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Helping you to Get Over the past and improve your future with Intuitive Insight for Successful 21-Century Living

Helping you to Get Over the past and improve your future with Intuitive Insight for Successful 21-Century Living


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Helping you to Get Over the past and improve your future with Intuitive Insight for Successful 21-Century Living






Beat Depression Now

Best-selling author Amy Sher talks about her new book How To Heal Yourself From Depression when no one else can: A Self-Guided Program to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t. Sher shares what depression really is and how to start fixing it. More importantly, she explains why common depression treatments don't work for everyone while guiding you through simple techniques to release stuck emotional baggage. Depression is linked to emotional baggage blocking your happiest and healthiest energy. How do you...


Inner Work Alchemy

Acupuncturist Lorie Eve Deshar joins me to talk about her new book The Alchemy of Inner Work: A Guide for Turning Illness & Suffering into True Health & Well-Being. Alchemy is the science of transformation - how to change one thing into something else. In The Alchemy, Inner Work, Dechar and Fox examine how illness, suffering, and disease - the "lead: of our authentic selves--and the key to good health and well-being. Drawing on traditional Chinese, Eastern and Western alchemical traditions,...


What’s Your Awe Factor?

Award-winning Allen Klein joins me to talk about his new book The Awe Factor: How a Little Bit of Wonder Can Make a Big Difference in Your Life. THE AWE FACTOR shows readers how a little bit of wonder can make a big difference in their life. And that is what I will show your followers. (Just published by Conari Press, foreword by Jack Canfield). For many people, 2020 was not a great year. The Awe Factor reveals why becoming more aware of the awe, wonder, and magic moments surrounding us...


Gemstones for Personal & Planetary Healing

New Full-Color Guide to using Crystals & Gemstones for Personal & Planetary Healing & Enlightenment The Alchemy of Stones presents an inspired breakthrough in Robert Simmons' thirty-five-year career of exploring and revealing the spiritual qualities and potentials of minerals, crystals, and gemstones, This holistic, Earth-based framework for understanding stones and their energies initiates readers into an alchemical worldview that leads to spiritual healing, transformation, and...


Igniting Your Best Life

Psychotherapist Stephanie James joins me to talk about her new book The Spark: Igniting Your Best Life. Uniquely equipped for today's troubled times, Stephanie brings many tears of real-world experience, empowerment, and "grit" to her clients and shares her training and gifts via her coaching. She has had to overcome personal challenges such as divorce and a dysfunctional family to achieve her current status as a sought-out keynote speaker and transformational life coach. Igniting your best...


Improve Your Gut Flora for Better Physical and Emotional Health

Acupuncturist and wellness expert, Bridgette Shea, join me to talk about her new book Cultivating Your Microbiome: Ayurvedic and Chinese Practices for a Healthy Gut and a Clear Mind. In traditional medicine, such as Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, the digestive system and microbiome are recognized as the foundation for good health. Our internal flora influences our immune system, brain function, hormonal balance, cravings, sleep, mood, inflammatory response, digestion, nutrient...


Improve Your Mental Health

Natural health expert Becky Chambers is back talking about her new book Whole Body Vibration for Mental Health: Natural Methods for finding peace Amid Chaos. Due to COVID and being shut-down and shut-in, mental health has become a national cause of concern. No age group is escaping changes in their brain chemistry which in turn affects their daily lives. Some folks are depressed and seeking some type of therapy, and others know that there is something "wrong," however are afraid to seek...


Manage Your Menopause Naturally

Maryon Stewart world-renowned healthcare expert joins me to talk about her book Manage Your Menopause Naturally: The Six-Week Guide to Calming Hot Flashes & Night Sweats, Getting Your Sex Drive Back, Sharpening Memory & Reclaiming Well-Being. Manage Your Menopause Naturally offers explanations of why common symptoms occur andaction plans to address specific symptoms, along with real-life examples from women who have successfully used Stewart’s program over the last 28 years. The book also...


Self-Healing Tips

Ellen Meredith, DA, EEMAP, the author of The Language Your Body Speaks: Self- Healing with Energy Medicine, is back sharing a wealth of self-healing tips. Are you tired all of the time, no matter how much sleep you get? Having trouble getting to sleep and then staying asleep? Has your mind fogged over, and you struggle with activities that previously took no effort at all> Well, you can definitely use the self-healing tips shared today. The world of energy medicine is coming to the forefront...


The Tarot And The Cathar Code

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes The Tarot and the Cathar Code is a path to enlightenment. Russell Sturgess joins me to talk about his new book, The Spiritual Roots Of The Tarot: The Cathar Code Hidden In The Cards. The Holy Grail has been discovered. Not a cup or chalice as myth leads us to believe; the Holy Grail is sacred knowledge of the path to enlightenment and Inner peace. While author Russell Sturgess was researching the Marseille Tarot, he found evidence that this tarot deck, while...


