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HOPE is Here brings hope to those struggling with life's difficult situations.

HOPE is Here brings hope to those struggling with life's difficult situations.


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HOPE is Here brings hope to those struggling with life's difficult situations.






It is More Than Just Coffee

Greg wraps up a fun week with Brewster McLeod as he shared stories of his time at Southland Christian Church. Retiring after 40 years in the ministry, Brewster just couldn't just stop, so along with a few friends, the opened a non-profit, coffee house called "McLeod's Coffee House" where people can come for table fellowship. Check out McLeod's coffee house at www.McLeodsCoffeeHouse.org. They are locate at 376 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY next to Geno's Formal Affair, across from Milward...


That Was Wayne

Brewster McLeod started out as a Youth Minister in 1979 at Southland Christian Church with Wayne Smith. He shares some insight on the big personality of Wayne Smith and his devotion to Christ. Help support HOPE is Here > https://www.hopeisheretoday.org/donate #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #BrewsterMcLeod #McLeodsCoffeeHouse #WayneSmith #JesusProm #SouthlandChristianChurch


When Jesus Throws a Party

Today, Brewster McLeod talks with Greg about the Jesus Prom, taken from Luke 14:12-14: Then Jesus said to his host, “When you give a luncheon or dinner, do not invite your friends, your brothers or sisters, your relatives, or your rich neighbors; if you do, they may invite you back and so you will be repaid. But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the...


The Raggamuffin Gospel

Greg continues talking with Brewster McLeod about his life and just listening to some great stories of his 20-year career. Learn more about The Raggmmuffin Gospel at https://www.amazon.com/Ragamuffin-Gospel-Bedraggled-Beat-Up-Burnt/dp/1590525027 Help support HOPE is Here > https://www.hopeisheretoday.org/donate #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #BrewsterMcLeod #McLeodsCoffeeHouse #WayneSmith #JesusProm #SouthlandChristianChurch


When Brewster McLeod Lost his Pants

You are in for a treat this week as Brewster McLeod joins Greg in the studio to share some great stories from his days as a minister at Southland Christian Church. He and Greg are just having too much fun! Help support HOPE is Here > https://www.hopeisheretoday.org/donate #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #BrewsterMcLeod #McLeodsCoffeeHouse #WayneSmith #JesusProm #SouthlandChristianChurch


What Happens When You Surrender

Greg wraps up his conversation with Marcelo Unterbug about his life of uncontrollable addictions and recovery. We discovered that he nearly killed a family in a traffic accident after a drug-induced seizure. Then he nearly killed his father who was trying to help him. For some reason, God was watching over him. So how did he recover and what lessons did he learn after he surrendered. He now celebrates life with his wife, Jill and his son, LuCa. If you are suffering from addictions and would...


I Almost Killed Them

Greg continues his conversation with Marcelo Unterbug whose drug addiction began at the age of 8. Yesterday, he talked about how he woke up in the hospital after he had a drug-induced seizure. Listen to his story from here and how God stepped in. As you can see by the photo, a woman named Jill came into his life. If you are suffering from addictions and would like encouragement from Marcelo, you can contact him in Dallas, Texas at (972) 489-8694 or at munterbug@gmail.com #HopeisHere...


Can it Get Any Worse?

Greg talks with Marcelo Unterbug who shares his powerful story of overcoming multiple addictions that started in his early teens. He shares how it all started and over the next two days shares about how he finally got himself sober. If you are suffering from addictions and would like encouragement from Marcelo, you can contact him in Dallas, Texas at (972) 489-8694 or at munterbug@gmail.com #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #AA...


Why Do Our Words Matter?

Greg continues on the topic of the power of our words. They can mean life or death. Today, Greg shares 5 reasons why our words matter. 1. Words are a matter of life or death. 2. Words are not just a mouth issue, but a heart issue. 3. Words can wound like nothing else. 4. Words can bring us HOPE like nothing else. 5. Words that you speak to yourself matter greatly. #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #WordsMatter #WordsArePower...


The Power of Our Words

There are a lot of words being thrown around lately. Some filled with hate; some filled with love. The bottom line is that words have the power to harm, but the also have the power to heal. Today Greg reflects on the words we use and the importance of choosing the right words to stay God-honoring. Based on Proverbs 18:20-21 and John 6:63-34 #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #WordsMatter #WordsArePower #ThePowerofWords #WordsCanHeal...


