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Gospel Dynamite Broadcast is a place where we honor the Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of His Word, as well as praying for our Nation.

Gospel Dynamite Broadcast is a place where we honor the Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of His Word, as well as praying for our Nation.


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Gospel Dynamite Broadcast is a place where we honor the Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching and teaching of His Word, as well as praying for our Nation.






The Beast from the Earth | Revelation 13:11-15 | J. Allen Mashburn

For the past few weeks we have been treading unholy ground. We have spent a lot of time talking about the devil and his activities during the Tribulation. I would just remind you today that Satan is an imitator. He hasn't had an original thought in over six thousand years. As we all know, there is a Holy Trinity. The Holy Trinity is comprised of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The Holy Trinity is these three individuals Who are one God. Satan has a trinity too. His...


The Beast Out of the Sea | Revelation 13:1-10 | J. Allen Mashburn

In our last study we met the Antichrist. We tried to consider what the Bible says about this coming world ruler who is called the "Man of Sin"; the "Son of Perdition". The Antichrist gives us an opportunity to see how Satan operates. The devil is an imitator. He takes what God does and he tries to duplicate it. You see, Jesus, the real Christ, is a revelation of God the Father. In John 1, there are three verses that are worthy of note, John 1:1, 14, 18. These verses teach us the truth that...


The Great Dragon is Cast Out | Revelation 12:7-17 | J. Allen Mashburn

The chapter we are studying here in Revelation is a chapter wrapped in conflict. In our last study we witnessed war between the nation of Israel, symbolized by pregnant woman, and Satan, symbolized by a great red dragon. As we read our text today, you may have noticed that these verses continue the image of conflict. In fact, verse 7 is quite a shock to the system. When we read of war in Heaven it kind of takes us back. We do not think of Heaven as being a place where wars are fought. If...


Great Wonders in Heaven | Revelation 12::1-6 | J. Allen Mashburn

We are moving into the second half of the book of Revelation today. This second portion opens with an amazing vision of some great wonders on the heavens. Let me remind you that the book of Revelation is not written in chronological order. Chapters 4-9 take us all the way through the end of the Tribulation Period. Chapters 10-11 are passages that stand as like a parenthesis in the action. They reveal some of the “behind the scenes” activities of the Lord. Chapter 11 takes us to the very...


Heavenly Rejoicing on the Edge of Eternity | Revelation 11:15-19 | J. Allen Mashburn

This message brings us to the half way point of the book of Revelation. It also brings us to the end of a very long section that began back in Rev. 10:1. In this passage, the seventh trumpet, which was announced in Rev. 10:7, is about to sound. When it is sounded, this trumpet will unleash God’s final acts of judgments upon the earth. The seventh trumpet will bring about a devastating wave of judgment. It will fulfill the ancient prophecies of Joel 2:1-2, “Blow ye the trumpet in Zion, and...


The Two Witnesses from Another World | Revelation 11:1-14 | J. Allen Mashburn

We are still in a parenthetical of Scripture. God is describing a break in the action of the Tribulation as He takes care of some heavenly business. As I mentioned in our last study, this is one of the most difficult passages in the Revelation to interpret. There are two facts to keep in mind as we study these verses. 1. We are on Jewish ground – The images and words used are Jewish in nature. 2. We are dealing with events related to the future – The book of Revelation details future...


The Tribulation Temple | Revelation 11:1-2 | J. Allen Mashburn

We are still in the midst of a parenthetical passage that began in chapter 10. We are in the midst of a pause in the actions and activities of the Tribulation Period judgments. As we come to Revelation 11, we have arrived at one of the most difficult passages in the book of the Revelation. It is hard to understand, but keeping two thoughts in mind will help us as we study these verses. 1. We are on Jewish ground – The images and terminology are Jewish in nature. These verses deal with the...


A World at War | Revelation 9:13-21 | J. Allen Mashburn

The images depicted in this chapter make it one of the most disturbing passages in the entire Bible. In verses 1-12, we studied a description of a swarm of demons. These demons came to the earth to torment all those who refused to bow to God. They tormented men for five long months and brought terrible suffering to the unsaved. The only grace in those verses is the fact that those who know the Lord Jesus as their Savior will be spared from that attack. It is also a blessing to know that...


When Hell Comes to Your House | Revelation 9:1-12 | J. Allen Mashburn

There can be little doubt that the Book of Revelation contains some of the most frightening images in the entire Bible. This passage may be the most frightening of them all. We are in the midst of the seven trumpet judgments. The first four trumpets have been sounded and they brought forth horrible scenes of death and destruction. The earth’s environment has been shattered and mankind is writhing under the awful judgments of a holy God. Chapter 8 closes with an angel flying through Heaven...


When Heaven Falls Silent | Revelation 8:1-13 | J. Allen Mashburn

We continuing to watch as the events of the Book of the Revelation unfold. We have already witnessed the end of the church age, which will culminate in the Rapture of the church, Rev. 4:1. We have watched as Heaven worships God and the Lamb for Who They are, what They have done and for what They will do, Rev. 4-5. We have seen the Lamb of God, the Lord Jesus, take the seven-sealed scroll from the hand of His Father and, we have watched as He began the process of breaking the seven seals,...


