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Weekly Bible teaching from Pastor Jim Thomas at Holly Springs Bible Fellowship in Hornick, Iowa.

Weekly Bible teaching from Pastor Jim Thomas at Holly Springs Bible Fellowship in Hornick, Iowa.
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Weekly Bible teaching from Pastor Jim Thomas at Holly Springs Bible Fellowship in Hornick, Iowa.






4 Gospels / 1 Jesus - 02 Mark

Mark 10- Jesus came to serve and sacrifice. His life was not one of ease or comfort, it was a life dedicated to the will of the father. May each of you be challenged to served and sacrifice for someone else this Christmas season. Just as Jesus demonstrated in His life, It is not about you or me. Real living is a life dedicated in sacrifice and service to others.


4 Gospels / 1 Jesus - 01 Matthew

Matthew 2 - May each of you trust Jesus as your King. May each of you possess a personal relationship with Jesus as King. May you learn to trust His power and His right to rule in your life. May you serve him with humility and joy in whatever your King asks of you this week. May you love your King with all your heart until you meet Him face to face in the world to come.


7 I Am's of Christ 07 - Vine

John 15 - Jesus is the vine and we are branches. Apart from Him, we can do nothing. Make sure you have a relationship with Christ and then abide close to Him as you grow in fellowship. Growth requires pruning and God works in our life motivated by His love for us. He then challenges us to act in love towards others as well. What will love require of you this week as you seek to serve God?


7 I Am's of Christ 06 - Way, Truth, Life

John 14 - The disciples had a plan, but it was not the same plan as God. Jesus had to leave, but He wanted them to understand they would meet again. They would have to follow Jesus as the only way, the only truth, and the only way to live life. Believing in the person of Jesus guaranteed them a way to live here and in the world to come.


7 I Am's of Christ 05 - I Am the Resurrection and the Life

John 11 - The resurrection is not just about the future. The resurrection provides hope, encouragement, and strength for the present. It is not a force or a concept. The resurrection is based on a real present relationship with the person of Jesus Christ who will never leave us. It provides hope to hopeless situations and perspective to this temporary thing we call life on this earth.


7 I Am's of Christ 04 - I Am the Good Shepherd

John 10 - Jesus is the good shepherd. Everyone knew what it meant to have a shepherd that watched out and cared for the sheep. Make sure that Jesus is your shepherd and follow Him with all your heart. Never allow Satan to get you to question His love or care for you.


7 I Am's of Christ 03 - I Am the Door

John 10 - Jesus is the door to a new way of living life. He gives you the ability to have an abundant purpose-filled life here on this earth. He gives you the promise of a life with Him in the world to come. You cannot possess this life without Jesus as your Lord and Savior. He is the only door to this kind of life.


7 I Am's of Christ 02 - Light of the World

John 8 - Jesus is the Light of the World and He gives us the responsibility to be His light in this dark world. We need to be dependent on Him to allow us to act in ways that reflect Him. Reflect Christ in all you do this week and be a light so that people can see your Christ.


7 I Am's of Christ 01 - Bread of Life

John 6 - Bread of life. Christ who was born in Bethlehem (House of Bread) presents Himself as the Bread of Life. A bread that is offered to all who will accept it. A Bread that is eternal and that meets the spiritual need for man. If we believe and trust, we can possess the bread that always satisfies.


7 I Am's of Christ 00 - Introduction

Exodus 3:14 - God is the great I AM. He will do what He needs and wants to do. He will be who He wants to be. It is our job to trust, follow and allow Him to be God in our lives. Only then can God be our I AM as well.


Fruit of the Spirit 09 - Self Control

Galatians 5:22 - You will be controlled this week - by God's spirit or the world's. Self control is deciding you will choose God's ways over your own. It is the power to allow God to be in control. Self control is mandatory for Christian growth. May we each lead a spirit filled life this week.


Fruit of the Spirit 08 - Meekness

Ephesians 4:2,3 = Meekness is that way of life that sees strength in restraint. It is reflective of God's people. Meekness demonstrates a focus on others before self.


Fruit of the Spirit 07- Faithfulness

Matthew 24:25-48 - We live in a world that makes faith self focused. Real faith is sourced in a God is who He says he is and that he will do everything that He has said He has promised to do. a life of faithfulness is driven by commitment and selfless living.


Fruit of the Spirit 06 - Goodness

Genesis 3 - God is a good God. Everything about His creation was good and goodness is a characteristic of His actions toward His creation. We need to focus on the goodness of God to us so that we can reflect that goodness in our actions every day. God is good, so we need to be "good" people who reflect His character every day.


Fruit of the Spirit 05 - Kindness

Hosea 6 - God desires kindness from his children. Because God has shown us great kindness, we must show kindness to a lost world. The world must know they are valued and that we desire a relationship with them.


Fruit of the Spirit 04 - Patience

James 5:7-11 - God is a God of patience. He designed most of creation to have a long term perspective, not a short term view. God has eternity in view, not just your time on this planet, so trust Him that He is doing what is best for you and His glory. Don't quit, stay faithful until the end.


Fruit of the Spirit 03 - Peace

Philippians 4:11-13 - A life of peace is not a life without difficulty and hardship. A life of peace is focused on a life of surrender and contentment with God. It is a life that realizes God is on the throne and at work in my life. While it may not be the life I planned, it is a life that can show the glory of God to a lost world.


Fruit of the Spirit 02 - Joy

Philippians 4:4 - A life of joy is not dependent upon our situation or circumstances. A Life of joy is centered in Christ and not on problems, people, past or things. It is centered on Christ and allows for a life of contentment regardless of our circumstances. Live a life of joy this week.


2019 Woodbury County Fair Service

Luke 19 - Zacchaeus wanted to see Christ and Christ wanted a relationship with Him. Jesus did not care what people thought, His focus was on someone who wanted to follow Him and He accepted him as he was and God changed his life. Christ will do the same for you if you are willing to follow him. Trust and Follow Him today.


Fruit of the Spirit 01 - Love

Galatians 5:22,23 - Satan tries to get each of us to live our lives driven by fear or hatred. God gives us the ability to live our lives driven by love. It is an action which we can demonstrate. It is sourced in very character and nature of God and that ability is grafted into our lives. As Christians we do not have to live driven by fear, but by love.