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Life has issues, and the Bible has the answers. Francie Taylor teaches the relevance of Scripture to daily life through these brief Bible application studies.

Life has issues, and the Bible has the answers. Francie Taylor teaches the relevance of Scripture to daily life through these brief Bible application studies.


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Life has issues, and the Bible has the answers. Francie Taylor teaches the relevance of Scripture to daily life through these brief Bible application studies.




Build Your Bible Habit~Proverbs Chapter 2

BONUS BIBLE SERIES: Welcome back to Build Your Bible Habit, an audio series in Proverbs. If you're new to this series, the purpose of these recordings is to encourage the habit of getting into the Word daily. God uses Bible study to transform us "by the renewing of our minds" (Rom. 12:2). For years, people have used the Proverb-a-Day system to build a daily Bible reading habit, and it has been very successful in helping people to develop a daily habit of reading and personal Bible...


Teachback Tuesday: Riches, Honor, and Life

Welcome to TEACHBACK TUESDAY! Now that we have a year's worth of episodes in the library, we'll weave the earlier episodes in between the new ones for 2022. This allows more time for book projects at Keep the Heart, and keeps the podcast going when Francie is hopping on and off airplanes during conference season. We hope you'll enjoy these occasional replays. This week's episode was the first full episode (not including the Trailer) on the podcast. I can tell. I sounded very nervous. I...


Build Your Bible Habit~Proverbs Chapter 1

BONUS BIBLE SERIES: Do you struggle to get into Scripture daily? You're not alone, but this problem can be fixed and we'd like to help. For years, people have used the Proverb-a-Day system to build a daily Bible reading habit, and it has been very successful in helping people to develop a daily habit of reading and Bible study. If you've been repeating the same mistakes and falling in the same ditch, perhaps it's because you're spiritually underfed. We'll post a Proverbs chapter to the...


The Tricky Terrain of Giving Advice

Are you able to listen to someone sharing a problem without trying to fix it? In other words, can you just listen, or are you formulating a solution as you listen, waiting to blurt it out as soon as the other person stops talking? Listening to someone tell you that they’re about to make an unwise decision is really hard. We may want to try to talk the person out of their plans, but we know that by inserting ourselves like this, we could end up creating tension in the relationship. By saying...


Season 2 Trailer for Plate Spinners

TRAILER 2022: Welcome to Season Two of the podcast at Keep the Heart. This episode is a brief introduction to the podcast. Regular episodes for Season Two will begin on January 18, 2022. New listeners, welcome to the table! Returning listeners, we're so grateful for your continued support. Have you ever seen the plate spinner in a circus routine? He or she starts spinning the plates on these tall sticks, one by one until there’s a whole row of spinning plates. The plate spinner then dashes...


1st Place of 2021: Recovering from Spiritual Dryness

BONUS EPISODE: Welcome to the Best of Keep the Heart from 2021. This podcast was launched on January 21, 2021 in the studio of Faith Music Radio, where I went through a week of intensive training with veteran radio hosts Dan and Janice Wolfe. They are a gifted dynamic duo, running a media consulting business and ministry at the same time. Both Dan and Janice have their own shows on Faith Music Radio, and Dan is also the Vice President and General Manager of the radio station while Janice has...


2nd Place of 2021: Escaping the Bondage of Self-Indulgence

BONUS EPISODE: Welcome back to the Best of Keep the Heart from 2021! Thank you for listening and for continuing to tune in while we’re on break. Season Two begins with a new episode on Tuesday, January 18th of 2022. Wow, 2021 was a vapor! Today you’ll hear the SECOND most-downloaded episode of 2021: “Escaping the Bondage of Self-Indulgence.” It was totally unplanned for this episode to land on the first spot for 2022, when many people are thinking about personal improvements. Coincidence?...


3rd Place of 2021: Signs of a Controlling Person

BONUS EPISODE: Welcome to the Best of Keep the Heart from 2021. The first episode of our new podcast aired on January 21, 2021. As of December 21, 2021, Keep the Heart has had over 170,000 downloads, totally astounding this newbie podcaster! Thank you for listening, and for referring us to your loved ones as well. Three episodes rose to the top out of 52 main episodes. Today you’ll hear the THIRD most-downloaded episode of 2021: “Signs of a Controlling Person.” It was a close contest. This...


Minimizing Strife at Family Gatherings

Are you having a family gathering for Christmas? Maybe you’ve already been contacted by some who have opted not to come, or who have requested that everyone be vaccinated before gathering. Or maybe you have family members who won’t visit unless everyone tests negative for COVID. No matter what you think or where you stand on the pandemic and all the connected issues, one thing is still true: we don’t have to argue about this or anything else at the dinner table. Mocking people for their...


