in Maine, Travis Pelletier, missionary apologist with Ratio Christi, did a great job at coordinating students and churches to come and participate in an amazing time of evangelism. This is what Travis had to say...


Evangelism Training on Campus

Evangelism Training on Campus In the last three weeks the E360 team has completed evangelism training on campus through two multi-day events. The first was at Appalachian State University Aug 27-29 and the second at the University of Maine September 10-12. In this episode of Engage Your World we share a few insights we gained from these events. Some key highlights from the events include: 26 volunteers who joined our team to watch, learn, and participate in evangelistic outreach Volunteers...


Evangelism for Introverts with Trish Anderson

Evangelism for Introverts In today's episode of Engage Your World, we get advice on evangelism for introverts from Trish Anderson. Trish serves as CFO for Engage 360 and is one of the primary trainers on the team. Trish is a strong introvert but also has a strong desire to engage in sharing her faith. If you are an introvert or know introverts, this episode will help you to be more effective in evangelism. Sharing the Gospel can be hard for anyone, but this is especially the case for...


Why I Joined an Evangelism Training Ministry

Why I Joined an Evangelism Training Ministry Hear from Jordan Apodaca (Content Director for Engage 360) about why he joined an evangelism training ministry. Jordan has a passion to see the church awakened from it's evangelistic slumber. In this episode of Engage Your World, Jordan shares about the goals of Engage 360 and how he helps to accomplish those goals. Check out a few blog posts Jordan has written with links below: Tips for being fishers of men...


The Works Based Mormon Gospel with Guest Sandra Tanner

The Works Based Mormon Gospel In our previous episodes, we considered the context, content, and response to the Gospel. Over the next few episodes we will consider false gospels or unnecessary additions to the Gospel. We will start with an interview on the works Mormon gospel. In this episode we interview Sandra Tanner who is the Great-Great Granddaughter of Brigham Young. She and her husband left the Mormon church just before they were married and began an outreach ministry which has...


Responding to the Gospel: Faith and Repentance

Responding to the Gospel: Faith and Repentance Once you share or hear the gospel, there should be a call to action. A biblical response to the Gospel involves faith and repentance. But what is the definition of faith? What is the definition of repentance? How do they relate? Further, what does it mean to have a simple child-like faith? Does salvation involve a series of steps that we do one at a time? All of these are questions that we should consider before we do evangelism, taking time to...


What is the Gospel Message?

What is the Gospel Message? In episode 6 of Engage Your World, we discuss the question, "What is the Gospel Message?" In the previous episode, we focused on the context of the Gospel and asking "Why do we need the Gospel?" Unfortunately, we often over-complicate the simple Gospel and add a lot of terminology that can leave our hearer confused. The Engage 360 team believes that the first step to successfully sharing your faith is to clear away the clutter. We must know how to give the simple...


Why do we need the gospel?

Why do we need the Gospel? Before a person can understand the good news, they have to first understand the bad news. This includes an answer to the question, "Why do we need the Gospel?" This question is the focus of episode 5 of the Engage Your World Evangelism Podcast. Greg, Jordan, and Matt will discuss the context of the Gospel. Understanding this context is a key element to effectively sharing your faith. Not only do we need to understand the context, we need to effectively communicate...


What Does a Biblical Evangelist Do?

In today's episode Jordan, Greg, and Matt discuss the question, "What does the biblical evangelist do?" Further, what is their role in the church? There are a lot of ideas that jump out when we say, "evangelist". Some may think of tent revivals, Billy Graham, televangelists, or a street preacher on the corner. But the real question is, "Would any of those ideas be in line with a biblical evangelist?" If you are interested in participating in biblical evangelism yourself check out the...


The Need for the Gospel in Maine with Pastor Sam McKeen

In this episode we interview Pastor Sam McKeen about the need for the Gospel in Maine and his experience at our recent training. Sam pastors a small church in a town of only a few hundred people. He discusses some of the unique challenges and opportunities for evangelism in Maine. He also share his excitement for the upcoming Engage U event at the University of Maine. To learn more about volunteering or donating to support Engage U Maine https://www.e360m.org/orono/ To read about the...


An Evangelism Training Success Story

In this episode we share an E360 evangelism training success story. We are joined by Sarah Nicholson who attended our Engage 360 evangelism training in Central Maine. Sarah ended up sharing her entire testimony, which sets the stage for why the impact of the training was so significant and makes her an evangelism training success story. As you'll hear, Sarah was raised in the church. She walked away from her faith during college, leading to a frightening incident with a psychic. She then...


University Evangelism in Maine with Travis Pelletier

In this episode on university evangelism in Maine, Matt Schmidt (E360 CEO) and Jordan Apodaca (E360 Content Director) have a discussion with Travis Pelletier, who is a campus minister at the University of Maine. Travis serves with Ratio Christi (Latin for Reason for Christ), which seeks to bring a thoughtful Christianity to the University, helping students to understand the reasons that Christianity is true. They discuss: - The need for evangelism at the university in general and the New...