A Multitude No Man Could Number | Revelation 7:9-17 | J. Allen Mashburn

As we continue to move through the book of the Revelation, we are in the middle of a parenthetical passage. Chapter seven is inserted into the narrative to allow us to catch a glimpse of the grace of God at work during the most horrible time earth has ever known. In our last study, we saw the Lord redeem 144,000 Jewish men. These men were sent out into the entire world to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all nations. In this passage, we will see the fruits of their preaching, as a vast...


The Mystery of the 144,000 | Revelation 7:1-8 | J. Allen Mashburn

In Revelation chapter 6 we were witnesses to a world under a storm of divine judgment. The Lord Jesus took possession of the title deed to this planet in chapter 5. He began opening the seven seals of that title deed. He is beginning the process of redeeming this planet out of the hands of sin, sinners and Satan. We watched Jesus open six of the seven seals on the scroll. Before He did, there was a great peal of thunder in Heaven, Rev. 6:1. Thus thunder signaled the approaching storm of...


Two Worlds in Prayer | Revelation 6:9-17 | J. Allen Mashburn

As we continue our journey through the book of Revelation, we are just beginning to deal with the events related to the Tribulation. As we understand it, this period of terror and judgment will not begin until the church has been removed from the world in the Rapture. The Tribulation Period itself is a seven year period of time that is divided into two 3 ½ year segments. The first half is known as the Tribulation and the last half as the Great Tribulation. In our last study we looked at the...


Horsemen on the Horizon l Revelation 6:1-8 l J. Allen Mashburn

Revelation chapter six is a shock to the senses. In the past two chapters, we have been allowed to witness scenes of heavenly worship. In this passage, we are going to see images of divine wrath. We have been a place where there is praise and shouting. We are about to examine a scene filled with pain and suffering. In chapters four and five, we have been seated in “heavenly places” observing “scenes of joy”. In chapter six, we are brought down to “earthly places” to observe “scenes of...


Sweet Songs in Heavenly Places | Revelation 5:8-14 | J. Allen Mashburn

This passage finds us still in Heaven in the presence of God and of the Lamb. The church has been raptured, perfected and safely delivered home to Heaven. The landing has been safe! Revelation chapters 4 and 5 find us in Heaven’s courtroom. God is preparing to judge this world. But, before He does, there is a pause for praise in glory. In these verses, Heaven is unable to contain itself and all the residents of that fair land burst forth in rejoicing and praise to God and the Lamb. There is...


Worthy is the Lamb l Revelation 5:1-7 l J. Allen Mashburn

As we enter this fifth chapter, it would be a good time for a little review. In chapter 4, John is caught up into Heaven. When he arrives there, he sees God Himself sitting on a glorious throne. John sees Heaven arrayed as a courtroom. God is preparing to unleash His wrath on the inhabitants of the earth. In the midst of this awesome scene, we also see that Heaven is filled with the praises of Jehovah. Heaven understands what the Lord is about to do and the inhabitants of that city praise...


A Nation in Need of Repentance | Jeremiah 8 | J. Allen Mashburn

Many believe that our greatest need is jobs, others are sure the economy is the priority need of our nation, and still others would tell us that our greatest need is political, that we somehow must heal the political divide that hinders our nation from moving to a solution for its problems. I want you to know that our greatest problem as a nation is something far more easily solved than the economy, jobs, or political partisanship. Our greatest need in America is spiritual, and simple...


Bound By the Lord’s Purposes | Romans 9:6-33 | J. Allen Mashburn

The first part of verse 6 carries our minds back to what Paul said in verse 1-5. There, we are reminded that the Jews had been the recipients of many divine gifts. Verses 4 and 5 contain quite an impressive list of blessings which they had been given. However, just the fact that they had been given these great spiritual gifts and manifestations, did not guarantee them that they would be saved. That having been said, let us remember that the Word of the Lord will be fulfilled, even to its...


What Will We Do in Heaven? | Revelation 4:1-11 | J. Allen Mashburn

Verse 1 of this passage shows John hearing the sound of a trumpet and of a great voice calling him up to Heaven. Immediately, the transition is made from the earth to the heavens. John is then given a view of what Heaven will be like. This first verse is a clear picture of the rapture of the Church. John pictures for us what it will be like to be snatched out of this world and taken directly to Heaven. That will be a thrilling experience! However, the question that is often asked by people...


Special Announcement: WE ARE MOVING SOON! | Revelation 4:1 | J. Allen Mashburn

As we move into chapter 4 of the book of Revelation, we are heading into strange country. We just left the past as we dealt with the seven churches of Asia Minor. Yet, while we studied those churches, we came to understand that we were, in reality, very much in the present. Now, when we get to this chapter, we are about to step off into the future. This chapter, and the one that follows takes us into the very throne room of God, where we can see ourselves and what we will be doing when we...