Experiences at Life’s End

World renown expert on death, dying, and bereavement Dr. Kenneth Doka joins me to talk about experiences at life's end in his book When We Die: Extraordinary Experiences at Life's End. Premonitions of death, near-death experiences, and afterlife communications are common experiences, but they can be difficult to talk about and understand. Dr. Doka demystifies fact from fiction and provides healing to those left behind. The book explores dozens of case studies and fascinating research on the...


Radical Intuition

Thought leader Kim Chestney joins me to talk about her new book Radical Intuition: A Revolutionary Guide To Using Your Inner Power. Radical Intuition empowers folks to use their inner guidance to understand who they truly are and how to achieve their highest potential. The step-by-step process Chestney offers helps readers use their intuition not only to create their own best lives but to live in ways that facilitate optimal outcomes for the communities and businesses in which they work and...


Virtual Working Relationships

Executive Coach Maggie Craddock is back, sharing how virtual working relationships can thrive in today's world. She is the author of Lifeboat: Navigating Unexpected Career Change and Disruption. To be competitive in today's and the post-pandemic workplace, one must develop new skills. If your job can be done virtually, there is a good chance that moving forward; you will be able to work virtually at least twenty percent of the time. Are you really prepared? Getting to know yourself on a...


Crystal Healing Power

Kac Young, Ph.D., talks about her latest book Crystal Power: 12 Essential Crystals for Health & Healing. Heal more deeply and restore your spirit with this in-depth guide to enhancing your crystal practice. Kac provides everything you need to know about the twelve best healing crystals and how to pair them with other metaphysical tools and techniques. Discover the power of Healing Crystals and Their Many Benefits Learn how to incorporate power healing crystals into your everyday life easier....


Chakra Healing Therapy Demystified

Energy Healer Glen Park talks about her new book Chakra Healing Therapy: Awaken Spiritual Energies and Heal Emotional Wounds. This is not your typical book on Chakras. Discover how chakras are formed in the womb and their importance in forming our primary curve, which develops into our secondary curve as we grow into adulthood. In this in-depth guide to working with the chakras, Park draws on her decades of experience as a chakra therapist to explain how the chakras can be understood as an...


Dreaming Techniques Transformative Power

Serge Kahili King shares how we can change our lives in profound and tangible ways in his new book Dreaming Techniques: Working with Night Dreams, Daydreams, and Liminal Dreams. We explore techniques to harness the power of dreams for healing, transformation, and changing your experience of reality. King explores various in-depth dreaming techniques, including fantasy, guided imagery, meditation, visions, and remote viewing. He provides techniques for using daydreams for healing, insight,...


Overwhelmed and Over It, No More Chaotic Living

Best-selling author Arylo talks about hew new book Overwhelmed & Over It: Embrace Your Power to Stay Centered & Sustained in a Chaotic World. Women are stretched beyond capacity. Women struggling to get it all done. Women sacrificing themselves to take care of everything and everyone else. Not just for a moment or a season, but as an ongoing cycle from which they can;y break free. That is until now. Knowing that awareness is the first step and that we can't change what we don't acknowledge,...


Become Addiction Free Naturally in 2021

Brigitte Mars, A.H.G, talks about her newest release Addiction Free Naturally: Free Yourself from Opioids. Pharmaceuticals, Alcohol, Tobacco, Caffeine, Sugar, and more. Addiction affects more people than any other disease. Breaking a habit can be daunting - it's hard to know where to begin beyond quitting "cold turkey." But just as habits can be acquired, they can be broken. Others have done it, and so can you! Mars presents a holistic approach to overcoming addiction. She details how to...


Plant Spirit Reiki

In her new book Plant Spirit Reiki: Energy Healing with the Elements of Nature, Fay Johnstone demonstrates how energy healers and Reiki practitioners can partner with plant spirit allies and the forces of nature for powerful healing for themselves and others, and our planet. Fay shares how Reiki practitioners can capture nature's energy to heal the world and everything depending on her life. She explains how to connect with the Reiki principles and explores plant spirit allies, chakra work,...


Gender Change A Mothers Journey with her Transgender Child

Paria Hassouri, MD, talks about her new book sharing her experience of her transgender child - Found in Transition: A Mother's Evolution During Her Child's Gender Change. The bottom line is acceptance and inclusion. This podcast may open your eyes and adjust your thinking regarding transgender people. Found in Transition begins on May 24, 2017, when Hassouri first learns that her fourteen-year-old, designated male at birth, is having gender dysphoria and concludes on October 26, 2018, when...