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This podcast represents conversations among faculty, staff, and alumni of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School from 2020–2022. No new episodes will be released.

This podcast represents conversations among faculty, staff, and alumni of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School from 2020–2022. No new episodes will be released.


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This podcast represents conversations among faculty, staff, and alumni of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School from 2020–2022. No new episodes will be released.






Season 3 Finale: A Foreword Farewell

It’s not every day all five of us are on the podcast, and we wish it was for a more cheerful reason. But in this episode, we say goodbye to Foreword as we’ve known it. As the Foreword team goes our separate ways, we want to express what a pleasure it has been to do this together. It’s been a highlight for each of us during our time together, and we hope that it’s been enjoyable for you too. And we, of course, want to thank our producer Curtis Pierce, without whom none of this would have...


Dr. Ahmi Lee: On Preaching God’s Grand Drama

Our final guest for the season is Dr. Ahmi Lee, author of God’s Grand Drama: A Biblical Theological Approach. Ahmi is an MDiv. graduate of TEDS, and she also gave the 42nd Annual Rohm Lectures on Preaching on campus this year. She has taught at Fuller Theological Seminary, and is now the Chief Partnership Officer at Resource Global, a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping young professionals for having an impact for the gospel in their contexts. She is interviewed by Dr....


Dr. David C. Kirkpatrick: On Latin American Evangelicals and the Holistic Healing of the Gospel

Joining Foreword this week is Dr. David C. Kirkpatrick, Assistant Professor of Religion at James Madison University. David is a historian of religion, politics, and social movements working at the intersection of Latin America and the United States. He completed a PhD. at the University of Edinburgh’s prestigious Centre for the Study of World Christianity, but not before passing his way through TEDS, earning an MDiv and MA in Intercultural Studies. Dr. Fellipe do Vale and Dr. Madison Pierce...


Leslie Rogers: On Developing Leaders and Caring for Students

Leslie Rogers, who is the Director of the Intercultural Development Office here at Trinity, joins Dr. Joshua Jipp and Dr. Michelle Knight for a conversation. The IDO serves to “promote unity in diversity through engaging students in each of their journeys through identity development, spiritual formation, and intercultural competency,” and Leslie’s brilliant vision and commitment helps make it the beautiful place that it is. Josh and Michelle begin by asking Leslie about her story, a truly...


Dr. Christina Bieber Lake: On Literature, Incarnation, and the Imagination

In this episode, Dr. James Arcadi and Dr. Michelle Knight interview Dr. Christina Bieber Lake, a Henry Center Fellow this year, and Clyde S. Kilby Professor of English at Wheaton College. Christina made the long journey north from Wheaton to spend this year researching at TEDS, and in this episode, she shares the work she is doing to show how novels and poetry have a profound impact on how we inhabit our worlds. Christina began her career with a strong desire to teach English in a way...


Pastor Aaron Reyes: On Multicultural Pastoral Ministry and Resourcing Neglected Communities

Pastor Aaron Reyes joins Dr. Joshua Jipp and Dr. Madison Pierce from Austin, TX to talk about his work at Hope Community Church, the Crete Collective, and the Vida House. Aaron is an MDiv. alumnus from TEDS and continues to partner in ministry with TEDS in various ways. Aaron begins by sharing his experiences growing up in Texas in an immigrant community, and how that had significant impacts for the shape of his ministry. Though he did not originally have intentions to return to Texas after...


Dr. Luke M. Tillett: On Mental Health in the Seminary and the Church

Dr. Luke Tillett, who teaches in the mental health counseling program at TEDS, is this episode’s guest. Dr. James Arcadi and Dr. Fellipe do Vale have the opportunity to talk about the vital work he does in the program. Luke describes the path he took to get to the point where is now, as someone who both teaches and practices mental health counseling. Counseling and pastoral practice were always intertwined for Luke, and he shares how his motivations to be a better pastor led him to gain...


Provost H. Wayne Johnson: On Worship, Peacemaking, and Cross-cultural Education

For this episode, Dr. H. Wayne Johnson, Provost of Trinity International University and Associate Professor of Biblical and Pastoral Theology at TEDS, sits down with Dr. Michelle Knight and Dr. Josh Jipp. Wayne has a rich history of allowing cross-cultural experiences to shape his understanding of himself and of God. During his twenty years at Trinity, he also has encouraged students and faculty to pursue similar experiences in his various roles. He has been Dean of Chapel for Trinity...


Dr. Dennis Edwards: On Speaking from the Margins

Rev. Dr. Dennis Edwards joins Dr. Madison Pierce and Dr. James Arcadi for episode nine. Dennis is Associate Professor of New Testament at North Park University, along with being an ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church. He has attended Cornell University, completed an MDiv at TEDS, and finished his education with a PhD at the Catholic University of America. Dennis is a multi-talented person, and Madison and James have a great time learning about his journey to faith. He...