What Does the Mirror Reflect About Your Heart?

Greg talks with John Hampton, Lead Pastor of “Journey Christian Church” in Apopka, Florida on the topic of racial divide. Growing up in a white community John never considered himself prejudice until his daughter brought home an African American boyfriend. He felt the discomfort of this young man potentially being part of his family. It was then that God helped him to honestly look at his heart and confront his discomfort. He now encourages you, too, to look into a mirror with the honesty...


Who is Your Son's Role Model?

Greg continues his conversation with Dave Willis about raising boys to respect girls. In 'Raising Boys Who Respect Girls', Willis helps readers inventory the blind spots that lead to accidental forms of disrespect, showing how to root out issues in our own hearts before we inadvertently pass along these same issues to our boys. He also teaches readers how to cultivate a healthy respect for God and for themselves as created in his image, as well as a similar respect for others. Full of...


Raise Boys to Respect Girls

If you are a parent, this program is for you. Greg is joined by Dave Willis to talk about his new book, "Raising Boys Who Respect Girls." He talks biblically and practically about how to raise a generation of boys who are champions, encouragers, and respecters of women. Learn more about Dave Willis at www.DaveWillis.org Find Dave Willis on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/davewillis78 Learn more about this book at...


Feed Our Neighbor

Greg continues his conversation with Denise Walsh and Sylvia Lovely of "Feed Our Neighbors," a unique program that provides 3-5 days of family-style meals to families with special diet needs such as food allergies. Today they share more details about the program and how you can volunteer or join the program. They share some wonderful stories, too. Learn more about "Feed Our Neighbor" at www.FeedOurNeighbor.com or on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/feedourneighborKY/ Learn more about...


Special Food for Special Diets

Two local restaurateurs, Denise Walsh of Gluten-Free Miracle and Sylvia Lovely of Azur's and Lexington Diner, join Greg in the studio to talk about their new charity, "Feed Our Neighbors." Feed Our Neighbor is a local support group of businesses and individuals coming together to ensure people with a sudden change in circumstances and even people with food allergies have food in the central Kentucky area do not go hungry during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about "Feed Our Neighbor" at...


Failure is an Inside Job

Is failure keeping you from having HOPE? As Greg shared, he was featured in John Maxwell's book, "Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes Into Stepping Stones for Success." His story wasn't featured in this book because he "Failed," it was because he failed "Forward." He reminds us that failure is an event, not a person. And that failure is how you respond to it. The Bible is all about overcoming failures. #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex...


Do You Know How to Fail Properly?

Greg addresses his signature topic, "Failing Forward." As most of you know, Greg's life was drastically changed in 19997 when a flood destroyed his business which led to the loss of his home, and the end of his marriage. Greg knows failure. Today Greg preaches HOPE. Failure is a part of the progress to success. When you keep God first, things always work out. #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #InGodWeTrust #Proverbs2 #BuildTrustinGod


In God We Trust - Part 3

Over the last two days, Greg talked about 4 things that can help you build your trust in God. Today he shares the 5th. 5 Ways to Build Trust: 1. Talk to to God throughout your day. 2. Remember how God helped you in the past. 3. Remember who the source of peace is. 4. Soul-keeping is essential to trust God. 5. It's okay to be afraid. #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #InGodWeTrust #Proverbs2 #BuildTrustinGod #TrustGod


In God We Trust - Part 2

Greg continues the topic of "In God We Trust" taken from Proverbs 3:5-6. Yesterday he started sharing 5 things that can help you keep your Trust with God. The first is was "talk to God throughout the day." Today, he shares the next three. #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #InGodWeTrust #Proverbs2 #BuildTrustinGod #TrustGod


In God We Trust - Part 1

"IN GOD WE TRUST" is the official motto of the United States and has appeared on paper currency since 1957. But, do we really trust God? Do You? Today, Greg reflects on this topic and encourages us from Proverbs 2:5-9. Listen to the 5 things that can help you keep your Trust with God. #HopeisHere #HopeisHereToday #HopeisHere.today #GregJHorn #GregHorn #HopeisHereLex #InGodWeTrust #Proverbs2 #BuildTrustinGod #TrustGod