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Hosted by Matt Hames of the National Christian Foundation, HopeCast brings you stories of hope and generosity in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.

Hosted by Matt Hames of the National Christian Foundation, HopeCast brings you stories of hope and generosity in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.


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Hosted by Matt Hames of the National Christian Foundation, HopeCast brings you stories of hope and generosity in the midst of the coronavirus crisis.




Leading with empathy as we recover and rebuild

The COVID-19 crisis has been with us for months now. Where do we go from here? Simon Barrington, founder of Forge Leadership and former CEO for Samaritan’s Purse in Europe, has 15 years’ experience in disaster recovery. He shares how leaders can set the pace to reboot the world in a restorative and meaningful way.


Redemptive entrepreneurship when winter is over

How should entrepreneurs design for a different future? What does it look like to build trust and follow through with a long-term vision? Dave Blanchard, co-founder and CEO of Praxis, dives into these questions and shares a hopeful look at how at how business leaders can prepare to thrive – not just survive – right now and in the days to come.


Standing in the gap for ministries

It's no secret that ministries have been directly impacted by COVID-19 with aspects like fundraising and events. But even in the midst of crisis, Bob Westfall from Westfall Gold shares how he's seeing donors rise to the occasion and have honest conversations with ministry leaders as they lean in, together, to a shared mission.


Advisors, you're not alone in this crisis

How can financial advisors steward their influence in a time such as this? Rob West from Kingdom Advisors shares some perspective on the unique opportunities advisors have right now for a deeper connection with their clients and peers that all points back to the fact that God still owns it all.


150 years of compassion at The Bowery Mission

For the Bowery Mission in New York City, COVID-19 isn't the first crisis they've encountered since they opened their doors in the 1870s. More than ever, their dedicated team of staff and volunteers are committed to provide shelter, meals, and compassion for their neighbors today and long after the pandemic is over.


How can churches help each other in a pandemic?

Listen to learn how a coalition of church leaders, ministries, and individuals came together to make it easier for churches to help each other in crisis.


Two women create D.C. army of coronavirus volunteers

How two ordinary women quickly mobilized volunteers to serve those at high-risk during the pandemic.


Medical Teams International on the frontlines with a crisis-ready care model

Martha Newsome, President and CEO of Medical Teams International, describes how her team pivoted their care model by turning their mobile dental vans into emergency dental clinics, as well as by training healthcare workers globally to respond to the crisis.


Innovative care for the homeless during COVID-19

With the homeless facing challenges like never before, Love Beyond Walls is quickly innovating to provide hand-washing stations, PPE, and uncommon dignity in the midst of coronavirus.


How to pivot in a pandemic: Insights for Christian business leaders

Mike Sharrow, CEO of C12, shares stories of how Christian marketplace leaders and entrepreneurs are pivoting their business models in ways that's leading to rapid innovation, employee care, and so much more.


Leveraging big data to activate a strategic response

Jeff Fray, Senior VP of Gloo, shares how he and his team are leveraging data and analytics to help churches unlock local needs and mobilize strategic resources to meet those needs.


Fighting COVID-19 with a global hackathon

Find out what happens when Christian tech industry professionals come together online from all over around the globe to solve 8 urgent, new COVID-19-related issues.


World Vision's call to care for the vulnerable

From family emergency kits to raising awareness in remote regions, Edgar Sandoval with World Vision describes how his team is responding to the pandemic. He also shares a timely reminder that now is the time to respond to those around us – as Jesus did – with compassion.


Italy For Christ on a mission to bring hope

Matt talks with Italy For Christ co-founders, Guy and Sondra Sottile, about what it's like to serve and minister in a region where coronavirus cases continue to rise. Until this week, Italy has been the epicenter of the pandemic, but Guy and Sondra offer encouragement for how they're seeing God move in the midst of this uncertain time.


Charities in Seattle mobilized for good

Kendra VanderMeulen, President of NCF's Northwest team, talks with Matt about what life has been like in the Seattle area amidst the coronavirus crisis and how a few local charities are responding to the needs.


Sparks of generosity in Chicago

An early look at how givers, churches, a Christian school, and neighbors using NextDoor responded in their Chicago communities during the first days of the pandemic.