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Law of Attraction Tips, Talk, Fun, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Love, and Clarity

Law of Attraction Tips, Talk, Fun, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Love, and Clarity


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Law of Attraction Tips, Talk, Fun, Happiness, Joy, Laughter, Love, and Clarity






Nothing Is Impossible Until You Say It Is

Ami shares the first of her "warrior rules" with us today, and it generates a whole bunch of really fun and interesting story telling among the panel members. Use the LOA Today app to send us your question for discussion: https://loatoday.net/listen


Vision Boards with Kathy Mason

Debbie G. is on the road once again building her amazing media empire, but she cajoled Kathy Mason to sit in for her, and what a show it turns out to be! Kathy shares some tips she picked up from author Michael Losier and other sources about how to get the most out of your vision boarding. Walt and Kathy then discuss some of their other favorite methods for manifesting the lives of their dreams. Good stuff! Be a part of the conversation. Use the LOA Today app to share a comment or ask a...


Money Game Tips

Daniel answers a question from listener Amy about what to do when your Money Game "edge" expands far faster than you expected. Subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet to the podcast. And install our app: https://www.loatoday.net/listen


Law Of Attraction Experiment #2: Kind, Beautiful, Good, Abundant Stuff

Well, the results are in regarding the first experiment we started with last week's show, and they're fantastic! All three of us got exactly what we asked for within the prescribed 48 hour period! Walt got his almost immediately after the conclusion of last week's episode. David Strickel, "The Stream Of David", contacted him about coming onto the show because it had been quite some time since his last visit. Walt's request was for a guest to unexpectedly contact him about coming onto the...


A Visit From The Stream Of David

David Strickel brings The Stream Of David back to LOA Today, and as usual the information they share is mind blowing. Everyone gets into the act of asking questions, including our livestreamers as well as LOA Today crew members Dean McMurray and in the livestream audience Ami Blackford. See The Stream this Saturday! https://thestreamofdavid.mykajabi.com/a/2147485202/BA9hLKYv


Why Forgiveness Is So Misunderstood

Ami shares the details from a post she wrote on the topic of forgiveness, including how she has applied it in her own life.


Kathy Mason Visits Walt and Rita Gigante

Debbie G. is traveling today and can't do the show, but she recommended her friend and business associate, Kathy Mason to do the show in her stead. Meanwhile, Rita Gigante makes a return engagement today. And the results are spectacular! Both Kathy and Rita are psychic, and the stories they share about what it was like growing up and then moving into adulthood while using their gifts are fantastic. And it looks like Rita is going to be making more regular appearances on the show going...


Entrepreneurs And Relationships

Monique and Walt start by kicking around ideas for how to help entrepreneurs build their understanding and trust of the Law of Attraction. Then Monique tells a story about how she recently met a new man in her life, and to her astonishment he already knows about LOA and vision boards! This leads Walt to tell the story about how his wife, Louise decided when her cat died that instead of getting another cat, she'd get a husband. Use the LOA Today app to send in your ideas of how we can help...


Law Of Attraction Experiments

Cindie introduces us to the Pam Grout Books, E2 and E3, and we end up reading one of the chapters from one of the books and deciding as a group for everyone listening and everyone on the podcast to do the experiment during the coming week. If you're a podcast listener of the show, that includes you too! Use the LOA Today app to send in your question for us to discuss. To get the free LOA Today app go to: https://www.loatoday.net/listen


Psychic Experiment #2

This is our second week doing psychic experiments. Last week Dean and Walt reported on some stuff they tried to send to each other psychically over the previous week. This week we involve the livestream and podcast audiences by trying to read cards live on the show. The amazing part is how much of the information so many of us got right! Best of all, even if you're a podcast listener listening long after we recorded this, you can still pick up the energy. Write down whatever comes to you...


LOA In An Hour With Kenn Dixon

We are all crazies on this bus! Life coach, speaker, and seminar leader Kenn Dixon joins Ami, Louis, and Walt to talk about how he first got involved in all of this and some of the life lessons he has learned along the way. You can learn more about Kenn at https://www.kenndixon.com/ What great energy and enthusiasm he has! He fit in just perfectly with the Monday team.


Saving A Life

Debbie G tells a story about how she saved the life of this young man whom she found bleeding to death after an accident with a window. He was so grateful for having saved his life that he ended up giving her free passes to Disneyland! As usual, there's a lesson in the story, and the lesson in this story is to be willing to receive, not just for your own benefit but also to honor the giver.


Failing In Business Multiple Times Before You Succeed

Daniel tells us about a podcast he did recently with another show (gasp!) where his host told him that statistics show that most millionaires fail not once but more than once before they make it. This leads to the inevitable question: why do you have to keep failing? The failure-leading-to-success formula is familiar to LOA Today listeners. We've talked about it a lot over the years. But why multiple failures? That's one of the questions Dan tries to answer for us today.


An Interview With Michael Leonard

Michael Leonard is a small business advisor and legal professional, and he joins us today to discuss his approach to building his business by building relationships. Cindie, of course, brings her expertise as a relationship life coach to the conversation, and we get into some really deep meat-and-potato conversation about how to build relationships and how NOT to build relationships in our business lives as well as in our personal lives. Monique wasn't feeling well this week, but she'll be...


Psychic Energy Test

Dean and Walt did a psychic experiment over the past week. Each day at 10 AM EDT (9 AM CDT), the two took five minutes to see if they could send/receive stuff to each other psychically. Quite honestly, Walt was dreading today's show because he feared that everything was going to be a complete miss ... but he was wrong about that! Yes, about 80-90% of the stuff we focused on didn't get through, but we got a few hits among all of the misses! On the first day, Walt was wondering if Dean had...


Wanting The Law Of Attraction Not To Work

With Ami absent due to a power cut, Walt and Louis play a verbal game that illustrates the way most people treat the Law of Attraction in their day-to-day lives.


Tornado Chasing

First, we read a really wonderful email from listener Bridg about how much she's enjoying having Debbie on the show. Then Debbie regales us with a wonderful tale about how she and her former beau went tornado chasing in Kansas! She also gives us some tasty nuggets about Spirituality Run Wild. Be a part of the conversation. Use the LOA Today app to share a comment or ask a question of Debbie: https://loatoday.net/listen


Catching Up On Alyx's Health

Dan and Walt welcome back Alyx, who has been dealing with all kinds of medical issues lately. Alyx returns from her latest surgery to tell us about the life lessons she has learned along the way. She also shares what she would have told herself back when her medical situation started. We also get a visit from listener Jeffrey who tells us about his Intuitive Healing techniques.


Cindie's Back!

Cindie Chavez returns to LOA Today, and it's a grand reunion as she and Monique Scott get to know each other. As Walt predicted, the two of them amplify the "daily dose of happy" to new stratospheric heights! Cindie tells us a bit about some of the things she's been doing in the intervening months. Then Walt brings in a question from Facebook about what to do when you don't really know what you desire. Here are the YouTube links Monique supplied to the videos of the Neville Goddard student...


Do You Know What You Desire?

It seems like such a simple, basic question, one that is easy to overlook. As one young high school student discovered, you have to know what you want before the Universe can deliver it to you. We also discuss doing some paranormal experiments and what Dean has learned over the years about how to experiment with Source Energy. Send in your questions for Dean to answer as The Military Medium: https://loatoday.net/listen