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Ep. 33: A Very '#MeToo' Christmas

Christmas bells are ringing, Santa is circling the globe, and the Virgin Mary is still upset over this whole Jesus thing. On this week's episode of HNE, we dive feet first into the "MeToo" movement and wonder how the Virgin birth became part of the discussion, and why they're trying to ban one of our favorite Christmas songs.


Ep. 32: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Chimps

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald spawn a debate over the effects of the wizarding world on impressionable youth. Chris and Justin discuss the pop culture phenomenon that is Harry Potter and if this world of magic is a gateway drug to adulthood occult practices.


Ep. 31: Holy Halloween! - Part 2

HNE's Halloween Special comes to a close with creepy tales of haunted churches in the US and a walk through a Texas haunted house. Justin will take you on a ghostly tour of a New Orleans Catholic church, while Chris tells the tale of a non-denominational church overrun by demons. Does a ghostly pastor still preach from the pulpit? Could the devil possibly own the deed to your building? Will Justin make it through a haunted house without screaming like a little girl?...Probably not on the...


Ep. 30: Deal with the Devil

Put a little Trick in your treat this year as HNE delves into the demonic origins of the Jack-O-Lantern and the history of Trick or Treaters. You may think twice about carving that pumpkin after hearing it all originated from a deal with the devil. The boys also toy with the theory that U.S. Trick or Treating all began as a Fraternity kegger. Plus, the final 4 of our Monster Madness Challenge, to find the deadliest movie monster villain of all time. In the end, you may not answer your door...


Ep. 29: Horror Flix and Chimps

Freddy, and Jason, and Michael...OH MY!!! In this months 2nd Halloween installment HNE covers the best slasher fix of all time and the rules of surviving a horror movie monster. Is Jason really that big of a threat? Does your fear of the demonic prevent you from beating Freddy Krueger? Will Chris and Justins wives die for the 3rd straight week? You'll have to listen to find out.


Ep. 28: Night of the Living Monkeys

The countdown to Halloween begins with a look at zombie culture, movies, and survival. This week the boys discuss their fascination with the undead and how they plan to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Zombie Survival Tip #1: Ditch your wife.


Ep. 27: The Confession Project

The HNE monkeys are at it again with an eye opening look at conflict, media therapy, and the act of confession. The Confession Project asks you, the listener, to take a leap of faith and volunteer for a new spiritual experiment to help you overcome unresolved issues in your life.


Ep. 26: Chimps in Space Force

This week we're going to space! The world race is on to dominate outer-space and HNE has a few ideas to help it along. We give our take on Trumps new Space Force program and welcome back the Captain of the Enterprise himself, Sir Patrick Stewart. Will Trump's Space Force rule the Universe? Are we ready for the next generation? Will Queen Latifah be our first ambassador to an alien encounter?


Ep. 25: Satanic Smokey and the Bandit

The Satanic Temple is at it again and HNE is on the case. This week Chris and Justin discuss separation of Church and state and The Ten Commandments v. The devil on government property. Does Christianity have a place in our schools and government buildings? Do satanists have a right to be heard? Would a demonic bouncy house make everything better? Perhaps the Satanic Smokey and the Bandit know.


Ep. 24: We Love the 80's

'We love the 80's' is an homage to the decade that birthed the HNE cast. What starts as an attempt for Chris to clear his sullied name, quickly becomes the greatest 80's pop culture breakdown of all time. The journey from the top 20 songs to reboots of the movies they cherished as children will transport you back to your pop culture roots. You'll laugh, you'll cry...and you may even considering going to your high school reunion.


Ep. 23: Curse of the Mummy

HNE is back from summer vacation with an eye opening look at curses and how they impact your everyday life. Chris and Justin dig into the unearthing of a modern day mummy curse and what God has to say on the subject. Are Curses real? How can you defend yourself against a curse? And what would Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser do? All important questions, which will be answered on this weeks Hear No Evil.


Minisode 2: Jurassic Monkeys

The hubris of HNE knows no bounds as Chris and Justin fumble their way through the complexities of evolution and the existence of dinosaurs, with a little help from Jurassic Park. The only thing they know for sure...the Pigman must not survive.


Ep. 22: Generation Y God

Spanning BabyBoomers to Millennials, HNE takes a closer look at the religious and spiritual differences in the generational divide. Can you remember life before technology? How likely is your generation to follow God? Will you die of dysentery? These questions and more will be answered on this weeks Hear No Evil.


Ep. 21: Don't Get Murdered

HNE takes a second STAB at True Crime by delving into horrific murders in the church. Justin covers the mysterious disappearance of a Catholic Nun and the 50 year search for her killer, while Chris explores the mystery of the Fire and Brimstone Murder. Throughout you'll laugh, you'll cry...you'll be paranoid sitting in church.


Ep. 20: Time Traveling Monkeys

This week HNE takes you Back 2 the Future with theories of time travel and a real life flux capacitor. Chris and Justin debate the paradox of morality and self control in being able to slide through time. Would you go back and change the past if you could? Would you meet MLK or Jesus? More importantly, could you avoid the temptation of Biff's Sports Almanac?


Minisode 1: Architectural Ghostbusters

This HNE Minisode takes a closer look at Demon Paint and Supernatural Architecture. Inspired by a listener request, we delve ever further into Haint Blue porches and other fascinating structures designed to ward off evil spirits. Would you buy an apartment on the thirteenth floor? Is your toilet haunted? Lets find out...shall we.


Ep. 19: Touched by a Binge Watcher

How are God and Satan depicted in modern television? HNE breaks down TV's depiction of religious figures, from Handsome Misunderstood Lucifer to Wimpy Jesus. Only Chris and Justin could take on homosexual satan, modern day public stonings, and an inbred Messiah with such gravitas. HA!!


Ep. 18: Paranormal Monkey Activity

Turn down the lights, find someone to hold, and join us for Spooky in the Spring 3. HNE Host's Chris Copeland and Justin McGill share True Terrifying Tales of The Dark Arts and Demonic Saints. Will you make it through the stories of The Voodoo Preacher and The Possessed Nun? This episode has everything: Haunted Houses, Curses, Bumps in the Attic, and Golden Babies...Good Luck!!


Ep. 17: HNE's Monkey War - Part III

*SPOILER ALERT* Chris and Justin finish up their Monkey War series with reactions to Avengers Infinity War and their predictions for the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Chris, Justin, and comic book guru John Anderson laugh, cry...and someones wife may get killed in the process. Guess you'll just have to listen to find out who. Part 3 of 3, that's right it's a trilogy!


Ep. 16: HNE's Monkey War - Part 2

The Adventures of Ron Swanson and the Avengers. HNE's first live guest, Comic Book Aficionado John Anderson, helps the boys navigate Marvel's Infinity War and the spiritual side of the comic book Universe. Part 2 of 2