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InferenceSwap is a show about God's Mission and Discipleship. We are breaking down the inferences we bring to God and others! Journey with us as everyday people live God's mission in everyday life!

InferenceSwap is a show about God's Mission and Discipleship. We are breaking down the inferences we bring to God and others! Journey with us as everyday people live God's mission in everyday life!


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InferenceSwap is a show about God's Mission and Discipleship. We are breaking down the inferences we bring to God and others! Journey with us as everyday people live God's mission in everyday life!






Season 2: EP.22 - Religion vs Faith

Transition and change can be tough. However, it is a lot more complicated when we are religious. This episode John talks about the difference between the faith we are called to live and religion amour sinful religious nature. Join this discussion as he digs deep into these important differences.


Season 2: EP.21 - God, the Unfair Judge

In this episode John asks can you disciple from a pulpit? And He continues in the parables of Judgment as Jesus speaks of Noah right before he take us the cross. Like and Subscribe us!


Season 2: EP.20 - Lessons from the Fig Tree

This episode we get back to our series on the Parable of Judgment.


Season2: EP.18 - The Danger of Holiness and Moralism

Discipleship has suffered in America because of the barriers created by rituals and skewed theology in the broken systems of church. Today John passionately discusses two reasons discipleship has almost been done away with in America. He asks the question, "Do you think Christianity is about morality and holiness?"


Season 2: EP.17 - The Power of Prayer

Discipleship without prayer has no guidance or direction. Mission in Prayer helps to see our relationship with God and those around us. Join John as he discusses the power of prayer!


Season 2: EP.15 - Life on Mission & The Wicked Tenants

In this podcast John gives us this weeks discipleship tip - living a life on mission and then in the gospel portion of the podcast he talks about the Parable of the Tenants! Great Stuff! Don't miss it!


Season 2: EP.14 - Identity & The tale of Two Sons

This weeks episode is a two parter. First, he speaks on a discipleship tip, identity, and its importance to discipleship. Secondly, John continues on his judgment parables, the tale of two sons.


Season 2: EP.13 -Jesus Authority is Challenged

We continue in the Judgment Parables. We find the Jesus heading to the cross. There he is once again confronted with 'thee' question, "By What Authority?..." Listen as John brings this together for us with a wonderfully encouraging challenge.


Season 2: EP.12 - Discipleship, Lark, and a Judgment Parable

This week John gives this weeks discipleship tip, he speaks on why the table Network changed its name, and goes into the action parable of the Cleansing of the Temple. Don't miss it!


Season 2: EP.11 - Forgiveness

The importance of grace is forgiveness. John opens up about this topic and the struggles of forgiveness. He asked the question, "Does guilt that we feel estrange us from the forgiveness that should be?


Season 2: EP.10 - The Sovereignty of Grace over Judgment

John gives his discipleship tip of the week. We also continue our study on the Gospel as we look at "action parables" that are presented to us during the Passion Week.


Season 2: EP.09 -UNFaith

Many bring their thoughts and opinions to God, but we must place our trust in what he has done and will do rather than think we have it figured out. This episode goes through the judgment parable of the "The Ten Coins." The Parable before Jesus enters Jerusalem.


Season 2: EP.08 - God's Judgment: Resurrection Now!

As Jesus goes to see Lazarus we learn the meaning of resurrection and the implications for on now. Good News? You bettcha!


Season 2: EP.07 - A Surprise Witness

The series on God's Judgement and Grace continues. Jesus is under fire as he heads towards Jerusalem. On the way he does something unheard of and the hope he brings those with authority want to destroy. In the process we find a surprise witness to the truth of Jesus as the truth, resurrection and life. John our host hen recaps God's Judgment as seen through God's eyes.


Season 2: Ep. 06 - Heaven the Only Bar in Town

Today episode we talk about the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard. It isa story of those who will not accept God's acceptance. They choose, like the prodigal son's older brother, to go to the party or not.


Season 2: Ep. 05 - The Dreadfulness of Grace

This episode explores the parable of the Rich Young Ruler. Find out why grace was dreadful to him in this exciting study concerning grace and God's judgment.


Season 2: Ep. 04 - God's Judgment: The Courts are Closed

God's judgment through the finished work of Jesus ends up being the grace offered to the world. In this episode, John examines God's judgement in what looks like obscure passages of scripture thrown in and gives us the interpretive lens that opens up the good news to God's judgment.


Season 2: Ep.03 - God's Judgment: Losing to Win

Many did not understand the good news of Jesus during his earthly ministry. That was because he did something the world would not think to do. He lost to win. Check out what this means and why God's grace was God's judgment.


Season 2: EP.02 - God's Judgement: The Ultimate Offer of Grace

What is God's Judgment biblically? Is it reward verse punishment? Take a listen as we walk through some scripture and discuss how ones view on God's Judgement affects our proclamation, or lack their of, God's grace.


Season 2: EP.01 - God's Judgment - Inclusion before Exclusion

The good news of the Gospel challenges the law and even more so overcomes it by Grace. In the same way, grace challenges the idea of judgment as punishment vs. reward. In light of what Jesus has done what does God's Judgment mean then? Join us in the good news of God's Judgment as we look to see what it truly means..