Cliff Nellis: On Restorative Justice, Holistic Healing, and Practicing Law as a Christian

TEDS MDiv alumnus Cliff Nellis joins Dr. Madison Pierce and Dr. Fellipe do Vale this week to speak about his work as executive director of Lawndale Christian Law Center, located on the westside of Chicago. Cliff holds a BA in Philosophy and English from Illinois Wesleyan University, a law degree from the University of Chicago, and is working toward an MBA at the Booth School of Business, also at the University of Chicago. Cliff’s rich and diverse training distinctively equips him for his...


Dr. Eric J. Tully: On Science Fiction, Prophets, and PhDs

Dr. Eric Tully joins Dr. Michelle Knight and Dr. Josh Jipp for this week’s episode. Eric is Associate Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and he also directs the PhD. in Theological Studies. He completed his MDiv. at TEDS and also holds a BA from Moody Bible Institute and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Eric begins with a recounting of his childhood in the mission field in central Africa, a time during which he grew to...


Dr. Manuel Rauchholz: On Anthropology, Trauma, and Understanding Our World

Dr. Fellipe do Vale and Dr. Madison Pierce interview Dr. Manuel Rauchholz, who is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Manuel has been teaching at TEDS for three years, and he also is an alumnus. He completed a ThM under Paul Hiebert at TEDS before going on to doctoral work in cultural anthropology at Heidelberg University. The episode begins with Manuel sharing the fascinating trajectory his life has taken, beginning with his...


Dr. Justin Barrett: On Thriving with Stone Age Minds

This week, the Foreword Podcast returns with an interview of cognitive psychologist of religion Dr. Justin Barrett, president and co-founder of Blueprint 1543, an organization working at the intersection of Christian theology and the sciences. Justin is also Honorary Professor of Theology and the Sciences at the University of St. Andrews, and has served at Calvin University, the University of Michigan and the University of Oxford. He is interviewed by Drs. James Arcadi and Fellipe do...


Dr. Craig Ott: On the So-Cal Life, Intercultural Mission, and the Ministry of Catan

Episode four introduces listeners to Dr. Craig Ott, Professor of Mission and Intercultural Studies, ReachGlobal Chair of Mission and Director of the Intercultural Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Craig also received his MDiv and PhD from TEDS, and his familiarity with the school stretches a long way. Dr. Josh Jipp and Dr. James Arcadi have a lively conversation with Craig, ranging from his upbringing and conversion in Southern California during the Jesus Movement...


President Felix Theonugraha: On Presidents, Pastors, and the Purpose of Seminaries

In the third episode of the season, Dr. Michelle Knight and Dr. Fellipe do Vale sit down with President Felix Theonugraha of Western Theological Seminary and alumnus of the MDiv and PhD in Educational Studies at TEDS. Felix previously served as Dean of Students and VP of Student Life and University Ministries at TEDS. Michelle and Fellipe engage Felix about his experiences as the President of a seminary—both the joys and the challenges. The inevitable complexities of leading during the...


Dean David Pao: On Theological Education, Reading Scripture Well, and Life as a Pastor's Kid

In this episode, Dr. Madison Pierce and Dr. Josh Jipp interview Dr. David Pao, the newly-appointed Dean of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. David is not only Dean of TEDS, but is also Professor of New Testament and an accomplished author and scholar. Josh and Madison talk to David about the key experiences that led him to vocational ministry, including encounters with doubt and the role of Scripture in shaping his way of seeing reality. The conversation then shifts to what David...


Meet Fellipe do Vale: On Theology, Anthropology, and Ted Lasso

As the Foreword crew returns for the season three premiere, there are many new things to get excited about. They are back in the on-campus studio, which has a fresh new look. Perhaps most surprisingly of all, Josh unveils his first smartphone and ranks his favorite apps. We are also introduced to the crew’s newest host, Dr. Fellipe do Vale, who has recently joined the Systematic Theology faculty at TEDS. Each host takes an opportunity to ask Fellipe questions ranging from his favorite TV...


Season 2 Finale

In this episode, our last of our second season (!), the Foreword podcast hosts (Drs. Knight, Jipp, Pierce, and Arcadi) reflect on all that we have learned over the past year from our incredible colleagues and alumni. We hope you enjoy these reflections on our teaching and interdisciplinary conversations, as well as our hopes of carving out space for listening and persevering in hope and faithfulness. Thank you, dear Listeners, for your time and support. Please be in touch...


Dr. Steven C. Roy

In this episode, Dr. James Arcadi and Dr. Madison Pierce interview Dr. Steven C. Roy, Chair of the Pastoral Theology Department, Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology, at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Madison and James learn more about Steve's background, especially his work in systematic theology, and how that shapes his theology of worship and pastoral care. Steve also shares his desire to create space for "lament" in our corporate worship gatherings and then offers his...


Rev. Sandra María Van Opstal

In this episode, Dr. Madison Pierce and Dr. Josh Jipp interview TEDS alumna Rev. Sandra María Van Opstal, Co-founder and Executive Director of Chasing Justice, a movement led by people of color to mobilize a lifestyle of faith and justice. Josh and Madison talk to Sandra about her calling to equip BIPOC leaders and to help predominately White organizations develop hospitable and multi-ethnic spaces characterized by mutual love and respect. We hope you learn as much as we did! Want to...