What to Do About Self-Inflicted Trouble

Have you ever done something that ended up putting you in a very bad spot? It may have been a something done on the fly without thinking, or maybe you actually had been thinking about it for a while. Either way, once the decision was made, the consequences were set in motion. Whether we’re living contrary to biblical principles or just being too careless in daily decisions, we could be asking for our own version of the Jonah Journey, also known as the Fish Belly Tour. It’s not a pleasure...


Facing the Gray Area Decisions

The digital age gives us more access to the private lives of others than ever before. Just think about it: If you wanted to know how someone was doing just 20 years ago, you didn’t log onto your computer or pick up a cell phone and start swiping through their social media account. You had to CALL them, or even slower, WRITE to them by snail mail. This also meant that it was unlikely that we would know when someone was struggling with a difficult decision, since there were fewer methods of...


Jesus Was Asleep in the Storm

When we're familiar with the Bible, there is a risk that we will read through it too quickly, missing important key facts. For example, did you remember that Jesus got into a boat and went fast asleep in the midst of a storm? Most of us would be up wide awake, watching the skies and shuddering at the sound of the howling winds. Worry and fear are not storm-stoppers, but the disciples had Jesus right there with them in the ship, and yet they asked Him this question in Mark 4:38: "... Master,...


The Empty Chair and Other Firsts of Grief

Whenever we get to the holidays, there's always the chance that there will be people who are going through a season of firsts. These are the things that come up in life and are happening for the first time since a loved one's passing, like having an empty spot at the dining room table. It’s disorienting, and we may find ourselves feeling like we’d rather not celebrate. It's really hard to know what to do when you're going through something for the first time. It's kind of like being in a...


The Heavy Things We Carry

Do you have friends who would walk on hot pavement barefooted for you? I have been blessed with friends like that, and they help lift heavy loads in my life. Today's special episode is a perfect example of this. Veteran radio host, Janice Wolfe from Faith Music Radio is our guest podcaster today, covering for me while I'm out battling illness. Janice's inspiring show, eleven2one, airs on Faith Music Radio from 11am-1pm, Monday through Friday. You will hear a sample of Janice in this episode...


Reducing Anxiety through Spiritual Exercises

Psalm 43:5 asks, "Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted within me? hope in God: for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God." It is helpful to know why we’re anxious, but even if we can’t figure out the source, God is still able to deliver us. Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines anxiety as "concern…respecting some event, future or uncertain, which disturbs the mind, and keeps it in a state of painful uneasiness." The medical community...


Three Common Reasons Why People Reject God

You probably know someone who used to claim to be a Christian, but now they say that they either don’t believe in God, or they will not discuss anything about Christianity or spiritual matters. Something happened for them to arrive at this spot. There are common reasons why people reject God, or say that they don’t believe in God. It’s actually a popular position today but it’s also very hazardous. We can’t change our minds after the final breath. It’s hard to watch friends and loved ones...


Handling Disagreements with Care

It is possible to handle disagreements lovingly, but we'll have to remember that we love the people with whom we have the disagreement! It's too easy to fall into the "us against them" trap, leading to contentious disagreements that damage relationships. Anytime there are gatherings, there will also be multiple opportunities for disagreements. The old saying that you don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table needs a new category added: vaccinations. When I was a child and I...


Why Me and Other Hard Questions

Have you ever had a time when something tragic or otherwise painful happened in a loved one’s life and they looked at you in shock and sadly asked, “Why me?” That’s a hard question, isn’t it? In fact, it doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran to hardship and loss, it’s still a question that doesn’t have an easy answer. Sometimes we ask questions that cannot be answered fully on this side of Heaven. It used to be true that if you suffered something catastrophic, you were somewhat rare....


Marks of a Prudent Person

When you read a post on social media and it makes an unverified claim, do you automatically assume that it’s true? Do you make hasty decisions based on your emotions rather than taking the time to pray? Have you ever had a caution in your soul about whether or not to do something, but you ignored it and ended up getting hurt by your own choice? What do these questions have in common? All of them are related to a lack of prudence. A lack of prudence can turn life into one mess after...


Overthinking is a Vision Killer

Not long ago, I saw a little wall plaque that said this: “Hold on. I’ve gotta overthink about it.” That’s funny until it’s not. Overthinking keeps us from doing things that could be beneficial while trapping us in a prison cell of doubt. Whether you’re doubting your abilities or doubting God, overthinking is a real vision killer, and it feeds on fears and what ifs. Is overthinking keeping you stuck? Don’t overthink that question. Just answer it honestly. The general definition of...